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The episode starts with Roshni calling Sid and asks about Meesha. He says she is fine and he and Neil took care of her whole night, she need not come there. He goes to Meesha’s room and does not find her. Raj and whole family start searching Meesha. Roshni hears that, tells DD that she has to be with Sid at this time. DD carries pooja thali and drops it after jigna clashes with her. She tells naani that she is feeling something will happen. Naani asks from when she started believing in all this. DD says she does not know but she is tensed.

DD calls Shiv and asks him to come home soon. He gets taxi and sees Meesha getting into another taxi. He starts following her and she is heading to Versova. Sid with Roshni starts searching Meesha on his car. He gets inspector’s call

that Meesha is seen around Versova. He then gets Shiv’s call. Roshni sees that, thinks she left phone at home, so papa called her. She cuts call and calls Neil instead. Shiv thinks why Sid is cutting his call and calls on Roshni’s phone. Jigna picks it and says roshni is not at home. He asks her to give phone to DD, but she sees DD yelling on servant and says DD is in washroom and cuts call. He continues following Meesha.

Sid with Roshni and Neil reach Versova and see a lady wearing same clothes as Meesha’s and calls her, but gets sad seeing some other lady. They then start searching Meesha again.

Shiv follows Meesha and sees her getting into same godown in which she was physically assaulted. He continues following her and sees her entering a secret underground. He is shocked to see her confining her own parents and forcing them to have food. She stuffs food in their mouth and says their daughter is marrying Sid. Parents ask her to stop her madness as Sid does not love her. She says she will and has already planned on it. Shiv realizes that she was making drama all this while.

Meesha looks at Sid’s pics with which she has filled whole wall and telling Sid is only his and she dreamed of marrying him since childhood. She then tears one pic and cries why he goes away from her, now she will not let him go away from her. She continues that Neil is fool to believe her and helping in her plan. Soon, she will kill Roshni and marry Sid forever. Shiv is shocked to hear her confession. Meesha starts laughing like a psycho.

Precap: Sid tells Raj that whatever it happens, he will get engaged to Roshni this time. Meesha says once she skills Roshni, she will marry Sid soon.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. That blo*dy Meesha!

  2. pls update fast

  3. I fell so sad for Roshni……???????

  4. Shiv knows the truth. I wonder if she will harm him. Cuz ZeeTV is all in favour of evil.

  5. Ovis Sinclair

    I knew is was a games with Meesha but no harm will not come to Roshni

  6. ? Interesting

  7. I knew it ……shiv do not tell sid about meesha else she will then make him confuse n this will create a conflict between roshni n sid ……rather tell roshni to keep her like this n get proof

  8. writers why bring in sids childhood friend as a crazy psycho when it would have been better for her to be really his best friend and have a nice two some wedding meesha and neil and sid and roshini no you bring her in as being good and then throw a twist and show her as being a crazy psycho

  9. was meesha really raped by the goons or was all that in the plan well she has to be real coo coo to set up something like that getting beaten up and maybe raped we do not know for sure after seeing her behavior and what she is doing to her parents

  10. I just knew this meesha is a crazy b*t*h

  11. Don use this rape thing in serials it’s nt a joke stop making this kind of stuff

  12. i knew it .dat this ws a vilain from the frst .she pretended to b good bt i started being suspicious about her .this blo*dy misha .another ek villain .i feel so sad fr this lovers who wen they want to unite .a vilain appears.oh zee tv make this show interesting widout a lot of vilains .plz .

  13. Later on, Misha is seen beating up Roshni’s dad Shiv and did not leave her parents too. She kidnaps all of them and shows her new avatar. Misha is mad about Sid and crazily stares at his pics. She says she is waiting for him since long time. She is his psycho lover and planned her future with Sid. She tears his pic in anger and hugs it. Her parents try to stop her madness and ties them with ropes. Shiv also tries to explain her that this is madness, she is cheating everyone and even to her best friend Sid. He asks is this the way to return Sid’s favors. Misha beats him and says she will break Sid and Roshni. How will Sid save himself from Misha’s madness? Keep reading

  14. Confused….with all this drama….this show can’t really be ending anytime soon right!?!?

  15. Corruption at the first part a same thing i say she will blackmail using her physically assaulted to marry her she was mentally ill before this drama of start she tie up her parents just wish they untie they self n reach sid home and tell him everything’s but did shiv tell sid anything if he did plz let sid believe him so that they can figure out what she is up to

  16. Messha you are so ugly your lip is so big you are not even good looking

    1. Ya, unbelievable, could they not find some1 better looking, Writer ur writing is absolute Shit!!!!! Wake up and stop making us sleep. End the serial if u can’t write!!!!!!!!

  17. Oh indie writers why will evill always win mesh a I don’t blame you I blame Sid mum and sister the should have come with a clear pic after shiv saw mensah he could have escape why is he trap this is boring ek hasni thi was the best

  18. In all soapies the psycho rules, Meesha will have the power of a man (mind you Shiv is bigger built than her), to attack her enemies…lol. I’ve stopped watching Qubool Hai, small built “lady Shashie Kapoor” attacks so many people…lol. Indian soapies will never match English soapies, period. I was enjoying Jamai Raja, now this idiotic role of a powerful lady is already boring me. Will miss seeing cute Roshni and her beau Siddharth. Was enjoying watching handsome Shiv (very hot gentleman). Wish he could act on big screen – we see such ugly middle-aged guys.

  19. What will happen now with these three

  20. I’m just waiting the next espidoes

  21. Absolute madness, when this serial first started, it was the DD the villian, then the story turned and we saw Sid’s Mother, sister n R as the Villian, an now we see Sid’s Psycho friend frm the past as the Villian???? Excuse me wen do we see some peace between SID an Roshinee, he is supposed to be a Jamai Raja what crap is this blo*dy stupid Writer is doing to this serial, I actually hav stopped watching, if repeat I mite watch if nothing to do???????? I wud like to see some goOooood story not this continues SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! DAmn nonsense, a Viewer tat is just pisssseD oFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, if the writer can’t do anythin g just END this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Seriously speaking if Meesha has become insanely Psycho for Sid , why now???? Did Sid’s mom not bring her in2 picture to help break them up??? SO why ar they making her to be a MAD Psycho tat is MAD about Sid, realy does not make sense???? A Psycho wud hav to be a stalker for a longtime not just sum1 come into the scene an starts bhaving crazily for SID, wher was she all this time!!!!!!!!! , has her parents locked up, photos of sid all ova in a dungeon, pls !!!!!!! Just a vert stupid story!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Stupid,,? but at least Shiv saw misha’s true colours

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