Jamai Raja 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Roshni touching Sid. He asks her to stop getting emotional and says he procted her as a husband and it was his duty to protect her. He leaves saying he will get late for office tomorrow, leaving Roshni sad.

Naani goes to DD’s room and Sid took Roshni’s side today and protected her. DD says she is tired and will sleep now and sleeps on bed. Naani picks a box from cupboard and says though she is not accepting, she still loves her daughter and leaves with box. DD wakes up then.

Roshni cries vigorously sitting in balcony. Raj sees her and asks her to stop crying. He asks if she still loves Sid. She nods no. He says whatever she says, he knows as she is very innocent and her heart is clean like a mirror. He and naani can understand her, but Sid cannot

in this situation. He says she must have seen people becoming rich from poor, but Sid became poor for her and even got insulted by her mom just for her love. Sid is shattered now and does not know what to do. His mind asks to look at family and heart asks to look at roshni. Now, she has to decide what she wants. Roshni gets a call from naani and tells Raj that naani wants to meet her urgently and asks if she can go. He says she can, but she has to think what he told now. Raj then thinks why naani wants to meet Roshni.

Simran sees servant arranging food and asks who made it. He says Roshni prepared it for Sid. Simran gets irked. Ugly kritika comes and says Roshni says she is innocent and even sid proved her innocent, so she should forget her. Simran says she will not tolerate Roshni here and wants her to go from here after 3 months. She throws food in dustbin. Filthy kritika smirks.

Naani meets Roshni and gives he a box with Sid’s letter and says Sid wrote her letter everyday when she was in Bangkok, she keept it away from DD (Darauni dayan) and says after reading these letters, if she does not understand sid’s love, then she will not understand anything in life. She will prove that she is incapable of Sid’s love. Wind starts blowing. Roshni starts reading Sid’s letters and starts crying. She continues reading. Letter fly due to wind. She picks them. Rain starts. She starts crying in rain and screaming. Kabhi jo badal barse….song.. plays in the background. She comes back to her room drenched and reminisces Sid taking her side and protecting her from allegations and telling he will leave with Roshni if anybody points at her.

Roshni comes back to her room drenched and looks at sleeping Sid. She goes nea him and asks why he loves her and says she could not fulfill her responsibility, even then he continued loving her, why? She looks at letters again, cries, apologizes him and says she will complete the promises made, love and relationships. She then touches his face and says now it is her turn to fulfill responsibilities and follow relationships. She hugs letter, looks at sid again and smiles. She then sleeps looking at him.

Precap: Biji says if she wins Simran’s heart, she can easily win Sid’s heart and then even court cannot separate them. She orders Roshni and Simran to clean the house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Come on work things out between u both.. I am so glad roshni realize sid love her more than anything…

  2. Plzz roshni accept sid and throw rajveer from your houe

  3. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu


  4. the devil will soon be kicked out of their lives

  5. yo biji!!! Keep going

  6. yeah roshni now is time you fulfill your responsibilities n save your married

  7. Lov u biji
    dd fullform lol lol lol šŸ˜‰

  8. finally good epi …. its not easy to win simran… as d krithika hag is always there with her plans.. so rajveer shuld b taken out first !

  9. oh thank god … roshi ko apni galti ka ahsas ho gaya. … just loved the epi… jamai raja abhi tak ka best show hai… love u sid … and JR….

  10. O my god. The series is going so sweet. Can’t wait to watch it.

  11. Apurva pusker

    Oh this is only the best serial ever seen.especially better than Ekta Kapoor’s other serials

  12. what so good about this serial this serial is just like all the others evil taking presidence over good up to now nothing is going good for sid and roshini only ups and downs all the time and what about ugly ass kritika and murdering crooked rajveer all they are doing is making mischief and not getting caught commentators if you really sit and take a look at all the ZTV serial they are written all the same with a lot of evil plotting take for instance bhandan bhao is evil to the bone so was tanveer and now long toe nail sanam ahils new bride then there is rajveer samrath and even the girl in do dil bahey ekdore se so this is what I am speaking about you know what conclusion I come to now is that the writers are pure evil people with a lot of hate in them and that is why all these serial are the same and this is what is frustrating we the viewers if you writers have nothing good to write please end the serials

  13. nice..but why d f**k does Roshni need simrans approval???? if someone rendered my family poor i will go for revenge n try to get bk wat they took…. nd worst still they all live in dd’s house now n nobody says nothing..raj, sid…. so unfair… anyway..gud to know roshni realizes sids love 4 her…not bad!!!!

  14. I dont know why writer add his/ her own adjectives to the characters… ugly kritika, rajveer loafer, dumb mona. Why so opinionated? Please don’t do that. Thank you.

  15. I cannot see the purpose for Kritika in this show.She is not doing any thing more than siding with that mongoose.Simran is full of so much hate ,I just cannot understand this —from so much love to such great hatred.Get a grip woman and see what your daughter and son in law are doing to you.Roshni it is never too late to scrape up the pieces together and put your life back on track.This is what happens when one get married too young.You cannot figure out what you really want in life and I understand and sympathize with you.Sid good going and you stand at your wife ‘s side.The story line is good and it is interesting to see what happens next.At least there is no witch craft and blood shed.In the ledger of life .we all have to admit that we all have negative actions.The question now is how do we counteract them with good and this is what Raj and Sid is about,GOOD.Success is not final,failure is not fatal,it is the courage to continue that counts.

  16. Roshni must be really blind to not notice that Sid really love her very much and also that he give up his riches for her.

  17. suprb episode i like it sooooo much

  18. Keep rock nia

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