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The Episode starts with Sid coming to the kidnapper’s place and beats the goons to rescue Roshni. DD beats them too with her heavy hand. The Police arrives there and arrests the goons. Sid looks at Roshni and hugs her. DD looks on and thinks about Sid’s promise that he will not even a scratch to get on Roshni’s body. He asks are you fine Roshni? Roshni nods in a yes. Sid hugs Ayesha then. They leave. Sam tells Yash that DD didn’t come back till now. Yash says call is not getting through and he couldn’t talk. Sid comes home with Roshni, Ayesha and DD. Everyone is happy and emotional. DD asks her to come in. Raj hugs Roshni asking is she fine? Beeji cries and hugs her. Simran cries happily. Nani hugs Roshni and cries happily. Roshni hugs Mona, and then is about to hug Simran, but DD stops her

saying Roshni is tired, asking them to let her take rest. Simran says its okay. Nani asks Sam to bring fruits for Roshni. Simran asks Roshni to sit comfortably. DD asks them to let air come near her. Beeji signs Simran not to feel bad. Roshni have juice. DD asks her to have it. She asks Yash to call doctor as she wants to get Roshni’s check up done.

Ayesha is trying to get fruits in the kitchen. Sid comes there and lifts her asking if she would like to have chocolate. Ayesha says yes. Sid asks her to give him a hug and makes her have chocolate. Ayesha tells she is hungry and tells DD aunty didn’t like me. Sid laughs and says she don’t like me even. She asks why no one loves me. Sid says your uncle loves you much and brings chocolate milk shake for her. Ayesha refuses. Sid says he will get sad if she don’t drink it. Ayesha asks him not to get sad and asks him to take one sip. They drink milk shake and take a selfie.

Roshni tells Ayesha must be hungry and nobody asked her. Ayesha came and says Sid uncle made me eat. DD thinks Sid would have taken care of Roshni. Roshni says thank god, her fever had got down. Beeji says doctor said that Roshni and her child are fine, and hopes everything is fine. Sid says no, and says he want answers from kidnappers for his innumerable questions. He says it is their turn now.

Sid asks the Inspector who are the kidnappers and what do they want? Inspector says they are big racket and their target was Ayesha, but Roshni was trapped without any motive. He says she was kidnapped from Malgaon. He says they were getting instruction from some bhai in Dubai. Sid says he wants to know their motive. Sid comes back home and informs Roshni. Roshni takes the name Malgaon. He tells Ayesha that they will play a game and asks if she heard Malgaon name before.

Ayesha tells she went to Malgaon with her mum and sat on the train. Sid says he will bring many story books for her. Roshni asks her to go to Malgaon and enquire about her parents. Sid says I can’t leave you and go. Roshni says it is our small responsibility, we have to return smile on her face. Think about her parents. She covers Ayesha with blanket, and says she want to spend time with Ayesha. She hopes Ayesha stays happily always. Sid says I hope too. They hug each other. Mere Khuda plays…………………

Sid comes to Malgaon and enquire with the neighbor. She takes Ayesha with her and tells that her mum went to the nearby village. Roshni calls Sid and asks him to stay there until her mum comes back. Sid returns and sees Ayesha with the goons. Ayesha runs towards Sid.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. It is just awesome…..I want that Roshni nd Sid should always remain happy like this nd want that Ayesha should found her mom nd dad……Luv u Sid nd Roshni nd this little charming baby Ayesha too…..

  2. I’m very disappointed in Roshni… she acts like a helpless moron. When her mom didn’t let her give Simran a hug, she should have done so anyways… DD is an idiot… I really hope that little girl ends up being Roshni’s half sister and Shiv’s daughter… DD is saying all sorts of nasty things about her so I think that is what will happen… She wants a part of Shiv – well, this is it!

  3. Wow great episode
    ravi dubey love your acting to the core

    1. Isn’t he adorable….

    2. Did the kidnapper’s get the money…? As long as Roshni & Ayesha is safe, i said from the beginning that Ayesha could be Shiv’s.. Hope she’s not Sid’s..? Who is this Bhai, an Sid find him soon, why does he want Ayesha..?

  4. A really nice episode.. I do not like DD attitude towards Simran,because the baby Roshni is caring is also Simrans grandchild…anyways nice episode,the kidnapping drama didn’t take long the end and that’s why I love ❤ JamaiRaja

  5. I am guessing ayesha is roshni’s brother rohan’s daughter. I think he will make a ‘thought-was-dead-but-was-miraculously-saved’ entry.jeez

    1. Rohan died whe he was a baby

  6. Yeah same here I agree. Also the actors are nice I got to see the shooting.

  7. that was so lovely scene when ayesha comes in kitchen … and then Siddharth.. and their lovely talks… u jmairaja… itne achhe kyon ho?? y y y ??
    I luv u yaar… my siddd… but listen I’m not like misha ..ok (haha)

  8. bestest show… at least no twists like changing pairs… as happened in thapki…. love it….

  9. Siddharth I feel so jealous when I see u with ur wife….

  10. but still when u both (Ravi&his wife) are together the pair makes lovely… love u both and also roshni… Nia sharma

  11. I think the writers have brought this twist after seeing bajrangi bhaijaan… coz its related to that only … isn’t it guys???

  12. Rohan die when he was a baby

  13. One advice Could they plz change the picture of the written episodes Hate to see Misha s still on the cover eeeuuwwww.

  14. Great episode Writers..

  15. DD is getting on my last nerve. Her behaviour is totally psychotic. It’s so annoying!!!!

  16. true fay she will not keep out of roshinis and sids life my gosh I wished for a man for her and when she got back shiv those evil writers killed him now it looks like he will have to be reincarnated for dd to get back a man in her life so she can leave roshini and sid alone to live their lives as they choose my gosh sometimes I think she is jealous of her daughter seeing how sid loves her so much and she is all alone anyway I might be wrong what I think sid needs to do is take his wife and get to hell out of there away from both families and come back when the child is born for them to see the child otherwise they will drive roshini and sid coo coo wayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  17. DD should learn from her mother who has the kindest nature and bear no hatred or malice against anyone.

  18. u all know in upcoming episodes roshni will have miscarriage.
    I just saw now in saas bahu and suspense.. very bad…

  19. Ayesha story not gooood boring yrr jamai raja is doing borrrr yrrr

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