Jamai Raja 28th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Roshni and everyone dancing in Sam’s premarriage ceremony/haldi. Mona smears haldi on Sid’s face by mistake. He says it is okay. Yash says he can also get married with him. DD asks Yash’s sister who are coming from their family with baraat. She says nobody. Roshni suggests Sid to become baarati as Yash and Sid know each other from before are sharab/liquor buddies, then changes her words and says they are shopping buddies. Yash insists Sid. Sid says ok and goes to wash his face. Roshni follows him and rubs her face with his to smear haldi. They both get intimate. Simran gets irked seeing that. Sid gets conscious and sends Roshni out.

Yash and Sam’s pheras start. Roshni says Sid that her maang tika is missing. They both start also doing

pheras in lieu of searching it, first clock wise and then anticlockwise. Roshni then shows Sid tika after pheras and asks Sid to fix it on her forehead. Just then, pandit asks Yash to apply sindhoor on Sam’s forehead. Sid fixes maang tika and realizes he applied it just at the right time. Roshni says they are remarried now, he took reverse pheras earlier and now took right pheras and remarried her. Sid feels emotional. Zindagi me….song… plays in the background. After marriage, pandit asks bride and groom to take elder’s blessings. Simran tells Sid that he is breaking his promise and she will see how will he reunite with Roshni. He says he loves roshni and is expressing it. After marriage, Sam thanks Roshni for her help. Roshni says she is her sister and no need to thank. Sam asks where is Sid. Roshni says even she is searching him and asks Raj. Raj says he must have gone out and will come back soon. Sam apologizes her mom for troubling her. Yash tells Mona that he will take care of Sam well. Sam and Yash then hug DD and mona and leave. Simran asks Biji if they can leave. Biji says yes. Roshni tries to walk with Biji. Mona asks her to stay tonight as one daughter left and she will feel sad if she also leaves. DD also insists. Biji permits Roshni to stay and says nobody can disobey her. Raj says she is right. DD smiles.

Sid sits at home sadly and reminisces Roshni requesting him to give one more chance and forgive her, performing pheras and telling she is his wife again. Biji comes with Simran and Raj and asks what is he doing here when Roshni is searching him. He wipes his tears and says he is searching roshni. She says he would have stayed in sasural tonight as roshni is staying there. She then goes to sleep followed by Raj. Sid stops simran and says he cannot give what she is asking, he gave her whatever she asked, but not this thing. She asks from when he became so selfish. He says he will find out another way and will not let anyone troubled, but he will not do this.

Roshni calls Sid, but he cuts her call repeatedly. He comes to her room and takes her to balcony and asks why did she call. She says her heart beat is getting fast. He says he wants to tell her something. She asks him to tell. He says me. She gets closer and says me too. He smiles, holds her face and says he wants to ask her something. She tells he can. He says she married him thinking he is a poor man, what if he will not have money in future. She says even then they will be together and she will ready to stay with him where ever and however he keeps. He says he was expecting same from her.

Precap: Judge asks Sid and Roshni what is their decision. Roshni thanks him and says she does not need divorce. She says he needs divorce though. Roshni is shocked to hear that.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. after all the stress poor roshni ?

  2. Absolutely craaaaap Sid, what can be so worse for Sid to divorse Roshinee??? No way, this is just damn stupid!!!!!!!!!!! Tat mother an mental sister conspiring to break up their marriage. ????? The same shit 4ever??? What nonsense??????? NO WAY!!!!!!

  3. Why do they hav to always hav such negative drama????? When is Roshnee gonna hav some joy in her life, actually if they bring in some1 else in Roshinee’s life will actually b good an Sid will deserve what he gets, he realy needs to lose Roshinee now, Sid does not deserve her!!!!!!

  4. This is interesting… so how is Simran planning on taking all of Sid’s money away? and why would she do that for Kritika – if Simran was soooo understanding in the beginning, then how did they make her into a vindictive person now? she must realize that her stealing all of DD’s money puts her in the wrong??? and Raj – i don’t understand why Raj hasn’t returned DD’s money if it was taken wrongly? I missed all that.

    So now, Simran is going to take everything away from Sid if he stays with Roshni – but her husband is the person who owns the company, not her… how is she planning on doing this? And how does she trust a daughter she never raised…? WRITERS!! Smarten up!

    1. Raj attempted to make amends to give back DD her business but DD insulted him and said she wanted nothing from him.

  5. you writers need to think…. also people like me from the caribbean thinks if this is what your indian/hindi culture is …shame on you for depicting it

    1. You r from the Caribbean @hema

    2. Caribbean? Like there are many of us here!!! Trinidad!?!??! 🙂

      1. I am from Guyana at least some1 from Caribbean nice to meet you @kristelle

      2. i am from guyana nice to meet you

  6. Luv u did but hate u now

    1. Hey your full name is Vanessa cummings

  7. Luv u did but hate u now

  8. Nice episode
    Oh plz simran u call sid selfish it will be better if u watch herself first u r selfish n greedy how can you tell someone so sweet n loving like sid that he selfish n ask to divorce this wife oh and writer it will be better if u send kritika off to hell just like you send rajveer that will give her a opportunity to be with her so called dead husband and sid will get some relief when she is gone

  9. Fan plz stop copying idiot

    1. Sorry but who r u and what do u mean by copying @fan

  10. These mothers only manipulating their children to do their bidding…DD – for Roshni to leave Sid; now Simran – for Sid to leave Roshni. But ALL I WANT TO SEE IS…..Biji – telling Raj to leave Simran. lolol

    1. Lol..Hi5!

  11. This is absolutely waste going on now.
    Please change the character of simran atleast by some proof against rajveer.
    Otherwise iys gonna be the worst show in the entire channel.

  12. Wow !!!
    superb. …
    I absolutely agree with krostelle

  13. Excuse u I finished change my username from fan to crazyfan few days ago if u da Ada fan read dose comments I left for u
    U would’ve known I didn’t re comment yre stuff maybe it recommended by mistake I t has happened to me also where my comment commented 3rice BTW I’d like to know yre age to see why u behaving so immature if someone else had da same username as u I apologized and said I didn’t know dear was anada fan n bcoz of yre immaturity I even created a new email account but it doesn’t occur to u does it and one more thing ders a million ppl who’s usernames are fan but no one complains and behaves like an immature imbecile towards da Ada who has da same user name get yre act tgther and sort out yet priorities

  14. Dear Rani
    U see I created an email which had my username as fan after I started commenting there came an ad a fan who was hating on me and on has been leaving hate msgs so I changed my username to crazy fan but this @fan still Neva stop
    Probably by mistake her comment “love u did but hate u know” recommented twice so she thought I said da same thing and said I copied her
    Like really as if I have so much time for bullshit

    1. Oh sorry @crazyfan i think you were telling me that i am coping ppls comments but i think i saw her name on another page right
      Hey listen no hard feelings OK

  15. WTH!!!WTH!!!!! I mean this is getting frustrating n irritating…… they luv each other but be oz of their families they can’t live with each other. Im actually avoiding this serial… ugh!!! Y didn’t kritika die with rajveer??? N wot is wrong with simran?? The beginning of the serial she was very nyc n kind n understanding but now the complete opposite!!!! She doesn’t even have the common sense that is bestowed to a two yr old!! According to simmi kritika is flawless, she is blind to her faults.I thot mothers didn’t show favouritism btwn children but here simmi only cares about kritikas happiness n wot is ironical is that ktitika doesn’t give a damn about the khurana family or simmi to be specific for that matter!! While Sid is the good kid n truly cares for their family… I don’t think I can g on

  16. What is happening now? You cannot sit back and enjoy a serial without some kind of unexpected twist.Why will Sid do this to Roshni.He has led her on to believe all is well and then this or this is only a joke!Simran needs to get a life and stop being a hate monger.Sid is bowing under what Simran tells him to do.A man who is capable of deceiving himself is much more dangerous than the man who is capable only of deceiving others.

  17. Honestly you guys are just are just cussing and cursing the writet because he/she is doing thier job! Like seriously,get a life. You are the peeps who expect that the show does not end early and yet you expect it to be live filled at same time. Use logic for gods sake! And if you cant take the vamps winning every time then hey, stop watching the damn thing and stop complaining about it.

  18. ohhhhhho poor roshni luck isnt in her favour WRITERS dis is waste of tyme coz dis serial is gonna be worst of all coz it took tyme for sid to gain roshni’s trust back n if he’s gonna divorce her seriously sid dosnt deserve to be wid roshni coz wat he gives her is pain wen roshin live’s wid a ray of hope their marriage was out of luv bt da way da serial is taking a turn for da worst is lke showing their marriage was like a compromise which is totally wrong BETTER change your scripts or else……….

  19. wat da f**kis rong wit sid man

  20. sim is takin her son happiness to make her daughter happy
    and then she calling sid selfish…. pure bullshit

  21. So sad for Roshni, wanna cry with her. What’s the next twist?! Hope there must be something good to come, too much suffering for Sid and Roshni… Just make Roshni pregnant (it’s time) and see what Simran is going to do.

  22. Wtfh is wrong wit..simran shes ruining her sid life because of evil b*t*h kartika…simran is a selfish mother who is only thinking of one child…

  23. ah ah nonsense again!!! all the shows are about Mother in laws beasting on daughters in law… dang is this what goes on in India??? ok i guess this is what is being portrayed in the serials too…I dont think Sid will divorce Roshini.. thay have to end up together, now Yash married Sam who is there for Rosh??? absolute disappointment.. Sid and Rosh loves each other pls let them be together.. Rosh wana be with her man!! Sid wana be with his woman!!

  24. what a mother!!!

  25. oh!” shit yaar I just hate u simiiii and kritiiiiikaa…. really….
    plz director whatever u want to do… just do…. but don’t spread ( sidni ko alag mat karo)….. sidni…. plzzzzzzzz … sidni together just rooocksssaaazzzzvxmutgddnxxxxxxxzzzzz….. …..

  26. simran is not a mother …. if she would be a mother then she would have thought for her both children….
    and kritika… is also not a sister… if she would be a sister of sid then she would have realized her brother’s love an care….
    really non of them(sim-krit) is a good character

  27. Simran want biji to b*t*h slap her for taking sid happiness away n for money too she is a selfish n stupid mother

  28. Hurry up with the updates! !!!

  29. Wer is d update

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