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The Episode starts with Shabnam telling that the man is not Sid, but his lookalike Raghu. She says she has a witness and calls his mum Sundari. Sundari comes and tells that he is her son Raghu. She shows some photos. Shabnam smirks and recalls meeting with Raghu’s mum a day before. A flashback is shown, Shabnam says I would be fun today. Krutika comes home and hugs Bunty emotionally. Bunty asks if you are fine? Krutika says yes, and says I didn’t believe you when you said that my brother is alive. She apologizes for thinking him wrong and says she will call mom and dad now. She says Sid is hiding something from us. Bunty asks what? Krutika says don’t know and says he will make everything fine. He says no one can make him lose now. Judge sees the photos in the album and looks at Raghu/Sid. Shabnam

says fake jiju is trapped. Prosecution lawyer says it is open and shut case and says DD has really killed her Jamai Siddharth Khurana. Judge is about to give verdict and says this man is………

Raghu/Sid says I want to tell something. Judge says decision is done. Raghu insists. Judge permits him. Raghu/Sid says I wanted to hide this truth, but now have to bring this truth infront of all. He says truth is that………this woman is not my mum……everybody is shocked. Sundari asks why is he lying and says Roshni must have done magic on him. She asks why he is lying for money and says I am your mum. Raghu says truth is that….this woman is not my mum. Prosecution says this is wrong. Raghu says I am Sid, Sidhharth Khurana and asks them to accept it. He says there is one more truth and says the one who has died was not Siddharth Khurana but her son Raghu Mechanic.

Sundari says he is lying and asks why is he lying? She says you are my Raghu………..and asks him to tell truth. Raghu says she is not wrong either and says she is mentally sick and believes that I am her son Raghu. He says I couldn’t make her understand and says she needs medical attention. Sundari says why you are saying this and asks him to tell truth. She says he is my son Raghu……………Sundari goes to Roshni and tries to harm her. Lady constables take her outside. Shabnam says she wants to tell something. Judge asks her to come to witness box. Shabnam says if this man is Sid Khurana that he shall have three moles on his back.

Judge asks what is this nonsense. Shabnam tells that she knows as Siddharth Khurana tried to molest her and that’s why she knows about his moles. Judge asks Raghu/Sid to show his marks on the back. Krutika calls Raj and tells that Sid has returned and our happiness is back. Raj says I am coming with your mum. He gets happy and says my son is alive. He calls for Simran and goes to inform her. Sid/Raghu opens his shirt button and removes his shirt. Everyone looks on anxiously. Shabnam smirks. Raghu turns and shows his back. Shabnam is shocked to see three moles on his back. Roshni is surprised and shocked. Raghu/Sid wears shirt back again.

Raghu tells Shabnam that she pointed finger on his wife’s character, but maligned her own reputation when she asked him to show mole. Raghu/Sid asks if there is any more doubts. Judge says it is proved that he is Siddharth Malhotra and frees DD of all charges. He apologizes to DD and warns Police for filing wrong case, and dismisses the case. Roshni hugs DD. Raghu says we will have food together and tells Shabnam of his promise that he will release DD out of jail. He says this is your bad time and says he has returned to save his family and to teach her a lesson. Roshni tells him that she needs to ask something and asks about the marks on his back. Raghu asks if she is feeling shy? He tells that he read about the marks in her diary. Roshni is surprised.

Shabnam stops DD from going to her room and reminds that she had signed on the papers, and that the house belongs to her. Later she sees blood on her face and wipes it with towel

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Arey when vil this shabnam get kicked out. Pig. I hate her . it’s sid oly. Don’t know y he is faking in front of roshini..

  2. That is sid hope he recognises his mom and doesn’t pretend

  3. Hey ridz I think did is drama to protect his family and the real son of sundari rafhus mom is pintu. Rafhus friend… Pls sid tell roshini u are here sid……

  4. who writes about moles in thier diary? a little farfetched that Roshni is so gullible.
    as for Shabnam, why is Sid dragging it out? He should sort it out fast.

  5. He is faking because if he tells the truth to roshni then he will weaken because then roshni and him would be like they were before and then his palm wouldn’t succeed and also I think Sid is faking it because he doesn’t want to reveal all his plans right now and about the diary thing there is no way someone would write something like that and why didn’t he show the pages to her in yesterday’s episode and just the front cover bc he isn’t Raghu he is Sid these writers just are prolonging everything ugh

  6. Can anyone tell me who is this raghu or sid I’m fully confused…we will come to know now on Saturday only who is this man raghu or sid… excited…. My thinking is that it’s sid not raghu and it’s he’s plan…

  7. I knew it dat he wil say dat i ve read it frm ur diary kamon writters hu de hel on diz earth wil write his describtions body in a diary book????

  8. U remember he said . making shabnam lose is not his goal. Tumhe barbaad karna chahta hu s wat he said. May be tat s y he s keeping t all secret to make a big dhamaka

  9. Probably make shabnam confess her crimes by tricking her or something like tat…

  10. yea you guys are right he’s sid n not raghu i really love today’s episode but the truth should be revealed instead of prolonging the whole issue guys am i right

  11. moles saved ur life

  12. What i love the most is reading you’ll comments after i finished the episode

  13. This is why I love Jamai Raja. True lovers will always win… This is our Siddharth guys..

  14. Lovely episode.

  15. I know. He s the best till date of all the serials hv watched. Sid rocks

  16. I love sid.he is the best husband ever.not like the dumb abhi of kumkum bhagya and coward nikhil.sid is the best

  17. gud epiii…

  18. Jamai Raja rocks….

    1. hajira ruksaar

      I know right kaz……..Jr rockzzzx

  19. Nice episode little bit i am confused he is sid or raghu

  20. Pray that it is Sid and not RAGHU. We will soon tell who it is. SID sis dignified and RAGHU is so uncultured.

  21. Wow nyc to c today’s episode!!that is sid not anyone else soooo awaiting to c sid back on screen _ready to rock

  22. Jamai raja rocks ..love u sid

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