Jamai Raja 27th November 2014 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Sid sadly telling Roshni that he tries his best to keep the family united and even gets scolded by DD, but he today he is more sad as Naani’s heart is broken and she is blaming him for bringing chicken home. Roshni asks him to calm down as she knows he did not bring chicken home. He says someone from family must have brought it. She says family members cannot bring it. He says then he is the one left. She believes him and says whoever it is cannot break our relationship and we will get stronger each day. They both hug emotionally.

Rajveer tries to brainwash DD and says whatever happened today, he does not believe Sid is behind it. She says he is. He says Sid is not a kind of guy who will interfere in mother and daughter’s relationship. She says he

is the one and says she wants Roshni to be separated from chaw-dweller Sid and stay with her, she can take care of her as usual.

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DD sees Naani repeatedly taking bath and washing her hands and asks her to calm down. Naani asks how can she and starts praying god.

Roshni sadly looks at sky from balcony. Pratima brings her milk and says she believes Sid cannot do wrong with Naani and Roshni did right by taking Sid’s side. Roshni thanks her for understanding her.

Sid sees Naani sitting sadly on a bench and sits next to her. He asks if she is still angry on him. She says she does not have right to get angry. He says she is and says whoever loves you and understand you will not need to explain themselves and he will also not. He says he did a mistake and will apologize her. She says when he as not done that, why is he taking blame on himself. He asks if she knows he did not do it. She says yes and asks why did he keep quiet. He says he got afraid and says whoever has done it, he will punish him/her.

Sid reaches servant’s room and asks cook if they brought chicken home. He asks servants if they brought it. They say no. Servant asks why poor people are blamed always. Sid says he respects poor people, so he came to talk to them and asks if they saw anyone coming home recently. Cook says Rajveer’s courier had come. Sid remembers smelling chicken from that courier box.

Roshni reminisces Naani insulting Sid and thinks Sid tries his best to keep the family united and gets insulted by everyone because of her, she will not let him insulted from hereon.

Rajveer frees his hands from splint and thinks this splint has kept him from leaving DD’s house. He smiles thinking about today’s drama and thinks if Sid and Roshni leave this house, he can rule it. Sid sees him and calls his name. Rajveer hurriedly keeps his hand back in splint. Sid asks if everything is alright. He says yes. Sid says in a few days, everything will be alright. Rajveer says yes and says he felt bad seeing today’s incident. Sid says it happens in family and says whoever brought chicken home will not be spared. He says he heard about his courier from servants. Rajveer asks if he is doubting him. He says no. Samaira comes there with khichdi and asks Sid if he is interrogating her husband and asks to leave them alone now. Once he leaves, she says both Sid and Roshni are interrogating and trying to put their blame on someone else.

Precap: Roshni gives 10 lakhs to DD and says confined Sid and her in her house for this money, now they will leave her house today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think naani is over dramatic…i didn’t watch last night because when i read the update i was so piss,can you lost trust in someone so easily everything was ok at home until one person shows up everything went haywire…plz writers speed up this show

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