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The episode starts with Sid waking up in the morning and not finding Roshni on bed. He comes out and asks Pratima if she saw Roshni. She says no and asks if he has any work with her. He says no. He sees servant carrying dustbin and dropping it in hall, sees a box in and walks towards it. Rajveer gets worried seeing Sid heading towards dustbin. He is about to open dustbin lid when Roshni comes. DD asks where did she go. She says to find a permanent solution. DD asks if she found Sid’s true identity. Roshni gives her 10 lakhs and says made Sid ghar jamai for this money, now they both are free and will not have to bear her insults, they will leave her house today. Whole family is shocked to hear that, Rajveer and Samaira smirk.

Roshni asks Sid to pack his bags. He asks from where

she got so much money. She says from whereever she brought, he does not have to hear DD’s insults. Sid says he needs answer. She says if he does not believe her. He says this is their family and they cannot walk out like this. She says this family insults him every moment and calls him and his family thieves, she cannot see that from today. DD comes and says she cannot go without explanation. Roshni says she was always behind money and she is giving it to her. DD says Sid wants only your money and nothing else. Sid asks DD to keep quiet. Roshni picks bags and drags Sid from there. DD stops her and says she cannot go with Sid. Roshni says he is my husband and says she paid all her house bills and to check her house thoroughly. DD says she is her mother and cannot leave her. Roshni says she is not her mother and cares only for money. DD asks why is she crying then. Roshni says she is missing her mother and if she really was here, she would not have talked like this. Sid asks her to rethink about her decision. Roshni asks if he will not come with her. Sid reminisces his promise giving to Bablu that he will unite mother and daughter and the incidents thereafter. Roshni asks him if he wants to come or not and picks her bag. DD stops her and says they can talk. Roshni walks out without listening to her. She falls on ground and cries.

Rajveer in his room thinks Roshni did right by walking out, now he can take DD’s property alone. He says money is very powerful and reminisces lending money to Roshni telling he cannot see Sid being insulted like this and asking her to give any weird reason like she broke her FD. He says once Roshni and Sid leave, DD will be trauma and he will handle her business after that.

DD comes to Roshni’s room and looks at her childhood pics and cries vigorously holding it. She throws it then and says she left her mother for that poor man. She starts throwing her things saying she does not need her now. Pratima comes running seeing her crying and asks if she is fine. She says she is fine, only her daughter left her, she said she is not her mother and asks her to ask Bablu if he wants to stay here or not, alleges that poor people like her easily trap rich. Pratima asks her not to tell that. She pushes her out saying it her daughter’s room and locks door.

Precap: Sid asks Roshni how did she get so much money. She says he should he happy that they are at his parent’s house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Great SID and Roshni.Now you can see how much money Sid has to take care of you.

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