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The Episode starts with Shabnam telling Sid that she has made a MMS and has made him helpless. Sid says his wife will never believe on fake MMS and says Roshni will find out about the lie in 2 mins. Shabnam asks him to make a new habit and says your love will become mine now. She says if she sees that MMS then she will leave you. She says a woman can never see her husband with a second woman. She says she will not tell anything to me as I have saved her. She asks him to agree to her sayings and asks him to leave Roshni and go far from her. She gives him 24 hours and says she will ruin Roshni and her family and will make them suffer. Sid says I will not go anywhere and want to see your frustation grow. He says Roshni is his love and life and says Roshni will stand with him like a mountain, and says

this is our love and belief which is not in your destiny and which you can’t understand. He asks her to tell everything to Roshni and says he will tell her everything. He says you are going to fail Shabnam and says it is Jamai’s promise to his Saali. He asks her to take care and leaves. Shabnam gets irked.

Raj tells Simran that he always said that their son will make them proud and their name to make headlines. She shows the newspaper. They hear Bunty watching cartoon and laughing. Simran gets worried about Krutika and says I couldn’t understand my daughter’s pain. Raj tells feeling helpless and says I would have never took you to London.

Roshni thinks Sid is not picking my call. Shabnam comes and asks if everything is fine? She asks where is Jiju. Roshni says he went early in the morning and isn’t picking my call. Shabnam says you should not worry as he loves you. She says I hope my husband loves me like jiju. Nani says Sid is one of a kind. Shabnam says Sid is special and I can give my life to him. Nani says Sid never asks for anything which he don’t deserve. She asks about her to be husband in Dubai, and asks if he is not good. Shabnam says she wants same qualities of Sid in her husband. She says I will leave. Nani returns her phone and asks to show it. She says it is some other phone. Shabnam says it is same phone and leaves.

Roshni calls Sid again and thinks why he is not picking the call. Sid comes and says I will tell you everything. Roshni coughs and sneezes. Sid checks her temperature and says you have fever. DD comes and scolds Sid for not been able to take care of her daughter. Sid asks her to lie down on the bed. Roshni sleeps. Sid tells that Shabnam is blackmailing him, and sees her sleeping.

Raj comes to Bunty and asks what you have achieved in life? Bunty says he has achieved much and tells he has taken part in competition once, but I lost and Titu won. Raj says it is really a sad story. He gives him 1 month’s time to prove that he can take good care of his daughter else he will get the marriage null. He asks him to go to other room and not Krutika’s room. Bunty wonders how to do job. Roshni calls Shambu Kaka. Shabnam tells her that she fired him. Roshni says you would have asked me and told mum. Mona says Shabnam is also daughter of this house and asks her not to make an issue. Roshni says I am not highlighting the issue. Sid thinks why did Shabnam fired him. He thinks Shabnam might have taken Shambu Kaka’s help while making MMS. Nani comes to Shabnam’s room and finds a phone. She thinks it is the same phone. When she checks finds Shabnam and Sid’s MMS and is shocked. She calls Sid and asks to meet him as she wants to talk about Shabnam. Shabnam overhears her.

Shabnam makes Nani’s accident to stop her from meeting Sid.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. They should know sid by now that he will never cheat on roshni because roshni is his life n love

  2. Please don’t drag more the track of Shabnam. Because she is a dangerous woman. I just hate her…….

  3. You right – get rid of her quickly before she creates more damage to Sids life.

  4. Lovely episode

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