Jamai Raja 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Jyoti Tai asking Kunal to catch the person Sid and says how dare he to enter the house. Bansi asks how did you get so much strength. Jyoti Tai says I get strength from lime and talks about her childhood incident. She says she is taking Roshni inside, and says she is really tensed. Shabnam asks Roshni to go. In the room, Roshni hugs Jyoti Tai and is scared. Shabnam asks what did he tell you? Roshni says I doesn’t know anything. Jyoti Tai reminds them that Roshni is unwell and asks them to bring milk. Bansi asks Shabnam to take milk for Roshni. Jyoti asks Roshni to sleep and says until I am here, no one will trouble you. He signs DD to go as well. Jyoti Tai looks on tensedly.

Shabnam tells that Sid managed to enter the house even though there was a tight security.

She says Sid should never know which game we have played with Roshni’s memory. She hears someone hearing them as she hears the noise. DD hears her. Shabnam comes out and looks here and there, but couldn’t see DD as she hide. DD thinks to inform Sid. Shabnam comes back to room and asks Kunal and Bansi to be careful and do not let Sid meet Roshni. Jyoti Tai asks Roshni to share her heart talk, and says she will leave. Roshni asks her not to leave and says she feels closeness to her. Jyoti Tai asks her to share her thoughts. Roshni asks her to stay with her. Jyoti says if that guy came to you risking his life then he might have any relation with you. She asks her to recollect. Roshni says I couldn’t recall anything. Jyoti Tai asks her not to worry and sleep. He swears that everyone have to pay a big price for Roshni’s condition and thinks they can’t separate us.

DD and Nani come to meet the doctor. Doctor says I can’t tell before seeing her. Nani says if someone have done black magic? Doctor laughs. DD says I don’t know how to bring her here. Sid comes to Raj’s house wearing Jyoti Tai’s get up. Raj asks what is this? Sid shows the stuff which will help Roshni remember him. He says my Roshni will recall everything slowly. Raj says surely. He teases Sid and shares with Simran. Simran says he is looking beautiful. Sid asks him not to flirt with him as he is still his son. Simran says I want to add more chilli in the food, to make Bansi and Shabnam remember their nani. Sid says I will make Shabnam cry blood tears else my name is not Sid Khurana. Door bell rings. Simran goes to open the door. She opens door and finds Shabnam. She asks what you are doing here? Shabnam says yesterday night jiju came to house and went without meeting me. Simran says shameless girl. Shabnam asks her to move and gets inside the house calling Sid. She says I came to warn your son. Sid is shocked and thinks what to do?

Simran tries to stop her. Shabnam gets inside calling jiju. Simran says she is a shameless girl and stops her. She calls Raj. Raj comes. Simran says just look at her. She have entered our house after hurting him badly. Raj asks her to call police. Shabnam says she will tell police that Sid has entered their house. Raj says Sid is Roshni’s husband. Shabnam says Roshni is Kunal’s wife and Sid tried to trouble her. Shabnam tries to get inside the room where Sid is there. Raj and Simran hold her and asks her to leave. Shabnam’s saree pallu gets torn. She says I will call police and file case against Raj. Simran asks her to go ahead and says she will tell Police that she have torn her saree. Shabnam leaves. Sid takes a sigh of relief. Simran and Raj get inside the room. Sid is relieved.

DD says they have to take Roshni to meet doctor and get her treated. Shabnam tells Kunal that they have to be careful and keep Roshni and Sid separated.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. can you just finish this kunal track I hate hime

  2. I think they are giving roshini some kind of injection,pills or some medicine to get lack of memory….
    I think sid shld show her some pics of the two of them together or other stuff that is useful to help her recall or regain her memory lose

  3. what could they have given roshini to make her loose her memory like that I hope shabnam, bansi, primal and kunal pay dearly for what they did to roshini and where on earth did shabnam meet that dysfunctional family they are all crazy including shabnam

  4. I think they have hypnotized her. Thats the only thing comes up in my mind .i hate this track too. Too boring

  5. i mis sidni ….i want my favorite couple back….i hope roshni remembers everything soon….Kunal his family and shabnam are devils ….but i do like one thing that is DD and sid working together

    1. Yes gabi b…I am also happy to see that the saas and jamai are working together………..
      By the way I replied to your comment in the last episode. I don’t know you have seen or not…….

  6. More dragging now with kunal n big ass bansi

  7. i love and hake that soap

  8. I just hate Kanal & bAnsi

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