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The Episode starts with Roshni waking up in the morning and finding herself resting on Sid’s shoulder. Later she tells Sid about whatever has happened. Misha comes to the Police station lockup indisguise of a helper/sweeper. DD looks at her and is shocked. She holds her hand and asks if anyone is here. Misha injects her drugs and smirks. DD shouts for help. Sid and Roshni hear her and rush inside. DD falls down. Sid asks what happened? DD tells him that Misha came indisguise of a sweeper and gave her injection. The constable stops other sweeper and finds another woman. Sid asks Police to call the doctor. Roshni calls Mom. Misha leaves the Police station and throws the sweeper’s saree.

Roshni tells Nani that DD got a attack. Nani gets tensed. Sid brings DD home. Misha comes there shocking

everyone. She pretends to be concerned for DD and asks about her health. DD asks what is she doing here? Misha gives some papers to Roshni and says she has taken case back against DD. DD asks them to throw Misha out. Roshni tells Misha that she don’t know how to thank her. Misha says it is my duty to help you. She tells that DD is very strong and will come out of this. DD tells that Misha wants to take her life and asks to kick her out. Misha acts innocent and leaves. Roshni tells Sid that she don’t know whom to trust? Sid looks on tensedly.

He comes to DD’s room and looks at her. He thinks something is missing and Shiv’s photo frame falls down as he mistakenly touches it. Sid gets some papers and reads it. He touches DD’s feet and promises that it is your Jamai’s promise to put my sasur’s murderer behind bars.

Misha talks to the goons about going out from Mumbai. Sid hears her and asks what is going on? Misha asks him to sit. Sid tells her that many things are going on in his mind, and says don’t think that I am doubting you. Misha says you are doubting me surely. How could I prove my innocence to you? I don’t trust we can trust each other. She says once you gets married, I will go back to London. She tells she don’t want to interfere in his life and it would be good if she leaves from his life. Sid hears her silently.

The Inspector comes and says he has summon against Misha. Sid tells that it is cleared that Misha’s report has been stolen from hospital. Misha says everybody know about DD’s mental state. The Inspector tells that Roshni has filed the case. Sid says Roshni is doing wrong and asks to get bail for Misha.

He comes to Roshni and shows the papers. He asks if she don’t trust him, then why she is acting to marry him and asks to stop the arrangements. Roshni looks on. Sid tells your mum is unwell, but it seems your mind is unwell. He asks what did you sent? Raj asks him to calm down. Sid tells Roshni sent summon against Misha. Roshni asks him to stop it and tells she is concerned about her mum. Sid says you and your mum are blinded by false thing. Nani asks Sid to calm down.

Sid says everytime you people blames me for wrong reasons and I won’t tolerate anything against my best friend. Roshni warns him and says she will support her mum this time. Sid says okay, you can support your mum. DD says Misha has been influencing Sid. Roshni says she will talk to Sid. Sid says your mum is sharp and thinks I am part of the conspiracy. Roshni says may be you are part of conspiracy with Misha. Sid asks her to stop this marriage drama and says we shall end it right here. We will not marry each other. Everyone looks on shockingly. Roshni gives surprise look.

Roshni and Sid promote new show Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani.

Sid tells Misha will not leave anywhere, and says he will marry her in the morning. Sid and Misha are seen sitting at the mandap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sid n roshni plan to expose Misha maybe her end is near can’t wait to see how she get a taste of her own medicine

  2. bullshit*******

  3. yes rani they are planning to expose misha’s dirty mind…Mish’s end is nearer.

  4. to tell the truth I cannot wait to see when they bring misha down why aren’t they bringing in a script with mishas parents they can surely expose her for who and what she really is pretending to be writers think about it those goons must be running scared and I am sure mishas parents could try and make a run for it before misha comes back you want to tell me all this time they are being held captive so they are not bathing using the bathroom or taking a shower come on lets be realistic this is unbelievable

  5. Bullshit, can’t take this shit anymore, why ar they delaying the end of this MAD Psychotic woman, Pathetic!!!!!

  6. Interesting episode.

  7. End misha. Plesae. So Sid and roshni can have a happy ending

  8. wat could b d trigger point 4 things 2 unfold – her parents , goons , own mistake or irritation

    1. Good point.

  9. MaressaStyles

    what is on that paper

  10. OMG i am very confused about the storyline. Is this really going to happen or is just fake playing by sid to expose Misha ?? Plz stop this Misha drama Is toooo long. Very irritating now.

  11. I agree with all the comments

  12. Rani, I believe Sid plan to marry Mental Misha might be the thing i hope it work. I’ve a feeling Sid sent that summons an Roshni’s playing along.. What’s in the File Sid got from DD night stand..? Keen Observer, I understand what your saying, it’s Horrible,Horrible what Mental Misha are putting her Parents through their own daughter, I myself were wondering how are they eating, shower etc. Hope the writers bring them to testify that Misha is a Mental case their testimony alone would send her to Jail or Die..

  13. There they go again i say it over & over, if you Don’t Like the serial why are you watching it..? Does Mental Misha have a gun at your head…? lol

  14. SID please get rid of this person from your lives now.

  15. Interesting I can’t wait to dee meesha ‘ s downfall

  16. Interesting

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