Jamai Raja 29th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Roshni getting intimate with Sid and asking him to hold his hand once more, she will never separate from him for life. He says he wanted to hear this and leaves, leaving Roshni smiling and him sad.

In the morning, Sid gets ready and comes for breakfast. Biji says his face is glowing and says love and perfume cannot be hidden and says that Raj is very romantic. Sid gets Mona’s call and runs. Simran tries to stop, he says Roshni is in trouble and runs again.

DD’s house owner tries to kick her out of house for not paying rent. DD requests him to be so cruel on women. He leaves telling he wants his house vacated by tomorrow. DD panics and falls unconscious. Sid reaches on time. Doc checks DD and says she got high BP due to tension, so they should

take care of her. DD wakes up and says everything is shattering, she could not save Samaira earlier and now house. She worked hard 20 years, but could not give even a shelter to her family. Mona asks her not to take so much stress as she made them believe they can live together. She has 2 jamais who are so good and she is very lucky. DD says house owner is right, she is bankrupt. She panics again and tries to remove her jewelry and says with this money, they can pay rent. Mona shouts at her and asks her to calm down.

Roshni starts crying seeing DD’s condition and runs into kitchen. Sid follows her and tries to console her. She says there was a time when she used to get irked seeing mom’s work and behavior, but did not see her head bent any time, but today she cannot tolerate seeing her head bent. She spent her whole life trying to give her better life, but today she is in such a bad condition. He asks her to calm down. She says she always cursed her for not giving her time, but today her curse came true. She wants her pride back. Sid says everything will be fine, DD will get back her lost dignity and money, it is this house’s jamai’s promise. He hugs her and then wipes her tears and says he has to go now. Bin tere o sajan…..song plays in the background. Roshni thinks now neither divorce will happen nor they separate.

Sid goes to Simran and says he is ready to accept her condition and she will have to keep her promise. She says she will do as she promised and she is happy that he is thinking of family, she is proud of him. He says he is not proud of him and is doing this give back the property to one mom which another mom snatched. He promises that he will not tell it to anyone.

Roshni gets ready for court hearing and tells DD that she will go to temple first and then meet all family members. DD prays that all her wishe swill be fulfilled.

Roshni and Sid attend court hearing and judge asks what they have decided. Roshni thanks him for giving 3 months’ time to realize how much she loves Sid and clear her misunderstanding, now she is sure she does not need divorce. Sid with teary eyes says he needs divorce though. Judge asks if he is sure. Sid says yes he is. Roshni asks him not to do this. Judge says his wife does not need divorce. Sid says it is his decision now and he needs divorce. Judge approves divorce and stamps papers while Roshni continues to plead Sid not to divorce her. Sid walks out after divorcing leaving Roshni shocked. Judge hands over divorce papers to her.

Precap: Raj asks Sid where is Roshni. Sid says he divorced Roshni. Raj slaps him and asks how can his blood divorce his wife.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. dnt want to c dem seprtd!! writtrs plz dnt drag dis for longr tym…

  2. Yrr kb se kch acha nii hua h inki lyff me….ab to plss let dem b togethr

  3. this serial is shit and you know why sid did not have to divorce roshini just to get back the property that his mother snatched from dd sid has enough money to buy her dd another one
    so there was no need for him to divorce roshini see that is the reason I say these writers not thinking and just writing shit. now we all know the reason shy simran want sid to leave roshini it is to please kritika so that she would get revenge on roshini for dd killing that murdering crooked beast of a husband rajveer but if I was roshini I would never ever forgive sid for what he has done don’t matter what the circumstances because he could have choosen another way to get back dds property from his mother for instance he could have tricked her the same way she simran tricked him her own son in order to steal dds property so come on writers stop writing so much shit now

    1. You bashing all these shows on a daily basis is not going to help.
      This show is hardly shit compared to the other things airing on TV.
      If Hindi serials are not your cup of tea.. Why do you watch them?

  4. I hope Raj finds out soon that Simran is behind this and divorce her meddling dotish ass!!!!! Raj kick Simran out please!!!

  5. I guess these writers don’t think before they write this storyline just doesn’t make no sense at all…Raj i like how you slap Sid he deserves it he left from being smart to dumb

  6. Ya
    plz arrange raj to know d fact n divorce simran

  7. Sids mum calls him selfish yet she us da one who is heartless putting one child before da other…. plz make sure she gets a gud wake up call and know wat it is to be hurt the way she is hurting everyone else

  8. No comment just disappointed with how things turned out…… don’t wanna say anything more coz of the disappointment…. 🙁 sad face

  9. Sid is not a bad person.What he is doing is to help DD regain her home.I believe Sid will marry to Roshni after the fact.

  10. @Gloria – totally agree. Sid just mentioned few episodes ago how much he is worth – $800 crore or thereabouts… he could have said no to his mom and still had enough money to give DD her house back bc Raj would not have written his son out.

    I hope Sid stops talking to his mother and I hope Biji finds out exactly what Simran has done. but these writers, they don’t have the balance right. they don’t want to think, so they just do whatever suits thier fancy without giving it thought… your viewers are not that stupid.

  11. That last part with roshni pleading to sid for not to divorce her was very emotional
    I think raj do the rgt thing by slapping sid he deserve it what he was saying that is a jamai promise that he will fix everything rgt only that promise he remember what those promises when you was taking the wedding vows with roshni is that fake and the promise u make with ur so called mom is real her emotional n tears are real n what about roshni it like she dont have any values her emotional n tear dont matter to you at all
    Just wish if raj get to know the true about you n simran promise to one another and i want him to divorce n throw her out of this life n the house like how she make sid throw roshni out of this life and then she will know how it feel when u have to go throught something like that

  12. Sid deserve it because he listen to his mom

  13. is best this show stop showing its just a waste of time nothing nice ever happens damn

  14. Best she should of gotten married to yash Cuz look what sid has done …. Her mother will have more tress …. Stupid writer

  15. Doesn’t make sense. DD would have been much happier without property than seeing her daughter divorced. Also Sid has enough money or could have asked his dad. In fact he could have given his property away and left house with Roshni to live a poor life but with her. Story is stuck just like it was when Roshni was in Bangkok.

  16. yu knw yu r trying to teach the writers of wat yu dnt knw. if sid solves DD’s problem by himself and the problem is over so does the film. so let the problem be solved slowly as other are created to keep the film going.

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