Jamai Raja 28th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sid thanking Anya for the help. He says Roshni got jealous and tried to make him jealous by wiping something from Neil’s face. Anya is happy and says she should be thankful as he saved her life. She says she is uniting the two lovers. Naina asks Ragini to give something to Anya and Sid. Anya tells Sid that she don’t want Neil’s heart to break and has suffered with a heart break before. Anya apologizes to Sid and says everything will be alright. They hug each other. Roshni comes and sees them hugging, gets jealous. Sid realizes Roshni is behind him, and asks God, why he didn’t make him meet Anya before, and wasted his time with wrong people. Roshni tells him that Naina gave custard and keeps on table, goes angrily. Roshni gets jealous and closes her eyes as she couldn’t

hear their romance. Neil comes and shows movie tickets to Roshni. Sid comes and asks them to go and enjoy movie, says this house will become ground for their romance.

Roshni tells Neil that her head is paining and insists to stay in his house for tonight. Sid asks her to go home, and says he knows a good doctor if she wants. Neil and Roshni say thanks. Sid says you both are sync. Neil says this is your house, and you can stay. Roshni thinks it is good that Sid is getting closer to Anya, and thinks she should get close to Neil also. She gets thinking. Just then Neil comes there, Roshni asks him to go thinking him to be Sid. Neil asks what happened. Roshni apologizes. Neil asks her to take care and goes. Roshni thinks Neil is so sorted and matured and other side is Sid, who is an idiot. Sid tells Anya that Neil must have taken tablets and slept. He says Roshni must be awake and come out soon. He says we should follow up the plan.

Roshni couldn’t sleep and is restless. Sid and Anya peeps in her room……..and goes in the hall. Sid plays the music on the music system. Papa jag jayenga plays………………..they dance romantically. Neil, Roshni, Naina and Mama wake up and see them dancing. Roshni gets jealous seeing Anya and Sid dancing….Anya hugs him and go to room. Roshni collides with Mami while seeing them. They make an excuse and go to their room. Mami thinks if Ragini is spying on them.

Next morning, Roshni thinks to serve juice to everyone in the room…..She goes to Sid’s room. Sid comes out and asks if she came to give him juice. Roshni asks him to keep dreaming and goes to Neil. She gives juice to Neil and says she made it for him. Neil drinks it and says it is fresh. Roshni thanks him. She asks about his workout and says he has nice body. Sid gets jealous. Mami peeps in Sid and Anya’s room and sees them sleeping separately. She thinks to find out. Anya sees door open and closes it. Later Mami refuses to let anyone have food. Neil is about to drink coffee. Mami throws the cup and it falls on Roshni. Everyone is shocked. Neil scolds Mami for throwing coffee on Ragini and asks to get medicine. Mami tells today is akadashi fast. Neil says we don’t believe on the fast. Sid says he believes on nirjala fast and says we will have fast. Roshni says we will also fast. Neil asks since when you started believing on this. Roshni says we will. Mami thinks to find out and says I will expose you all. Sid says fast will break, and that of Roshni and mine.

Mami is eaten something. Mama asks why she didn’t let everyone eat food. Mami says you will live long and tells that she asked everyone to fast for a reason.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Before I used to like Sid but now I don’t know why i started liking Neil. If Sid wants roshni to do something the only way he uses is to do it by making her jeoulous even whn he wanted her to wear short dresses he did the same , evn he did the same in misha and shabnam s case and same evn now . He is always interested in romancing with other girls. eg: shabnam , misha ,Alex and now Anya
    I agree with roshni that Neil is a mature man . Atleast he doesn’t show off ,he loves roshni and cares abt her no matter if he doesn’t show and main thing he acts like a man and not like a idiot as sid

    1. Girl oh please Neil can’t do non of the things aid did so just shut up

    2. O please! I wonder if Neil could have tolerated all that Sid did for that so call sl*t who don’t even love him. Roshni lost her dad because of Sid and her mother because of herself. Why the hell she taking it out on Sid?? Atlest Sid punished his best friend but what she trusted Yash words over Sid. Anyways Sid should seriously get Married to Ayana and forget Roshni for real. And let her live her life with Niel.

  2. I disagree!!
    I think roshni would b less jealous if she was more grateful and more aware of the love tht sid has for her…everything tht sid did was always for the good of her n her family..I admit, Neil is mature n loves her..but think abt it, would Neil b able to bare all tht sid had to endure since the day he fell in love with roshni?
    Roshni gets jealous cz she has no faith in her love.. N hw dare she to get jealous nw? She left sid..heartbroken..he lost everything becz of her.. If sid is immature then as crazy as this may sound I’d love to have a man like him…if his immaturity could make him sacrifice everything he has and walk to the end of the earth for someone tht does nt deserve him, then so b it, his immaturity is well preferred.

  3. I think so Sid should stop making roshni jeoulous coz now if she comes to know abt Anya’s pregnancy she would think she is pregnant with Sid n would never come back to him.
    Sid is thinking roshni would feel jealous and confess her love bt she is meaning the wrong way and thinking tht Sid has moved on in life and now evn she has to move
    If both of them trying to make each other jeoulous then they would leave to no where

  4. Don’t u guys think tht this Mitul s character is similar to tht of mitali in kumkum bhagya?

    1. Not actually but according to me it’s same as resham as she was something similar

  5. Just becoz of this sidni jealously game, finally Neil will become enemy for playing with his emotions n taking his family for granted. Can’t blame him if that happens.

  6. every girl will like a partner like Neil almost 90% but 99% girls will like a partner like Sid..as he is smart..the type of love which sid has for Roshni makes love more strong and partner like Neil becomes boring for the rest of the life

  7. sid and roshnii togethr makes beautiful chemistry luks perfect togethr..on the othr hand neil looks like uncl of roshnii..old man

  8. sid and roshnii should not be seprtd …. with neil and anyaa.. sid roshnii love der chemistry makes the drama hit … der seprationn might leads to downfall in TRP…sid roshnii looks perfect togethr..

  9. Roshni is too much!!sid has done soo much 4 her n her family n how did she repay him??she think ssid cannot do without her..sid has to prove her wrong

  10. I just wish Sid will forget about roshni. And wat she’s doing to niel isn’t right either cuz she doesn’t love niel. Inshort both Sid and roshni will hurt this family too

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