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The Episode starts with Roshni hugging Sid thinking him to be Neil while electricity is not there and raining. Sid asks where is Naina? Roshni says she is not here. Sid says Mitul told him and says may be there is some misunderstanding. He tells Roshni that he has admitted Anya in the hospital and asks her to come with him after informing Neil. Roshni calls Neil, but his call couldn’t be reached. Sid and Roshni come out and sees it is raining heavily. Sid says we shall stay back in the office till rain stops. They come inside the office. Sid asks Roshni to change her dress as it is drenched fully in rain, and asks her to wear the model’s outfit. Roshni says okay and says I will make coffee for us. Sid also changes his clothes. Mitul calls Neil and informs her that Anya is admitted in the hospital.

Neil says okay, I will pick Ragini from office and go to hospital. Mitul thinks it will be fun now. Roshni laughs seeing him in that attire. They drink coffee. Sid thinks he was waiting for this moment and yearning to see her smile. Roshni slips and falls on him. Baarish ke paani me song…….

Roshni feels cold. Sid covers her with shawl and asks if she is fine now. Roshni nods yes. Later Neil and Naina come to office. Naina says Roshni might be alone in the office. They see Roshni sleeping on Sid’s shoulder. Neil tells Naina that he will wait in the car. Roshni wakes up and clarifies Neil that he is misunderstanding them. He asks Sid what he is doing here? Sid says he brought inhaler for Naina as he thought she is in office. Naina says why I will come here. Sid is speechless. Neil says lets go to hospital and bring Anya. Sid says she will not discharge today and he will bring her. Neil goes angrily. Naina comes home. Roshni goes following Neil to clarify. Mitul tells Naina that she knows Ragini being Roshni Patel, daughter of DD Patel. Naina is shocked. Mitul says Neil asked me not to tell you. Naina says Neil knew about it and didn’t inform me. Mitul goes.

Sid thinks he will make everything fine. Anya thinks once they go to London, then they can’t stay together. Atleast Sid stays with her due to family pressure here. Roshni tries to give explanation. Neil says I didn’t ask for any explanation. Roshni says I didn’t see you drinking before. Neil says many things are happening for the first time. He is about to go. Roshni says I will make something for us for dinner. She says we are husband and wife and should resolve the issues. Neil holds her hand tightly. Roshni is shocked and says you are hurting me Neil. Neil pushes her on bed and says I know you like everything except staying with me. Roshni cries badly.

Next morning, Neil asks Ramu to bring coffee for Roshni. Roshni says I have done my breakfast almost. Sid brings Anya home. Naina asks what did Doctor say? Sid says Doctor asked her to take bed rest for a week. Anya says she will do her breakfast in room and asks Sid to bring it. Sid sees marks on Roshni’s hand and wonders why is she hiding it.

Sid is about to go to office. Naina asks him to stay at home and take care of Anya. Sid says he has important work to do in office. Naina bluntly asks him to stay at home and says Neil and Ragini will handle office. Sid says okay. Naina goes. Sid asks Anya what happened to her mum. Anya apologizes to him. Naina comes to DD’s office and asks someone to give DD’s house address. Employee says I don’t think anyone stays there. Naina says I will go and see and takes the address. She reaches DD’s house. A lady opens the door and says she is a new tenant. Naina asks if you know about owners etc. Lady says no and asks her to give letters to DD’s relative if she meets them. Naina takes it and thanks her. She opens the letter and is shocked. She wonders how can it be possible.

Roshni is asked to go to London in a meeting. Roshni talks to Bunty and says she will go to some other place. Bunty says he has to talk to Sid, as he has plan this. Neil thinks what is happening under his nose.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. After a long time today i saw roshini cute smile to see her real husband sid attire. I really enjoyed it. And 2nd portion naina want to know abt roshini past life so she went to dd’s house. Nice bcoz i feel naina is only one kind hearted person in her house except roshini and sid . I hope she can understood to other feelings.

  2. But every mother cares for their children which also makes them bad especially simran. Likewise even if naina finds out sidni’s past, she may hide it from others thinking about her daughter anya’s pregnancy and also continues to act with them. She can even turn against sidni union

  3. Yah…but the story is getting boring by lot of craps

  4. I hope naina dont create problems for sid now

  5. Nice episode.

  6. Sid u are the most cutest boy I have ever seen I love Jamai raja ❤️?

  7. what are the leters indicate? really enjoy the episode..waiting for todays episode.

  8. i like it

  9. I have a feeling that naina also be negative coz the writer has to prove that all mother’s are selfish but whoever are positive difnot do anything like Mr.k he said that he will bring roshini back to sid but writer forgot simmy did everything under his nose and disnot realise.haha hope that bring more twist by bringing roshini and sid child it will more fun to watch who will this simmi support.his own grandchild or aanya child.hope the writer or we audience shld tweet the producer not to show nonsense give a good sense to the serial

  10. Sid is a great actor. I am enjoying jamai raja. Every day I can’t wait to see the show. I am looking forward to see Sid and Roshini get together once more. The chemistry between them is fantastic.

  11. I don’t know why Naina is hiding the about Sid and Roshini that are still married yeah she wants Sid to stay with Anya because she is pregnant with Arif and the baby is not Sid he is just helping her even I got the feeling that Anya is not pregnant it’s plan to get Sid.

  12. L.O.V.E. J.A.M.A.I. R.A.J.A.

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