Jamai Raja 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Anya telling Simran that she loves Sid. Simran says I know and smiles. She asks do you need my help? Anya sys yes. Simran hugs her and smirks. Anya feels happiness. Simran says I am your mum too, just as I am Sid’s mum. Anya thanks her and calls her Maa. Roshni thinks what she will answer to Neil. She recalls Sid beating Ranjeet. Sid looks at his injured hand…Roshni thinks something and wonder why she is thinking this….Mere Rubaru plays……..Sid thinks everything is ended, we will leave from here. Anya comes and asks about his injured hand. Sid asks her to try ad convince her mum, says we are leaving from here in just 4 days.

Neil comes to Ragini’s room and asks her to come, holding her. He makes her sit on bed and says you are looking so beautiful today. He kisses

on her cheek surprising her and gets closer to her, while apologizing for Ranjeet’s behavior. Roshni tells him that it is too late. Neil says I need to dance with you. Roshni asks him to stop it and says we have to go to office in the morning. You seems to be tired too and should rest. Neil gets up to go from their room, Roshni holds his hand and asks him to stop. Neil pushes her on the bed and says he want to have party and goes.

Mitul and Ranjeet talk about Sid beating him. Mitul says I will take revenge for all the slaps. She tells Naina that Sid and Neil have beaten Ranjeet. She says Sid acts as Ranjeet misbehaved with his wife. She says when Ragini can dance with Sid, then why can’t she dance with Ranjeet. Naina asks what nonsense? Mitul says I don’t want to stay in this house. Naina asks her to stop crying and says she will talk to Neil. Mitul says you are our support, else I would have leave from here and hugs her. Naina wonders what is happening. Mitul smirks.

Next morning, Sid sees Neil sleeping in the hall and wonders what he is upto. He finds wine bottle in his hand and thinks he don’t drink. He wakes up Neil and asks what happened? Neil says he slept late after wrapping the party. Sid looks on. Neil comes to his room holding wine bottle. Ragini/ Roshni looks on. Neil keeps the bottle on bed and asks Ragini, if something happened last night, Did I hurt you? Ragini turns her face. Neil apologizes and says don’t know what had happened to me. He holds his head. Ragini asks him to sleep. Neil asks her to go to office and says he will rest today. Ragini says okay, and says she will bring coffee for him. Naina comes and asks if everything is fine. Roshni says yes. Naina sees wine bottle.

Anya informs Simran that she started feeling for Sid, and tells about Sid’s plan to go from there in 3 days. Simran asks her not to worry and says she has a plan. Anya looks on hopeful. Sid and Roshni are in the office. Roshni thinks if DD would have been alive, then she would have make everything fine. Sid looks at her. Anya comes there and feigns to faint. Sid holds her and makes her drink water. Anya says she is fine. Sid asks her to come to hospital for check up. Roshni thinks Sid is happy with his marriage and wonders why she is feeling sad.

Doctor checks Anya. Anya says she is better. Doctor asks Anya to avoid stress as it is harmful for the baby. Anya says we have to travel in 3 days. Doctor says I can’t permit you to travel in the first trimester. Sid says the same, but Doctor refuses and prescribes the medicine. Anya turns, smirks and signs at the doctor (new vamp). Doctor also signs her happily (as they have trapped Sid).. Anya apologizes to Sid. Sid says it is not your mistake, we will think something. Sid tells Anya that it is raining outside and storming night. He says you shall get admitted in the hospital for tonight and I will be with you.

Sid calls at landline phone. Mitul hears Neil talking to Roshni and saying he will come. Mitul gets an idea and takes Sid’s message. She then asks Ranjeet to give asthma pump to Naina, who went to office. Ranjeet says he will not go as it is raining. Sid hears this, tells Anya that he will get her admitted in hospital and buy pump and give to Naina in office. Roshni is alone in office after everyone leaves from the office. She calls security as the light is off. She sees someone coming and asks hugs him, says you came…light went off and I was scared. She sees Sid and is shocked.

Naina and Neil come to office. Naina says Roshni might be alone. They see Roshni sleeping on Sid’s shoulder and are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Why neil can’t see roshni does not loves him n sid is always there with her

  2. Its so nice precape. Roshini sleeps in sid arms. Its too nice na. Whatever sid and roshini r nice couple in the show. No one can’t be seperated. And i know roshni aka ragini married with neil and also sid and anya r married. But i don’t think sid and roshini r officially divorced before the leap. Roshini just was changed her identidy na. Whatever sid roshini r lovely couple even they r seperated or united.

    1. I know precap so nice but now their 6 villans who what to seperate sidni including simran ,ananya,Neil,ranjit,mutual and this new vamp I just hope sidni stays together so they can fight the vamps like they did with kunal/bansi/yash/misha/shabnam(season1)

  3. Pearley hobaichan

    Bring sid and roshini together hate Neil and Anya she is pregnant for another man and want sid I wonder if this happening in india because every show is copycat and the same nonsense happening lies and lying dr omg

  4. Pearley hobaichan

    Why every time I write a comment you said that is duplicate because why bull shit

  5. I think this isn’t truth but I think India’s truth is more bitter as everyone is ready to leave their own respective patners n marrying other’s…some gets depressed n broken while others cheat their husband or wife with their ex

  6. Angian Anya…later she will be negative for sure like other serials…….

  7. Season 2’s Caption should be – Totally Phony
    Neil & Ragini – fake
    Sid & Anya – fake
    Mithul & Ranjit – fake
    Naina – fake – hiding Neil’s truth
    Simran – totally fake

    Raj (Sid’s dad) is the only sensible and genuine one – and they are showing so little of him.
    Ravi & Nia – doing a great job in their current roles!

  8. Oh guys every one playing with sid emotions. In season I never saw sid is in happy mood.he always suffering for his beloved wife Roshini. Now she is also realised but it’s too late. Dear writer pls write something happy for sid

  9. i think all drama is preplanned…. evn anya is included in planing… they all want roshni to get to married neil…. i think neil was a syco….

  10. Oh my god what’s going on in Jamai raja .now I will stop seeing jamai raja .I want sd a d roshni together.

  11. It looks lyk brother n sistr niel n Anaya will be the next coming up Villains of this Love story…

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