Jamai Raja 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Payal coming to the office and greets Sid. Sid talks to her nicely surprising her. Sid introduces her to the American businessman. They greet her in Japanese style. Sid says they know only Chinese and not English. Payal says why they are behaving like Japanese. Sid says Japan and China are near and confuses her with his talks. He praises Payal. Payal says I want to go to washroom. Sid says that side. Roshni comes there and attacks Payal. Payal says who will tell that you was once CEO. Roshni says I am not anymore CEO. Sid calls security and asks them to take her. He tells Payal that her hand is hurt and asks shall I call ambulance. They see american businessman hiding. Payal says she needs time to think about the deal and goes. Sid talks to Roshni and says Payal needed time to

fix the deal. Roshni tells Sid that Ria was telling something to Neil which is related to past and Naina.

Just then he gets a call from receptionist informing him that Payal is coming to his cabin. Sid is shocked and asks Roshni to hide. Payal sprays perfume on her and goes to his cabin. Sid greets her and asks her to take a seat. She gets close to him and sees his pic, says it is nice. Sid is embarrassed. Payal asks how am I looking? Sid says classy and nice. She says nobody talked to me rudely till now and gets close. Sid switches on AC. Payal says how to give my everything to you, I don’t know you. Sid says it is just about company. Payal says you don’t know me also. She tells that she has booked hotel for their dinner for them. Sid says okay. Payal thanks him and says I like it.

Roshni is hidden in the office cabinet. Payal turns and says see you Mr. Khurana. Once she goes, he opens the cabinet and frees Roshni. Roshni beats him for flirting with her. Sid says Payal was flirting with him. She asks him to go and get Payal signatures on the papers, and says she will go and make Ria and Neil closer. Sid asks if anything happens between me and Payal then…Roshni asks him to do whatever he wants, but get her signatures.

Anya calls Naina and tells her that she is having extreme stomach pain and asks her to take her to hospital. Naina says Neil is alone at home and she can’t leave him. Anya insists her to come. Naina agrees. Roshni hears Naina. Sid appreciates Anya for her good acting. Roshni calls Sid and tells him that Neil is unwell, and that’s why she can’t leave him alone. Sid asks her to leave Mitul there. Roshni says okay. Roshni makes Neil wake up and informs him that she is going somewhere. She says even Naina is not at home. Neil says if you also go then…how will I manage? Roshni says I can’t be with you all day and asks him not to act to be very much ill. Neil looks on hurt.

Ria comes to Neil and makes him rest on her lap. Neil says I love you Ria. Roshni looks at them and says they are together. She thinks to go to restaurant. Payal praises Sid and says you are very handsome. She says your eyes are good, and nobody saw me like this. Sid thinks to break his eyes. Payal praises his biceps. Sid thinks to lose biceps also. He thinks his wife is making him do all this.

Payal mixes something in drink and gives to Sid. Roshni gets angry and says she will take my husband to room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Loved the episode cute scenes amid sidni

  2. I like these episodes, this is the chemistry of sid and roshni, the reason why we all love their jodi, they bring out the best in each other. Last night was vintage roshni, in her drugged state, the roshni we all know and love. No one could have done that scene like Nia did….superb! When sid and roshni are together ,they are so cute, spontaneous,fun and youthful and when she is with Neil, she is like an old lady….lol

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