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The Episode starts with Nani seeing video in which Shabnam is close to Sid. Nani closes her eyes. Sid comes to Shambu’s house and the neighbors inform him that someone gave money to Shambu. She says Shambu left to his village. Sid thinks he was right about Shabnam. Nani calls Sid and asks him to meet her near somewhere. She takes Shabnam’s phone with her. Shabnam hears her and follows Nani. Nani is seen waiting for Sid. Sid comes in his car, and just before he could stop, Shabnam throws nails under his car wheels. He loses balance and hits Nani. He gets down the car and sees Shabnam running.

DD asks Doctor to save Nani. She asks Kesar to find out the driver who was driving the car. Sid says it was me, and tells his car tyre was punctured because of the nails on the road. DD blames

Sid. Roshni tells her that Sid loves Nani very much and will not hurt even a stranger. DD says Nani is her mum and asks her not to take Sid’s side. Shabnam thinks Roshni is supporting Sid every time, so she shall separate them. Sid tels Roshni that he would have told her truth and tells Nani is in hospital because of him. He shows the video footage, in which Shabnam is trying to get close to him while he is unconscious. Roshni is shocked.

Ayesha tells DD that her papa gave her locket which will give her strength. She says my badi maa and nani are good. DD says your Papa did a mistake. Sid tells Roshni that his mistake is that he didn’t tell the truth at right moment. He tells I didn’t do this. It was Shabnam’s conspiracy. Roshni says it is your mistake, that you are giving me explanation. She asks him not to give explanation and raise doubt on her love. Shabnam plans against them. Sid thanks Roshni and says I swear that I want to tell you everything. He says he was afraid to lose her. He tells her that Shabnam is behind Nani’s condition, and tells Nani called him as she was having some proof against Shabnam. He says we have to find the proof against Shabnam, and says we will make her lose. Roshni hugs him.

Doctor informs DD that Nani is saved, but she didn’t get consciousness yet. He says we have to keep her in observation till then. DD takes a sigh of relief and hugs Roshni. Roshni asks DD and everyone to go and rest. DD says I have a condition, this man Sid shall not be near Nani. Roshni promises. Shabnam says she will be there and says I will drop you all till outside. Roshni tells Sid that she is with him. Nurse gives Nani’s purse to Sid. Sid gets Shabnam’s phone and sees video. Roshni tells him that it was not her phone, as Nani asked Shabnam, but she refused. Sid looks on. Roshni asks why did she lied?

Sid finds Shabnam in the hospital and asks how dare she to harm Nani? Sid says he will search for the servant who helped her in the crime. Shabnam says from where you will find him, and says he went to his village for forever. She says I knew that you can’t do anything. She accepts to have spiked his drink and took him to her room with Shambu’s help. She admits to have done Nani’s accident, and says she will inform Roshni now. Sid stops her and tells that she don’t have that MMS in her phone. Shabnam asks do you think me fool and says she has saved the MMS safely. Roshni comes and slaps her hard.

Roshni says this slap is for trying to coming in between me and Sid. She says Sid can’t even think in his dream. She slaps her again for trying to break her family. She slaps her for hurting her Nani. She asks how dare you to make this fake MMS. She asks did you think that our love is so weak. She says you have to face us. Sid says jail is the right thing to teach her a lesson. Roshni says you are right, and says jail is the right place for Shabnam. She says Sid fought with everyone to bring her home, I thought you as my sister, my mum accepted you as her daughter. You had the chance to be part of our family, but you lost it, now go to jail and get rotten. Shabnam asks how you will proof that I did everything. Sid plays the recording in his mobile. Shabnam is shocked.

Doctor informs that Nani is paralysed. Police comes and arrests Shabnam. Shabnam asks Roshni to free her and falls on her feet. Roshni tells DD that Shabnam went to Dubai. Mona switches on the TV and tells DD that Sid has placed his bad eye on Shabnam. DD is shocked to see the footage on TV.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. this serial is dragging way too long where have all the other good ones gone

  2. I hope this is the last of Shabnam. I can’t tolerate the way that writers ‘change’ character of decent, honest people like Sid, and the others believe the lies being told. That is ridiculous!!!

  3. I hope nani tell roshni wat happen

  4. Please end the track of Shabnam. I can’t bear with her activities. Just let them live a happy life.

  5. i agree SHABNAM has spoilt this beatutiful story. Even DD with her hatred for SID did not irk me as much as it did SHABNAM

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