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The Episode starts with Sid thinking Bansi and family are blackmailing DD since many years and thinks the secret is very deep. Just then Roshni comes and picks his moustache. Sid asks her to listen. Just then Bansi hears Sid’s voice and calls Parimal/premal. She sees him unconscious in the room. Roshni says you are a champ and says only you can do this. Sid says it is my family and I can do anything for them. Roshni asks why he is tensed? Sid says nothing. Bunty comes and asks if she knows about them. Roshni pats on Bunty and says she came to know when she talked to Krutika. She asks Bunty to talk to Krutika as she is thinking he is having an affair. Bunty goes to talk to her. Roshni tells Sid that if anyone see then together then think that she is having an affair with an old man. Sid says they

are dangerous people. Just when Sid and Bunty are about to go from the house, Parimal and bansi stop him. Sid says we have to do betterment of other family. Bansi asks him to stay till they make food for 100 kids, and asks him to touch the food. Sid and Bunty agrees.

Bansi asks Roshni to come to kitchen and help her in cooking. Sid says he will help her. Bansi tells that it is good to feed kids and says she will present the bhog to Ambe Maa first. Sid and Roshni romance silently. Bansi secretly lights Sid’s dhoti on fire. Bunty shouts seeing the fire. Sid sets the fire off with his hands and burns his hands. Roshni shouts and hugs him cryingly. DD, Nani, and everyone reach and are shocked. Bansi slaps Sid for feigning to be a guru ji. She says your Jamai is playing games and says this accident happened as they are together. Roshni asks her to cut the crab. Bansi holds the rod to beat Roshni, but Sid holds her hand and warns her. DD tells Bansi is saying right and asks Sid to go to his room for 2 days, also asks them not to talk to each other. Roshni asks Sid not to listen to DD and don’t go. Sid looks at DD.

Sid agrees and goes. Bansi recalls seeing them together in the store room and executing the accident plan. Parimal tells this guy has fooled me, and says I won’t leave him, will make rahu and ketu follow him. Bansi asks him to sit down and says I knew it from beginning, but was waiting for the right moment. He says he came to my net and was trapped, it is just the beginning and says Lakshmi will come to their house only.

Kunal comes to Roshni and asks her not to cry as he can’t see her tears. He says he will talk to DD and Sid. Roshni asks him not to and thanks him for supporting her as a friend. She holds his hand and thanks him. Kunal looks at his hand and kisses it. He smiles. Kunal looks at the photo and says he can take Roshni even now forcibly. Bansi says we can take her at any time. Kunal says Roshni is his jaagir/belonging and says she is his. Bansi says he is right. Kunal says I am her husband and knows how to handle her. It will be good if she agrees lovingly else she will agree after getting kicks. He says I will move the person from our way and says even if he is Roshni’s lover Sid. He moves the knife on his pic.

Sid says every trouble have to face him before reaching his family. Later Kunal brings unconscious Roshni to her room. How will Sid save his wife?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Kunal 😮
    I cant believe this…Dramebaaz u are trying to take roshni away from sid…Don’t even think so…Bcz its never gonna happen

  2. Oh my God!!!! Yeh kunal bhi villain niklaa… Please let them live happily na.

  3. our Sidni jodi ko nazar laggayi hai…. soo dey wanna face all these trouble….. Bt kunal toh harami nikla…. yuck….? stupid Bansi family…. bt if DD agrees to d non-sense of Bansi… den I don’t wanna c her again in b/w Sidni’s life…. ?Raghu is der…. noutanki(sid) saala…. he’ll solve d prblms soon…. bt evn roshni shld b very careful n shld nt lose hopes on sid…

  4. Please give some jamai raja spoilers..

  5. ediot donkey how can u do this acting smartly just to tke roshni away from sid
    its never gonna happen
    plz don’t keep another lenght gap bw sid and roshni

  6. Idiot kunal,you’re a aswhole,you’re sooooo ugly

  7. Pls pls pls let sid and roshni live happily . Sid pls save roshni
    Hey sneha nice to know that even u r a crazy fan of jr . Can I know where r u from

    1. Neha dear its never gona happen u will only see hurdles in sid nd roshni relation if they will live happily thn the serial will come to end
      In this serial jamai always protect his sasural frm every problm nd nthng else is thr

    2. Yes of course Neha… I’m from West bengal. And you?

    3. Hey Neha… Where are you?? Please reply. . . . . . .

  8. I hope so they r not planning for a leap again
    Writers pls focus on family problems rather than separating sidni

  9. it have a saying that easy barrel does keep the must noise
    every1 think kunal was easy but i realise he is the master mind of this game since the day he go say sorry to roshni when her hands were burn and even sid get supisious about him and next was when he give the guava and when he is about to leave he turn around and smile since then i have that feeling that kunal is the bad 1 too

  10. Wat the hell track is tis I just want sidni to unite and nothing more than tht v don’t want saas jamai series v want the cute couple sidni ti ve united.??…why all the idiots are coming inbetween?

  11. well dd is encourage this non sense about his bad omen
    she was a strong woman i don’t know why she is believing in these nonsense for. i mean sid wasn’t and bad omen when he was helping this ungrateful dd now these uneducated people come fill she ears with some dirty talks about sid being a bad omen n she start to believe and ask them to stay away from each other….
    is truth about dd need to come in the open ASAP i can’t stand this peoples Idk why n how dd is bearing them

  12. utter nonsense sid acting as a bahu & trying to put off d problems alone – get over it

    & ya make roshni somewhat mature – she is way too much impulsive & innocent

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