Jamai Raja 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sid coming and sitting for the puja shocking Roshni. Naina asks him about his injury and wound. Sid says he has learnt from the injury he has to follow whom and not run behind useless things. He asks her to give her hand. Roshni is shocked. Anya comes and holds his hand. Sid says actually Anya wanted to sit in the puja, but as I was injured she stayed back. Anya says this is your house also. Mama comes to Police station and gives bail papers to Inspector. He lets Mami out of jail and asks why she came here. Mami says she followed Ragini and landed in jail. Mama asks her to come home as everyone must be waiting for them.

Pandit ji asks Naina to distribute the prasad. Sid says you Jamai Raja will distribute it. He gives prasad to everyone. Roshni’s feels prasad is hot and

shouts. Sid asks Anya to eat carefully and blows on the prasad to make it cold. He makes her eat prasad and says Neil will take care of Ragini.

Simran sees wedding decorations pics. Raj tells Simran that she is hurrying up for marriage. Simran says she got Naina’s call and she told that Sid sat with Anya for the puja. Raj says it is bad. Simran says it is very good. Raj wonders what Sid is upto.

Sid is talking on phone. Roshni comes to him and asks what do you think of yourself. She says Anya was nothing for you, but now you are showering love on her to get me back. Sid says I love you more than my life, I am doing this to get you. Roshni is shocked. Sid says you want to hear this naa, tell me what else do you want to hear from me. He asks why do you think that this world revolves around you, he says you are not sun but Roshni. He says you are looking desperate…you wanted me to move on…I am trying to move on with Anya. It is not my fault that Anya’s brother is your fiance. He says Siddharth Khurana is not your property any more. I loved you madly. I ran fast, but couldn’t run like you and was left behind. He says you have killed me, and have moved on in real means. He says if you call yourself Ragini, then you will not become Ragini, but will be Roshni only. He asks her to think and says if your relatives come to know that you are not Ragini but Roshni, and I am your husband…what will happen then? He pulls her dupatta’s side. Sid asks how you are feeling as I am not there to take care of you.

Naina asks Servant not to add chilli as Neil and Ragini don’t eat spicy. Mami comes and says Jamai was not yesterday. He has bruises on his face all around. Anya comes and asks Mami where was you? She asks about her wound. She says she loves Sid very much and don’t want her to interfere in her personal life. Roshni hears her.

Anya comes out and laughs seeing Sid. Sid thanks her for stopping him. A fb is shown, Anya asks why are you running from your true love? Sid says you will not understand about our love. Anya says Arav is in coma, and I got hope from you that he will be fine. She asks why are you behaving like me and asks him to give Roshni a chance to run after him. Sid says I didn’t understand. Anya tells something. Sid says but….Anya says she will help him as he has done so much for her. She says she don’t want Neil to marry Roshni as she don’t love him, and asks Sid to give hi five. Sid gives her hi five. They smile.

Fb ends. Anya tells Sid that Roshni is getting jealous. Roshni is in her office. Sid comes there and calls Anya. He asks her to come for lunch. Neil says this is office and says Anya is busy. Sid asks Anya to elders speak and says they are like cute love birds who are inseparable. He says he got true love after many years.

Sid tells Anya that Neil is boring type and don’t romance with Ragini. Roshni gets jealous and goes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I hated this serial after the leap but now it´s back on track… Go Sid and Anya.!!!!!
    main chhalaang ke baad is dhaaraavaahik se napharat hai , lekin ab vaapas pataree par hai yah … jao sid aur anya !!!!

  2. It was self invited by Roshini… 🙁

    1. exactly.. why the hell is she angry at him?? she should infact be thankful that he saved her life and chose her over her mother( lyk duh!!)..
      her logic is stupid or does she have one??

  3. Thanks for the fast update?
    I love this episode nice going on ?
    Sid and anya? wat anya told was true always dis sid is behind roshni now roshni will behind sid? and but one thing not fair he always cared roshni and her family never think abt his family Mom and all ?like yestdy got beaten by police beacuse of roshni and din’t think of his mom ??

  4. Waiting with high hopes that sid will weather this storm. With an ungrateful wretch of a wife, rise like a pheonix, sid……show her you are unbreakable yet human. Cold b*t*h……didnt bat an eyelid while saying those hurtful words to the man who was there for her n whole family all the while. She did it better than DD…..fruit not falling far from the tree. I can imagine a realife occurance like this, hell someone will surely commit suicide or murder coz we humans ain’t made of stuff like make believe characters in soapland!!! Good acting ravi dubey, i almost believed it was a real scenario when roshni was insulting you between the jail bars!!! Your xpression was priceless!!!! Lets wait n see what happens between these two starcrossed lovers. Wish the writers can make sid a ruthless man towards roshni, on the surface but a tender loving man, without letting her know, in the inside. Let roshni suffer for his attention n affection n make Neil the most boring man ever!!!!

  5. Again roshni is jeoulous y can’t Sid be jeoulous atleast once
    I think so Anya loves Sid and she is acting to be good
    Evn the spoilers said this

  6. I have a doubt. If Roshini thinks whatever she doing is good and really moved on. then what’s the deal to tell her past about SID to NEIL ? why she is hiding and ditching him ? If you tell before itself it would be good and I hope Neil will accept or else at last, You will become b***h infront of everyone. at that time there would be no one to support your oa either sid or neil.

  7. I totally love jamai raja……its my fav……..love u sid!

  8. I hope sid keep doing wat he is doing leave roshni to herself

  9. Come on sid.. Prove her whom u r.. Backfire at her :@

  10. nice episode……if I will have a boyfriend or husband like sid in real life…then I will feel myself the luckiest person in this world…seriously…love u sid:-);-)

  11. I am eating pizza ????? while reading Jamai Raja

  12. Nice turn of events. Enjoying it again. Looking forward to the next episode.

  13. fan of jamai raja

    wow……! jamai raja is back on track……superb episode….this s what viewers want …….superb acting ravi n nia……..we r feeling like it s happening in real life bcz of ur acting ……but i think anya n her mom s on some plan again…..anya s making some drama….

  14. i love you sid/ravi dubey

  15. sorry for not telling u be4 but am not coming to school
    today .
    if u went just tell me if yall had any work,test,etc ok bye

    1. me nah goh a skool 2day so .IDK anything
      # today episode Jamai Raja Surprise

  16. jamai raja rocks…sid u r superb..love u

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