Jamai Raja 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with DD thinking about Bansi’s threat that she will reveal the secret to Roshni which will shatter her. Just then Bansi comes to her and asks her to do something if she want to hide the secret. She sits on DD’s chair and asks her to do something. DD says Roshni will never agree. Bansi says your daughter have to agree if not with her wish, then forcibly. You have to do this being her mum. Roshni sees her room locked and asks who has locked my room. Bansi says she has locked and asks her to sleep with Kunal in his room. Roshni is shocked. Premal comes and asks her to agree. Roshni asks him to stop nonsense and asks for keys. DD comes. Bansi asks her to make her understand. Roshni asks for keys. Bansi eyes DD angrily. DD says okay and says Roshni and Sid can’t stay in one room.

Roshni asks what happened? DD asks her to come to her room. Sid agrees with DD and asks Roshni to understand. Roshni says I can’t believe this. Kunal sits down on bansi’s feet and asks her to agree. He says they are not wrong. Bansi says okay and says they can’t stay in one room. Roshni is angry and asks if they are happy. Sid asks her to trust him. DD thanks Sid. Sid asks her not to worry. DD says I really hope so. Sid looks on.

Bansi and Premal are having beetal leaves/paan. Bansi tells if the supari is not mixed in paan in proper equation then it doesn’t tastes good. She says Sid always stand with DD like a shield, and says what will happen if DD doubts on him and thinks he is not right for her. Premal says you are great. Premal likes the idea and says DD will give Roshni’s hand in our Kunal’s hand, and laughs. Roshni sleeps in DD’s room and feels disgusted at her decision. DD tries speaking to her, but in vain. Later in night, someone pulls her blanket. She turns and sees Sid beside her. DD is also sleeping at corner. Roshni gets angry at him for agreeing. He says this chudail will not agree and he shall explain to her. He lifts her and takes her outside. Bansi hears their noise and gets up. Sid makes her sit on chair and says she is heavy. Roshni asks why he is showing love. Sid asks why she went to sleep with her mum and says he will spend some time with her. Bansi comes there. Roshni asks what do he need? Sid asks for kiss. Roshni says not allowed. Tujhe yaad karliya hai…..song plays……They are about to get intimate, just then they hear someone coming.

Sid opens his eyes and sees Bansi coming. He hides. Roshni opens her eyes and gets shocked seeing Bansi sitting. Bansi asks why she is acting like duck. Roshni says because I like Duck. Bansi says if someone is here. Roshni nods no. Bansi calls Premal. Premal and her daughter come there. Bansi tells she was making face like a duck. Sid comes from his room and asks if they don’t get sleep in night. He pretends to be sleepy, and asks Roshni what she is doing there near the pool side. Bansi looks on suspiciously.

He asks if there is jagran at home and yawns..He says can’t a jamai take a jamai. Bansi looks on doubtfully. Sid says he is coming from his room and talks about their values. Bansi asks her bahu to take Roshni to DD’s room. Sid goes to sleep.

Shaku imagines herself with Raj, and dreams about Raj admiring her beauty. She gets Raj’s call and gets happy hearing his voice. She imagines Raj singing Tune Maari Entriyan…….Raj asks her to give call to DD, Sid or Roshni. Shaku hears the bell ring and goes without giving call to anyone. Bansi rings the bell. DD asks what happened? Bansi throws gangajal on DD and asks Premal to sprinkle gangajal on the place where DD has step her feet. DD is shocked. Premal sprinkles gangajal everywhere. Bansi says you are a widow and asks her not to forget that. She says you have made the place impure and asks her to move back from the temple area. DD steps back. Roshni thinks how can DD tolerate the nonsense silently.

Bansi asks Roshni to do aarti with Kunal. Roshni says she will do aarti with Sid. Sid is about to light the lamp, but burns his finger due to something in the aarti plate.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. eagerly waiting to know the secret behind roshnis child marriage
    jamai raja rocks

  2. This is damn too much
    Sid n roshni is husband n wife if the get close to another i don’t see something wrong with that
    Or beside sid n roshni get married infront of god n peoples as the witness but kunal marriage with roshni is just a scam what do the have to prove that kunal is roshni husband nothing……and this kunal shld stop thinking highly about himself n think that roshni is his wife
    Roshni is only sid wife not no1 else wife the sooner these so called people understand that it will be better

  3. Wat nonsence i think kunal will help roshni

    1. Not so true may be its a plan

  4. I want to know what is the secret which they are hiding.


  5. I really want to know the secret which is scaring dd
    The better quicker they get to know lesser time take to solve it out .


  6. you know what is so stupid about this storyline how on earth at five years you marry your daughter off a marriage is not a marriage until it is fully consummated so what crap is this roshini is a grown woman now and married in all sense to sidharth and their marriage has been fully consummated she was even pregnant and lost the child so writers try again when you want to write SHIT so silly for a five year old child who cannot even write properly to be married off and as for you DD and NANI what nonsense you got yourselves mixed up in that is taking a toll on roshini and sids marriage now please correct it and throw those wanna bees out of your house as far as I see they are really GOLD DIGGERS and they are the least bit interested in roshini and kunal being married my gosh after all these years again I say throw them out of the house on their asses if not for yourselves but for roshini and sid

  7. listen to what I say it is MONEY they are after especially that ugly face BANSI, that old witch needs to be taught the time of day and put her in her place before she reaps havoc on you all LOL

  8. Something is fishy , these people Bansi said she found DD because she was in prison. Obviously all the hype of the ever successfull DD in the press. they have now smelt money and is now greedy. Kunal has told ROSHNI he will help her. He is surely not in favour of his backward thinking parents idea.

  9. God knows what they want to do…. I can’t understand this complicated story line.

  10. hajira ruksaar

    interesting……. really wanna know the secret behind roshnis child marriage…..

  11. Where is Ayesha?

  12. Jamai raja juss gets more interesting….these secrets m’d suspense m0re fun s0 stop squealing amongst urselves as уσυ have no idea….its all about тнє entertainment…уσυ guys speak as if they are ur famillies…*rotfl*

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