Jamai Raja 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with DD asking Roshni about Sid. Roshni says there is no improvement in him and he is still in coma. Resham goes to Sid’s room and finds pillows instead. She shouts ghosts. She comes out of ward and says it is a ghost. DD asks her to shut her mouth and asks why is she behaving madly. Resham tells her that there is a pillow on the bed instead of Sid. Roshni thinks truth will come out and asks DD to take Resham there, else other patients will complain. Resham insists and asks DD to believe on her sayings. She asks DD to check the room. DD says okay. Roshni asks DD to stop and says Sid is resting. DD says once Resham confirms Sid is here, she will not come again to hospital. Resham sees Sid sleeping on bed and shouts. Roshni tells Resham that she needs more rest than Sid. Yash comes

and asks what happened? Roshni says nothing. She thinks to kill him. She asks Yash to drop DD and Resham home. He agrees. Roshni says thank god you came back. Sid recalls getting Roshni’s message and coming back on time. He tells her that joker have kept Ayesha in Sanpada, and says he has a plan. Resham thinks nobody was believing me in the hospital. Yash asks what happened? Resham says I think……Sid…Roshni comes there just then. Resham says I think Sid….Roshni shouts and shouts Chachi…..She tells Yash that she needs a favor from him and says she wants to go to temple which is outside Mumbai. She says Mom will not allow me if she is here, and cries. Yash says okay. Roshni thanks him and leaves.

Ayesha is seen with the kidnappers and says she wants to go. Shabnam and Sid dances in the same locality and sing song..The goon sees Shabnam and says he will not leave her. Sid and Shabnam continue to sing and dance. Roshni rings the temple bell and asks God to give them strength to end evil and bring Ayesha home. She does the aarti. Yash asks if you are done, lets go. Roshni tells him that she have to do parikrama of the tree, as told by Nani. Yash says okay, do. Roshni ties the thread on to the tree and do parikrama. She thinks Yash will cry and wonders why did he play the game. Sid and Shabnam are about to go with their toy stuff. The goons stop them and ask to show toy. Sid looks inside and finds a joker toy inside. Sid asks the goons to buy the toys. Shabnam also asks him to buy it. The goons look at Shabnam with lust and buy the toys. Sid asks Shabnam to come. He tells her that he has seen same toys in that house, and says Ayesha is there in the house. He says there is a camera in the toys and says it will be revealed if Ayesha is there. They couldn’t see her. Sid tells Shabnam that Yash will return soon. DD prays for Sid’s recovery and peeps inside the ward. Resham comes to the hospital and thinks to find out about Sid. Roshni calls Sid and tells him that Yash is planning dangerously and have talked to someone about a flight. Shabnam tells Sid that she will engage goon and shares her plan.

Goon tries to get closer to Shabnam. Sid beats him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Finally it hav some drama in d movie and sid find out is yash i jus hope dey find ayesha as soon as possible i luv u sid

  2. This message of mine is to the writers … Dear writers…
    As we have not seen so much of drama or romance in these episodes that is why the trp’s of this serial is going low.. The speed of the tracks moves like the speed of the car (around 60kmph) which is not good. Plus in one episode you cannot cover many scenes and the viewers get dishearted. So I kindly request you to speed up the way you are moving with your tracks. And end this yash (joker) drama. One more thing is that as we know shabnam is a character who portrays grey shades. We all viewers always sit in that tension that when will she exit. So as this track gets over please and a big please make her exit the show. This was my kind requests to you.. Please once take a look at my words…
    A dieheart fan of jamai raja and sidni
    And friends you guys also take a look and reply to me if you find me correct .

    1. I’m completely agree with you Iyae. But the problem is the writer will never come to read our comments. What do you think?

      1. Hmm. The problem is that only.. But the one who publishes this can right and interpret it to the writers..

  3. Thank god that silliness is over but i’m still wondering is Shabnam really on Sid side or she’s just pretending …………….

  4. Ya I absolutely agree with u lyae . The writers should definitely get rid of shabnam we don’t want her anymore even if she is innocent we don’t want her anymore we r just sick of her.
    Writers if u want to introduce villan u proceed we aren’t stopping u coz it is a Seriel and the concept is to not let the couple live happily .BUT for God sake don’t introduce sm1 to create a wall between sidni .let the whole family fight as 1. Let they tackle all the problems together with unity coz There is no unity in this Seriel .

  5. waiting for tmrow episode.

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