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Scene 1:
Location: Roshni’s residence
Yash taunts sid, who is distraught. he taunts sid, asking him who he needs, and if he needs his mother in law. sid is apalled as he eyes his sasu maa’s captive video. he slaps sid, while all are shocked. he continues slapping him, while sid begs yash to save her life. sid asks him to do what he says, and then she shall be spared. he asks sid to come and sit at the dining table. sid complies. then he calls roshni, and she too complies, and sits opposite to him. yash then pour water and drinks, asking her if she wants to, as its her would be husband’s water and holds her hand, while sid watches in agression as she struggles. he takes off his fists from her, and looks away. he pretends to be understanding, saying that today she is his wife,

and he shall have his chance tomorrow. he asks sid to dress her up a like a newly wed bride, and drape her in a dupatta. sid is apalled, while all stand distraught. without having no option, he complies, and then drapes the dupatta over her, while tears stream down her cheeks. yash compliments, how beautiful his would be wife looks. he makes sid sit down, and says that this is their last night, and asks them not to be scared as he wont kill them, but he just wanted to say that this is their last night as a couple, and hence this should be memorable, and tells that he needs the family’s support to make it happen, as tomorrow, she shall be his wife. sid and roshni are apalled.

Meanwhile, the aunt tries to call stealthily, but yash knows about it. he asks the lady not to be oversmart and then goes to her, and grabbing her by the hair, asking how dare she be oversmart, and snatches her phone from her. he then asks for sid and roshni’s phone too, and takes it. then he sits back, he asks the lady to take roshni away and dress her up a beautiful bride for her wedding tomorrow. she silently complies, and leaves with roshni.

Later, in the night, while the aunt tries and dress her up, roshni exclaims with indignation, that she doesnt want to do this, frustrated and distraught. yash comes and asks her not to throw tantrums, addressing him as wife. she folds her hands and asks him to stop it. he drapes the dupatta around her, and she jerks it away in rage. he says that she looks hoter in anger. he caresses her cheeks, and says that there is some deficiency, and then takes a bindi and places it on her forehead and exclaims that now she looks beautiful. he asks the aunt to go and prepare for their last honeymmon night, and she leaves. he then comments how beautiful she looks, while she cringes at his touch.

Outside, the aunt sets up the room for their romantic honeymmon night, as sid stands dressed too. yash comes with roshni, and then confronts her with sid, and comments on how sweet they look, as a couple sharing their last hour, and that there should be something romantic. he puts on soulful music, and they look at each other tensedly, while he is amused. he pauses and then says that he doesnt like it, and that they should dance to make it entertaining. they are disgusted with this charade. yash informs sid that he has very less time, as if the night passes, and time too, then the mother in law dies too. he throws roshni at him, saying that he isnt important, but his last hour of marriage is. sid eyes him angrily. yash says that he needs to remind her of mother in law’s trauma,. and shows him the video again. yash puts on the music again, asking him to decide, whetehr this last romantic hour, his mother’s death. they are apalled, but comply nevertheless. they start dancing, as tears stream down their cheeks. he thinks that he wont let anything happen to her, while she conveys the message through her eyes, saying that she is very scared as if everything is going to end. he begs her to have faith in him, as nothing shall end. she says that she does, but right now, doesnt trust fate, and feels that she would lose her mother, and if this happens, she wouldnt be able to live, and begs him to save her. she hugs him. he says that he shall save her mother, as she is his too, and that they shall write their journey themselves. they are alarmed as they hear their mother’s screams of pain. Meanwhile, the mother, too has a laptop, that shows a live video of roshni and sid dancing, and smiles, but then wonders why are they crying. yash is amused at their plight. she is aghast to see her mother in pain and torture, and hugs him, while he is incredibly enraged, but composes himself anyhow. yash wrenches her away, saying enough romance with her ex-husband, and comments on what an understanding husband he is, and now her to be husband shall show what dance is. sid picks up the lamp post in anger, and is about to throw it when yash says that every scratch on his body, shall inch his mother close to death. he throws it away in disgust, while roshni is disgusted. then he twilrs her around and starts dancing, while her mother is apalled and frustrated to see this too. while twirling, he throws her at sid, who grabs her.

Scene 2:
Location: Sid’s residence
sid’s parents are tensed that they have to do something. they think about police, and then wonder what if yash gets to know, and tortures DD. they wonder what to do then. she begs the lord to save roshni, sid and DD. she asks the guards to find out anyhow, where he has kept DD captive. they leave. she then tries sid’s number, to be able to get some info.

Scene 3:
Location: ROshni’s residence
The next morning, as sid and roshni still hug each other, yash reminds them that their time is over now. Meanwhile, his men come along with the priest. the priest comes. yash asks him to put the hawan kund right in front of the laptop, so that DD can see it too. the priest complies, and gets to work. she whispers sid to do something, while he tries to think of a plan. yash asks the men and the aunt to come and take her away. As sid and roshni confront each other, yash intervenes and asks roshni to go, as she hasd to get ready to be a bride for him. she is wrenched away from him, while sid is angered. as he shoves her away, sid grabs his collar in rage. yash smirks. she is overwhelmed with emotions. yash asks him to beware, and threatens regarding DD, that shuts sid up. Sid eyes him angrily, as he tells his people, to take him away, and keep him locked, till the wedding, after which he can be released. he asks him not to try and act anything smart, as he should remember, DD and roshni’s well being. sid thinks that he has to get roshni and DD out of this trap anyhow. he is taken away, and lockes inside the room, and thrown on the bed. one of them handles him, while the other is sent away. sid eyes him. he manages to outwit, his men, and then after a violent tussle, he manages to knock him out, and wrapping him in the sheet, and tying his legs, he makes it look he himself has been kept captive like that and then escapes through the window, while the man lies on the bed, unconscious.

Downstairs, yash comes and asks one of his men, to get amol, as his being here is necessary. he complies. yash collapses down on the sofa.

Meanwhile, sid stealthily makes his way out, of the room and then gets under a car. yash’s man comes out and asks his men to get the man yash wanted to be here. they comply, and start the car, oblivious that sid is hanging on to the car, from under it. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Hanging by the car, sid reaches the place where DD has been kept captive. he is alarmed to see DD being tied, over a bubbling tub of fuming, hot acid, and the rope connecting her is tied to a sack, which yash’s men put a hole in, and it starts leaking, which causes DD to inch closet to the tub, as her weight starts getting more. he is aghast to see this. Meanwhile, roshni tells her aunt that have to save DD, by doing something. she asks her aunt to take her place at the altar besdie yash, while she goes to save DD. the aunt is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I heard that they r going to take a leap oh god I don’t want a leap coz then it means Sid and roshni will get separated and that means roshni will get married to yash and stay with him
    JR is becoming like qubool hai leap after leap it’s not even a month since they took a months leap for DDs coma……the only difference is that qubool hai they take leap for many years but here they take it for 6 months

  2. But I think they will take a leap of 5 -6 years then Ayesha will grow up and I think she will start hating Roshni for leaving her with shabnam and by tht time shabnam will be staying with Sid for Ayesha ….
    And I even heard they r going to intruduce a new character but I hope it is someone who will help to reunite sidni

  3. I hope DD realize it not sid now it amol n yash

  4. Nonsense crap shit same thing over and over again

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  6. Nice episode.

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    did u tell your friend about not coming on Thursday. …
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    cause looks like u Goin to be weary..

  8. I dnt think there is going to be any leap in the sho.as of now no news is a gud news

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    guess what the something like whole cla.. got jealous.. This is not a lie it’s the truth ask anybody..

  10. I will tell u why the got jealous don’t worry its not nothing about u and it’s not somting biggg

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