Jamai Raja 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sid, Roshni, Yash and Sam are in the car. Yash drives the car. Sid tells him that he is 100 percent sure that some car is following them and asks him to take a left turn. The other car stops. Sid asks him to come out and asks why he is following them. The man comes out of car and says he was following them so that he can give his wallet to him. Sid thanks him for returning his wallet and apologizes for shouting at him. They leave. A servant gets ready in DD’s room and says they have taken good care of me. DD comes to room and asks him what he is doing here? She calls Resham. Resham asks what you are doing here Ganpath. Ganpath says he has forYagotten the way to his room. DD says she will test him for few days before hiring him.

Sid, Roshni and Yash, Sam come to the

resort. They take the keys. Yash thanks Sid for taking them there. The same man calls someone and says everything is happening according to plan. They have checked in the resort. Manager comes and says you are upgraded from normal suite to presidential suite. Sam gets irked. Yash congratulates them. Sam asks them to enjoy. Roshni tells Sid that it is going to be fun. Sid says we didn’t ask him. Roshni says Mom must have surprised us. Sid says he wants to confirm with her. Roshni says you are a control freak and says why can’t you enjoy. Sid says okay and goes with her. Someone gives money to the manager.

Ayesha calls DD. DD says lets go home, your mamma-papa will be surprised seeing you after comes back. Ayesha says she wants to have mango icecream. Someone clicks their photos. DD feels someone is taking their photo as she sees the camera flash. She asks Ayesha to come.

Roshni tells Sid that suite is big and it will be fun. She finds candies and chocolates, and says it is my favorite. She says mom must have planned this. She says I love her. Sid says it is good, but you have done this. Roshni says mom must have done this. Sid finds a note and keeps in his pocket.

Resham asks Ganpath to make few things. She gets a call. Ganpath gets confused. Suddenly he gets electrocuted and the electricity goes off. DD, Kesar and Resham wonder what happened? Resham asks Kesar to go and check.

Yash tells Sam that the room is good. He asks her not to do this. Sam says their room is not suite, and says we would have get presidential suite if you had talked to manager. She says Sid shouldn’t have got us married. Yash is shocked at her behavior. Sam asks him not to return and calls him loser.

Electrician informs DD that the wiring is burnt, and he have to change the wires. DD tells that they have to shift to hotel. Resham asks Ganpath not to touch the wires again.

Sid and Roshni get romantic. Sid says he wants to use her in less clothes as he saw her in dresses and sarees. Roshni says I saw you also in sarees because of Jyoti tai. She says she wants to see him in towels. Sid agrees.

DD gives keys to Ganpath and asks him not to touch anything. She warns him and says she is very dangerous unlike Resham. Ganpath says okay. DD feels someone’s presence and asks if someone is here. Ganpath says no. DD gives him keys and asks to keep safely. Ganpath says I will take care, and then forgets.

Yash comes to Roshni and asks why she is upset? Roshni says nothing. Yash asks where is Sid? Sid comes out of pool and flirts with the girls sitting at the side. The girl says you can play volleyball with me. Sid says I have a condition, if you miss at any point then you have to kiss the referree. Girls agree. Roshni gets upset?

Sid tells Roshni that she is looking beautiful in the dress, and praises her selection. Roshni says it is given by you. Sid says no and wonders who gave her dress. He finds the chit.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    1. Agreeing n well said.

    2. Ciekay Parijo

      Yes one problem is solved and once
      another problem is coming.omg why

  2. I think it sam doing

  3. What is this some mystery puzzles don’t understand what going on here who is doing this nonsense then in between even i think is Sam maybe she want to create misunderstanding between roshini n sid

  4. Pls we don’t need any sautan drama
    Pls writers focus on some real life issues rather than creating hurdles between sidni love story

  5. What new drama with yash and Sam this show is boring

  6. Looks like another idiotic melodrama. I am already disgusted with the new servant – Ganpat. After all these months of Banshi, Kunal and Shabnam…………OMG. Writers …..please give the viewers a break from all this idiotic crap that you all pass off as creative story lines! ! Here’s a thought! Why not write a story line that’s realistic, logical, practical and fun! Is that so hard to do?

  7. So what’s all this shit guys
    Who is clicking the pics of these guys at least reveal it to the audience or even lets see how Sid becomes Sid the bond and finds about it..
    Guys its a request not to stop watch this show and then the trps fall and the show is replaced

  8. NYC did. I love u

  9. boooring. sme old crap

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