Jamai Raja 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dhruv coming to Mahi’s room and touches her head with lust, while staring her. Mahi gets up. Dhruv escapes. Mahi thinks Satya is sleeping and thinks who touched her then. She thinks about Dhruv and then thinks it is just her misunderstanding. Dhruv hides and smirks. Everyone is enjoying roka ceremony of kajal. Mahi brings sweets. Kajal refuses. Mahi says today is big day for you and we want you to have sweets. Kajal eats sweets. Mahi tells Satya that they have to be happy for others’ happiness. Satya says I have done this all my life. Mahi makes him have sweets. She comes to Kajal. Dhruv touches her waist in bad sense. Mahi is shocked. He tells that he saved her dupatta from falling in mehendi. Mahi is embarrassed and shocked. Later Dhruv asks Mahi to come and dance with

her. Mahi says later. Dhruv touches her again which makes her doubtful. He stares her. Mahi goes to Payal and tells her everything. Payal asks are you sure? Mahi says yes, I can’t tell Satya, else he will get angry. Payal says may be it is a misunderstanding and asks her not to tell anything to Satya. Mahi says may be I am thinking much. Payal thinks Dhruv will expose him. Mahi says lets dance.

Kajal dances with Dhruv. Satya gets a call. Dhruv touches her waist and says your dewar is dancing with you. Mahi is uncomfortable. Satya comes and slaps Dhruv. He says how dare you? Do you think I am blind. Dhruv asks what did I do? Kajal asks him to leave Dhruv and asks have you gone mad? You didn’t think about me once. Gangu Tai slaps Satya hard. Satya is shocked. Dhruv smiles. Gangu Tai asks if he is so jealous that he couldn’t bear and that’s why taking out his anger on Dhruv. She says I told you that it was my mistake, and says Dhruv is innocent. Kajal says truth is that you couldn’t see my happiness and asks him to go away from there, and not to attend her function. Mahi says Kajal is right and says every brother should be with his sister at this time. She says you can’t stay here and have to go. Satya is shocked. She holds his hand and takes him from there. Satya asks Mahi to listen to him. She closes the door on his face.

Later Mahi comes to Satya and tells that she didn’t support him then as they need to protect Kajal else she would have to leave with him also. A fb is shown, Mahi asks Satya to go and find proofs against Dhruv, says we have to stop this marriage. Fb ends. Satya tells Mahi that he will find the proofs and don’t let this marriage happen. Dhruv thinks to take revenge somehow.

Kajal gets ready for marriage. Mahi says I will help you. Kajal refuses to take her help and asks Gangu Tai to tie her necklace lace. Mahi apologizes to Kajal and says you knows well how much Satya loves you. Gangu Tai says if he really loved her then he would not have hurt her. She asks Kajal to get ready for marriage. Satya comes to the hospital and asks about Dr. Sunaina. Nurse says she don’t work here. Satya asks are you sure? She says yes. Satya thinks to find out. He comes to Sunaina’s house and sees someone sleeping on bed. He hides and tries checking for proofs. He gets a diary in which he finds Dhruv and Sunaina’s pics. In one of the pics, Sunaina and Dhruv are wearing garland. Satya thinks to tell everyone.

Dhruv tries to molest Mahi. Gangu Tai shoots him. He falls down. Satya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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