Jamai Raja 27th December 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Satya getting emotional about his relation with Gangu Tai after knowing the truth. Mahi tries to console him and says Gangu tai will always be his mum. Satya says one more name is added to my identity now, and says Siddharth Khurana…I read the name in this diary, says this is my Baba’s name and have deep relation with him, which didn’t end with his death also. He says I have to enquire about my baba and aayi, and wants to know what happened with them and why? I have to search my family now. I can’t do this all alone and asks for her help. Mahi hugs him and cries.

Naina asks Gangu Tai to stop crying and have something. Gangu Tai tells that she will eat with Satya else will die….Satya comes and asks have you gone mad? He says I said you many times not to talk

about death, and says if your health deteriorates, then I will take you to hospital. He says I can’t live without you. Gangu Tai says so much happened, but you didn’t get angry on me…asks if he will leave her. Satya says I will never leave you and will be with you all your life. Gangu Tai hugs him and cries. Satya asks her to tell Dhruv that she loves him (Satya) more than Dhruv.

Gangu Tai says what is his mistake? Satya says I will apologize to him for the slap. Mahi made me understand my mistake. Mahi says I told you naa that I will bring your son to you, and have started talking to you in his accent. Satya says your favorite son is me…Gangu Tai says yes. Satya comes to Dhruv and says I am elder than you. He asks him to greet his bhabhi Mahi. Dhruv smiles. Satya apologizes to him. Dhruv says whatever you did was for your sister. Mahi asks him to stay in their house till his marriage. Dhruv looks at Mahi evilly and says he will come. Satya looks on.

Satya and Mahi bring Dhruv home. Gangu Tai gets happy and hugs Dhruv. She hugs Satya too…Payal smiles. Naina says today is very auspicious day, you got two sons.. They shall do the engagement today…Payal notices Dhruv staring Mahi and asks him to concentrate on his work. Mahi goes to make Kajal ready. Later Kajal and Dhruv exchange rings and do some rituals. Satya is still doubtful about him.
Mahi says sakarpura is complete, now cake cutting. Dhruv holds Mahi’s hand and says you would have got me if not married Satya, then changes his words and says he got best girl in the world looking at Kajal. Mahi says you made me scared. Dhruv thinks you made me jealous. Satya comes to Dhruv’s room and tries checking his stuff. Dhruv is coming towards his room. Mahi makes Kajal have cake.

Dhruv comes inside and sees Satya sitting on his bed. He says you are here. Satya says I thought to relax here for a moment. Dhruv says we shall go out now. Satya goes out. Mitul insists to go out and have icecream. Gangu Tai says we are very tired, and asks her to go. Dhruv says I will take car out. Later he meets his girl friend who threatens to expose him.

Mahi is cleaning stain in the washroom. Dhruv comes there and insists to clean it. Satya comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. At the moment, I really don’t care how Satya’s true identity came to light so weakly, at least writers revealed the longest awaited secret, they probably were over their heads trying to find a way to reveal Satya identity without having to earn more hatred from viewers. Now the pace has picked take bit with Satya asking Mahi to help him in his quest. Thank goodness Satya didn’t want to have kids before asking his wife for help, that would have been another year before he would have been curious about finding out about his parents and the story would have dragged along.

    1. leisa s morris

      D writers r morons and could have come up with a more interesting believable way in gettin d truth out. Firstly noone recognise gangu tai as rosh and sids baby sitter so opportunity lost. Then wat about sids parents/sister r dry still alive and if dey r wouldnt it have been more believable to have dem see him on tv(afterall sat married a famous business owner) and wonder if he is karanveer. Seein dat real satya is alive then we have to assume dat no child was found wit sid and roshni so to dem karanveer would b out there. D writers had alot of avenue to follow dey jus dont have any rational thought in d whole scheme of tings

      1. You know something, that point you made in your comment, how didn’t I see that?? Good sleuthing, Leisa,i missed that. Naina and Payal knows that gangu tai was the babysitter for Sid and Roshni’s baby. She appears twenty yrs or so with a son who is identical to Siddharth Khurana. Don’t these writers have a logical brain, they created stupid characters for this serial ? They probably think we won’t realize that! This is the single point of yours that has crashed this whole shitty serial, to smittereens.
        For a businesswoman like Payal, is she this dumb???? And Naina too????? Leisa, you need an award….not joking. You and I and Sapphire and the others on this forum can do a much more fantastic job,than the writers employed there. ???????

  2. Gangu tai kidnapped the heir of kurana industries and made him a illiterate chawl man.. instead praising they should put her behind bars..

  3. I too think she deserve to be behind bars and especially now how she is treating him?

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