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The episode starts with Simran (dumb agony aunt) thinking of getting Sid’s sign on divorce papers to get him rid of Roshni. She keeps them under legal documents. Sid comes and takes legal documents to sign. Simran tricks him to have juice, even then he continues checking papers. He gets a call and while he is busy on phone, she makes him sign on divorce papers. Sid leaves to meet his client.

DD comes to Yash’s house with shagun. Mihika asks without Roshni’s divorce, how can Yash marry her, what if Sid denies signing on divorce papers. DD gets tensed. Rajveer crook calls Yash and provokes him.

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Naani goes to Sid’s

office to meet him. Rajveer comes and asks if she does not go out, he will ask watchmen to kick her out. She says she will not go without meeting Sid. He drags and pushes her out of office.

DD and Roshni get tensed not finding Naani at home. Naani reaches home. DD yells at he for going out without informing. Roshni asks if she went to meet Sid. DD asks if he misbehaved with her. Naani says she could not meet Sid, but what DD and Roshni are doing is wrong, marriage is sacred and they cannot break it. Simran comes and says she has broken it. She gives divorce papers to Roshni and says Sid has signed and given her full permission to remarry. Roshni feels devasted seeing it. DD gets happy and thinks there will be hindrance in this marriage.

DD gets busy arranging Roshni’s wedding dress and jewelry and Yash’s sherwani. Bablu helps her. Naani drops tea on dress purposefully. DD says she knows she did it purposefully and asks to behave maturely and understand Roshni’s divorce has happened finally. Naani says she knows Sid, he may not know which papers he signed, he does not calculate relationships on papers but follows them with heart, he will come and stop this marriage. DD gets irked and asks Bablu to get another sherwani for Yash.

Roshni looks at her dupatta due to which Sid and her met first time and gets emotional. She says she did not think Sid would free her so easily, now that he has freed her, she will not meet him again in life. Sid calls her just then. DD takes phone from her and asks Sid not to call Roshni again. Sid says whatever she yells will not deter his decisions and asks her to give phone to Roshni. She cuts call and tells roshni that she will keep phone until her marriage. Sid leaves towards DD’s house telling Raj he is going to meet Roshni. He reaches her home, but sees it locked. He asks neighbour who says she does not know anything. He sees dupatta and bouquet on floor, picks it and thinks he will find out wherever she is.

Precap: Sunday’s holi special episode is shown.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. holi special show…….can’t waiting…….

  3. Bring some other girl for sid let roshni and yash marry..plz…bring some girl for sid

    1. seriously why does not she think from his perspective. stupid girl. Sid deserves better girl.

  4. No please bring a girl for yash and let sid and roshni live together because they love each other and if roshni marry yash than she will not live happy

  5. Sid pls hurry and stop the wedding:> well as for simran;>(the coward) i think she should be tought a very good leason.

  6. Sid is Pappu jo hamesha fail ho jata hai. Not a single plan in which he succeeded except that Roshni and her mother now love each other because of Sid.

  7. Roshini u should be happy because u wanted sid to leave u alone why cry over it now sid deserve better if u been love sid then u wouldn’t married some one else we all want u and sid to be together but with ur stubborn i think it will work out that why i think sid deserve some one else who is not stubborn n stupid like you sid is a good hushand he is every thing a girl could ever dream of and u just give it up too bad

  8. This is ridiculous.

  9. I thought simran was a good person and mother before but I was so wrong how on earth could a mother who claims to love her son do something so unethical to her own son simran if I was sid I would not speak to you in life again I would say I have no mother raj I raise my hat off to you you are what you call an ideal father who would go that extra mile for his son and that is what I call true love I hope that sid will learn his lesson from now on and always be alert and check all legal documents before signing them well to tell the truth roshini is a bit toooooo childish for sid so it is best they go their separate ways and she is always whining complaining about everything so for sid this might be a blessing in disguise for him roshini and yash you deserve each other good riddance and may dd pay for all her evil deeds toooooooooo after all that sid have done for them no gratitude

  10. Roshni doesn’t deserve Sid or yash

  11. Sid you have shown that there are still good men alive.Let Roshni go and the time will come that she will regret what she has done.She has made a great mistake because Sid was an ideal man for her.AS the old saying said”what is sweet in a goat’s mouth will be sour in it’s behind.”Roshni will come back begging to be with Sid and I do believe because his love is pure and great for Roshni he will accept her again.Why do they have thisRajveer still basking in the limelight.Kick him out of office and let him move to some other job .He does not deserve to be there.That abuser ,I dislike him then and still dislike him now.Just go.you bum.

  12. Simran you are a worst mom I hate you how can you do this to your own son discusting

  13. hate this serial

  14. Rajveer you weasel how dare you put your filthy hands on nani she’s such a sweet lady just wait until Sid find out he’s going to beat you black and blue…and Roshni you got what you deserve you are blinded by your arrogance and Simran when your son find out he’s going to disown you

  15. susanta kumar

    The character rajveer plays wel in hi position becoz its a nagetive character . Here in the next seen it sh happen that DD sd say sid that his mom given the devorce paper to her. sid sd ask simron about it.
    simron sd tel that this idea was given by rajveer . rajver sd icked out from ther and become poor no food no money beg for survive , then samaira sd see him and give him lift and rajveer sd change his mind and become a good man. the main culprit is kritika because of her the total familly is changed she sd proffed to be fake ( she shoulod profed that she is not real daughter )then only every thing willl normal again .

  16. I don’t understand why Roshini was shocked to see the divorced paper. She asked for it and seems like she poked her own eye. I think trust is very important to the relationship. Roshini doesn’t have any trust on Sid. He loved her like a crazy man. I would like to see it’s time for Roshini go after Sid. It will be more fun to watch the show.

  17. pehle us simran ka hi divirce karade yaar koi

  18. I like the couple roshine en yash better so sid should just look for someone els

  19. what happened guys yest holi special show…any idea…

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