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The Episode starts with Sid agreeing to marry Misha. Misha smiles and then turns to him. She asks him not to lie, and says you will also leave me like Neil. Sid says I am not lying and is ready to get engage to her right now. Everyone is shocked. Misha asks will you really get engage to me. Sid promises her. Misha asks him to promise not to leave her and go. Sid promises and asks her to come down. Misha holds his hand and comes down. Roshni cries badly after doing a big sacrifice for psycho Misha. Misha hugs him and says today is our engagement. Everyone is shocked. DD thinks she can’t let it happen. The goons come to DD’s house to catch Shiv. Shiv sees him going inside and thinks he have to save kids from Misha and the goons.

DD goes to Sid and gives him a tight slap. She asks have

you gone mad? How dare you to play with Roshni’s emotions. She is not a toy for playing. Raj says it is good to help others, but this is not right to ruin Roshni’s life for helping others. Roshni asks DD to understand. DD says this man has showed his place. Misha acts again. DD says this is not fair, you are ruining two lives. Roshni asks DD to come with her. Misha tries to hit DD. Sid stops her. DD asks to throw Misha out. She tells Roshni that she didn’t expect this from her and will not support her either. Roshni hugs her and cries. Beeji says everything will be fine.

Sid takes Misha to room, and says DD is elder to him so she can do anything. He tells everyone loves us. Misha says today is my engagement and I want to get engage. Sid promises that her engagement will happen today itself. He says I will go and see the arrangement, asks her to be there. Once Sid goes, Misha shows her true face and boasts at her plan’s success. She says finally she has won Sid for forever and no one can stop her. Sid is still unable to believe and couldn’t come to terms. He looks at Roshni. Mere Rubara Tu hi Tu……………..plays………Roshni too stares him emotionally. They get close before parting ways. Sid tells why us always? He asks why we shall sacrifice always? He asks why? Roshni holds his hand and says our love will not lessen with the new changes. I love you and will always love you.

Roshni tells that she will always love him. Sid hugs her. Roshni says love is not easy, whatever we have done is our combine decision. She kisses him and gets close. Hamari Adhuri plays……………as she holds his hand.

Shiv enters the house and thinks he will save Roshni. He says he can’t let his daughter’s life ruined. DD asks Mona to tell everyone to leave, as there is no engagement happening here. Roshni comes and says no one will leave, as engagement will happen. Roshni looks at Sid. Shiv thinks to enter from back door. Sid says we have decided to do this for Misha’s betterment. I have to do engagement with Misha. Everyone is shocked. DD says this is your decision. You thought about yourself once again and not about Roshni. Roshni says this decision is combine decision. She says Sid is just accepting her decision. Roshni says we can do this for her atleast. DD says you have fooled my daughter again and asks until when Roshni will be blinded. She says all men are same. She asks Raj to explain Sid to change his decision. Raj tries to speak. Sid says he has already decided and no one can change his decision. DD says if you get engage to Misha then your relation with this house will end, especially with Roshni.

Shiv enters the engagement venue and hears goon speaking to Misha. Misha asks goon to kill Shiv. Shiv enters the room and thinks Roshni is there. He tells about Misha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh god stop dragging this damn thing i am so fed up of meesha the goons are in the house and no body na see n hear them talking to mad mesha every1gone blind and deaf infact in these show no body don’t hear or see when badmind peoples are planing evil thing or talking to evil peoples …….shiv reach wonder when he tell roshni everything if she will believe him cuz she is so stupid sacrifice her love for some pyhsco woman it seen to me that her love for sid is weak for asking him to marry meehsa i wonder if she will be able to see sid with some1else nowaday people don’t sacrifice for no1 not even for the loved or close ones them

  2. if they kill shiv and sid gets enaged to misha i am done with this show

  3. Omg why is this dragging so much.

  4. Noooooo..!!! Shiv u dabboo it’s meesha u talking

  5. I don’t think Shiv is going to die right now because they were trying to build a story with his fainting episode… I’m sure that is going to be some major illness he has.
    I think he will save Roshini from Meesha and become her “papa hero” but then he will be faced with a deadly illness…

    I still think Simran hasn’t forgiven Roshini – I think she is acting. Perhaps even in with Meesha’s little plan but not fully 100% aware of what Meesha is doing with her parents and such but I think she knows this bit is an act.

  6. And of course it is Misha in the room and not Roshni that Shiv is talking to (from the precap). I am sure he would get captured again.

  7. Is India running by goons now a days. Every other episode has some contribution from goons. ” Incredible India”.

  8. writers roshini and sid endured toooooooooo much already to be going through this nonsense again why every time they reach to he point of marriage some thing happens and they have to sacrifice their happiness for the sake of another person that is what I call prolonging the inevitable because take it or leave it we know that sid and roshini will unite again anyway only in the movies this can happen because true to life I am very sorry but misha would have really have to jump off the building I would have gone ahead with the engagement you know what does not compute everyone is seeing these strange action of misha and you want to tell me they still want to get her engage to neil her actions are that of a crazy lunatic who would want her for a wife yet roshini is asking sid to sacrifice their love for her this does not make any sense anyway I am sure it will not take place lets wait and see

  9. shiv please look around first before you enter do not get captured again

  10. Ay i hope shiv gets to tell them the truth this show is going to loose its fans

  11. What Ruubbbbbbish , truly hope they don’t take SHIV out now?????? Oh pls SID stop wit the venting even if u giv me a million dollars I will not agree to get engaged to tat mental psychO ???? Pls Stop tat stupid mental idiot and stop this stupid serial !!!!!!!!! Url realy need to get ur act 2gether!!!!!!! This is total rubbish, we. A need better story!!!! Why can’t url put tat Meesha off to blo*dy sleep for 2 days and wen she wakes up she seeeesss herself in an Asssylum hehehehe:)) PsychO of a woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. This show is full of blinded people…

  13. o my god is gadm’t f**king episode.f**king fed up.

  14. Lovely episode.

  15. what is going on with all this cursing

  16. writers get real- give us something worth appreciating. remove all the negtivity form the show.

  17. This serial is gng 2 much if they wnted 2 kill shiv zen y did they brng him in z serial. D by d it is gng borng…. fed up wiz it….. change it plz put sme romance of roshini n sid plllzzzzz

  18. what the hell has happened to this show….they must not have introduced this ‘MEESHA’ creature….now this is not a daily soap….this is a f***ing hell

  19. Always brings new enemies ????
    I’m fed up wz this grap ????

  20. what will be reaction of roshni after listening the truth of misha

  21. is shiv telling the truth to roshni or misha now watch this today’s episode

  22. Are the writers of jodha Akbar the same as this show jamai raja? If not, better let the writers of Josh’s Akbar write the script for Jamaica raja. They’re good n not dumb!!! In which real world will someone dump her loved one to a sick person??! Misha needs a psychiatrist not marriage!!! And in which real world will a doctor in the hospital release her knowing fully well that her condition is not stable??? Writers, get intelligent Owise go and study writing first!!!

  23. utter nonsense writers have no brains

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