Jamai Raja 27th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Roshni breaking Sid’s all shirt buttons and silently standing grooming her hair. Sid comes from bathroom and sees all his shirt buttons missing. She says asks him to wear shirt, she will fix button. She gets intimate with him while fixing button. He gets attracted at first, then realizes her intention and separates with her saying he is getting late. He wears jacket. She keeps kerchief in his pocket and asks him to come home soon tonight. He nods yes and leaves. She thinks he is trying hard ot keep away from her, but she is not dumb to go away fro her. She promises herself that she will unite with Sid soon.

Roshni goes to kitchen and invites Simran for Sam’s mehandi ceremony. Simran asks how can she invite her to marriage when Rajveer’s last

rites are not yet done completely. Roshni says Kritika will also feel if she goes out of house. Simran asks her to stop her fake concern and do what she and Sid do always, insulting their family and helping DD’s. Biji comes in and says they will definitely come and asks Roshni to go and get ready. She asks Simran not to be a fool and drag Kritika into depression. Roshni is right, Kritika will feel good getting out of house, so they will attend Sam’s mehandi.

At Sam’s mehandi, Biji enters with family. Roshni tells DD everything is settling well and she is sure Sid will not leave her. Sid comes with gift and asks Sam if she considers him her brother now or not. She say yes of course. roshni asks mehandi designer to write her husband Sidharth’s name on her palm. Sid silently walks from there into kitchen. DD follows him and says Roshni loves him a lot and cares for him, so he wants to ask him if he will keep Roshni happy along with taking care of her.

Sid is about to speak when he hears a vendor shouting at Mona to give his 1 lakh rs. DD goes and says she will send 1 lakh to his office. She then sells her necklace over phone and thinks she is incapable of getting her daughter married. Sid hears her conversation and thinks DD’s problems are because of his family, he will have to set everything right. He goes to Raj and asks him to give 1 lakh to DD and tell it is bonus for her work. Raj says she may not accept it. Sid asks him to say whatever he likes. Roshni hears their conversation and thinks Sid always helps her family and she misunderstood him always, now she will unite with him for sure.

Roshni comes home, sees Sid walking around and asks Biji where should she sleep. Sid says wherever she likes. Biji says she can sleep with her. Roshni thinks how much Sid will pretent to stay away from her, soon they will reunite in some days.

Sid in his room starts crying his moments with Roshni and Simran giving him divorce papers and asking to sign on them, Roshni apologizing him and requesting him to give second chance as she loves him a lot.

Precap: Sid tells Simran that he cannot fulfill her promise and divorce Roshni.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Hey to the Ada fan
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  3. utter nonsense simran and kritika needs to wake up why sid must divorce roshini to satisfy caniving kritika just because she lost her murdering crooked husband rajveer and stupid simran why does she not start acting like a real mother who care about her both children not just one and to know the one whom she is sheltering is the wicked one come on simran wake up and be a true mother to sid

  4. This simran n kritika want some good men to pepper them good n proper she is only thinking about ugly duckling kritika happiness n what she wants so she want sid to ruin this happiness just for kritika to be happy plz writer we don’t want to see sid to suffer n go throught another heartbroken n depression again because roshni have left him once already and now is simran want sid to bear all that again by getting him to divorcing roshni

  5. Great ?

  6. Lolzzz Rani

  7. I agree with Gloria Simran need to get her act together and stop only caring for one child. Kritika should of take the millions and run away with it

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