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The Episode starts with Sid and Roshni in the hospital. Neil comes there and congratulates them for Roshni’s pregnancy. Sid says your family will also be complete soon. Sid tells Neil that he need to settle scores with Payal for Roshni’s condition. Neil blames himself for meeting Ria and regrets. Ria comes there and hears him. She goes. Sid sees her going and follows her. Ria says I just came to see Roshni being worried. Sid asks her to sit and explains her about unbreakable relation. He says we have seen happiness, sadness, victory, death, loss, etc….He says we have defeated death and came back to each other, as we trust each other. He says what I can see, you can’t as you are blindfolded by revenge. He says your sister have lighted the fire and couldn’t see that she has taken all your happiness.

He says I can’t see love getting defeated and asks her to choose what she wants, if she wants happiness or sadness, Neil or pain…and asks her to make a choice. Ria wipes her tears and says I have made my decision. She walks off. Sid asks her to listen to him, but she goes.

Lawyer asks Payal, if she is sure. Payal says yes. Sid comes and claps for her. Payal asks Lawyer to do as she said. Sid says 1 sec, and shows the arrest warrant in which she is accused of attempt to murder. Payal says I will not get arrested. Sid says police is also here. He calls Police and asks Inspector to arrest her. Lawyer says you can’t arrest my client. Ria comes and says I was with Payal all the time and saw Roshni falling down the stairs with my eyes. Sid says disgusting, he says I don’t hope this from you, and says you have showed that your blood is bad. Payal says you are doing mistake, the Sengupta and their property is my victim, and asks him to live life with Roshni. Sid says this is just an easy option, I don’t like it and loves challenges and family even if it is not mine. He says this sen gupta family have a big favor on me. He says if you want to ruin them, then I will ruin you. He says Siddharth Khurana is standing between you and Neil.

Payal says I will never let you get this property, because Naina did everything for this property. Sid feels pity on her thinking and says your wish. He says I will answer you with stone, and says this property will be of Sen gupta and will always be theirs, and this is my challenge. He walks out with Police. Ria apologizes to Payal and says I was diverted from revenge, but not anymore. Payal says good, and says our next target is Siddharth Khurana. She brings Roshni to his house and lifts her in his arms to take her inside. A song plays………………Rang Bahara plays……..Sid shows her toys which he brought for their baby. Simran smiles looking at them and feels guilty.

Roshni apologizes to Simran. Simran says I should apologize to you and apologizes her with a hug. Roshni asks for her happiness. Simran says my blessings will always be with you. She says I can’t believe that she is becoming mum. Police comes there. Simran asks what happened? Sid asks Inspector what? Payal says now it is my turn to make you hear something. She shows the papers and says Khurana Industries have used a company for their advantage and that’s why that company have filed defamation case against your company. She says British lifestyle magazine is with Walia company and asks how is it. Sid laughs and asks her to come out of illusion. He says you can’t break or harm my family. Payal laughs aloud and says Sid…you are afraid of loss. Don’t worry. You don’t need to get scared, as someone else is in the frame. She reads another paper and says Raj will be arrested for using British lifestyle magazine wrong.

Roshni tells Sid that she wants to go. Sid shows her teddy and says he brought it for her. Roshni asks what is the next plan? Sid asks her to hear. Payal drinks coffee and faints.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wahi cheap mentality wali harkt ki hai..

  2. Nice.Sid should shave off this mushtace and bread;reminds me of last year when sid had the same look while they got divirced.does payal know roshni’s pregnant?Where’s aanya

  3. Writers pls reveal the plot after leap,plzzzzzzzzz replace roshni,i don’t want to see her die.Who’s oppisite ravi?

  4. The hardest thing to believe is what makes Pyal Wila so powerful?? Ain’t only the other day she was indebt, what business blossoming again?

  5. Its better to replace roshni than see her die in the show;All ready sid had so many plain when she felt sid temorarly and if u kill her instead of replacing her ur giving sid permantly pain.

  6. Good she should never wake up

  7. Jade ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    i think Ria is still pretending to be evil ………and i don’t think Roshni is pregnant for Sid i think she’s pregnant for the goons that Mitul was talking about in the last episode…..they probably Rape and force themself on Roshni …..also i don’t think Roshin will deliver this baby

    1. Jade ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      i ment Roshni not Roshin

      1. She will cuase this leap is in 2-3 weeks and the story after leap will only be aboyt sidni’s CHILD as JR

  8. OMG…payal walia think she can defeat sid with sueing and aressting his dad…o please..come on payal…you don’t know who is SIDDATH KHURANA as yet…you are going to pay with your whole life payal..

  9. Plz dont go nia sharma if pregancy can happen in one day then why not nia sharma play a role for the season3 everyrhing is accepted as long as roshini stays.what can we do to stop her from leaving.

  10. Jade ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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