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The Episode starts with Sid/jyoti Tai calling Raj and asks him to start his acting. Raj says I will make helicopter ride in your room. Sid sees Kunal and alerts Raj. Raj hides. Sid asks him to do the work properly. Raj says everything will be fine. Kunal asks Kesar to show the file. Kesar says I will show with DD’s blessings. Sid gets the toy helicopter with food parcel on it. Shagun comes and asks Kunal to come as someone called from Nerona. Kunal asks Kesar to do the work. Sid says I was saved. Bansi asks when will food come?

Jyoti Tai says she will serve food. She serves food to everyone and serves khichi to Roshni. Everyone praises the food. Premal says she is prem’s jyoti, and is giving love to Roshni like her mum. DD comes to Sid’s room and shows the lime. She beats him and says

she has identified him. DD hugs him. Sid says you are my mum. DD says what will happen if they identify you? Sid says he entered as Jyoti Tai to keep close to Roshni. He says no one will identify me. DD says I am really afraid of them. She says Shabnam is getting Roshni ready so that Kunal can celebrate suhaag raat with her. Sid gets angry and says Kunal can never go near Roshni. DD asks him to take care and leaves.

Shabnam gets Roshni’s ready for wedding night. Jyoti Tai praises Roshni’s beauty and ties gajra on Kunal’s hand asking him to take care of her. Everyone leave from the room, leaving Kunal and Roshni inside. Kunal smells the gajra and comes near Roshni. He starts sneezing. Roshni shouts calling Bansi and Shabnam. Bansi, Shabnam, Jyoti and DD come inside the room. Jyoti asks why did you call Baa at this time. She says if Kunal knows that he is unwell then why did he come to Roshni’s room. She says Kunal will not meet Roshni for 3 days and asks Bansi to take him.

Bansi takes Kunal with her and says she will make him drink kada. Jyoti asks her to take him. She asks Roshni to come and says I will make you sleep. She makes her sleep. Roshni sleeps peacefully. DD asks Jyoti/Sid whathe has done? She says it is home remedy and shows the red chilli. He says only your Jamai can touch Roshni and not anyone else. DD smiles and gets impressed with him. Sid says next trick? Later he comes to Roshni’s room as Sid. He adores her and recalls the promise which he made to her. Mere Rubaru plays………………..He is about to kiss on her forehead, but Roshni wakes up and shouts. She calls Bansi and Shabnam. Shabnam, Bansi, DD and other come there. Roshni says that man Sid came here. Everyone looks on.

Shabnam comes to Simran’s house and says jiju came last night, but went without meeting me. Simran calls her shameless girl. Shabnam asks her to move and goes inside. Sid is in Jyoti Tai’s get up and thinks what will happen if Shabnam sees me like this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. See this crap!!! Roshni is such an idiot…losing her memory or not…she is a fool. I don’t remember she getting on anyway or hiding behind Sid when Kunal used to be pushing up himself on her. Now all of a sudden when the tables turn and she “lost her memory” she sticking up under.hiding behind Kunal (who she thinks is her husband)? Makes no sense. Also, people that lose their memory, who forget their partners in the real world, do not stick up under people even if they prove that they are the family because they are unknown to them and thus feel like a stranger in their own lives. They don’t just stick up under strangers because someone tell them they are husband and wife. Writers….I know this is a fictional serial….but it is modelled against real world scenarios…..but I cannot bear when it is just plain nonsensical!

  2. nice episode…I am really enjoying it….i like seeing sid jealous ….I do not know why some people are complaing because as far as i know jamai raja isnt dragging …because if a show is dragging toooooo much i just stop watching it ,just like i did with kumkum bhagya…..tanu and alia are the only villains for almost 2 years…and tanu is pregnant (i think 6 to 7 months) yet her belly doesnt show…..soooo please stop complaining ….and also remember it is a serial not the real world ,it is for enjoyment…

    1. You are quite bowlface to be pushing your opinions on people! If I have a negative comment to say, why the hell should I not! Just like you have the right to state your comment here, we do. I do not dislike the show, and I agree it does not move as slow as the others, probably why I get so annoyed when they do nonsensical crap making it just like the others. If you so have a problem with other people’s comments, then simple….don’t read them. And you would be so happy (since no one can have a different opinion from you) that I share your opinion on KKB 🙂

  3. and nice acting by everyone…i really like ravi in his woman avatar ….and nia also in her village look….but i mis some sidni romantic moment…i hoop to see that soon

  4. I can’t understand why some ppl think that roshni doesn’t deserve Sid . She plays equal role in their relationship and I truly appreciate her acting like a village girl and by the she did not purposely forget Sid its Bcoz shabnam did something to her it’s not her fault .she always trusted Sid blindly . She don’t know who she is that’s why she is kunals side if not she would thrown him out of the house.
    Hope so she gets her memory back ……missing sidni moments

  5. kristelle girl seems like it is the both of us who have some sense to see exactly how stupid these writers are thinking and the SHIT they keep on writing and the other viewers know of the crap that is going on and just could not be bothered about all the witchcraft nonsense and the repetitious scripts that the writers are throwing at us my gosh cannot they see for themselves where the serials are heading one way all the time and that is evil triumphs over good the good always get killed off and the only reason for this is because the writers have sick, warped minds it about time they be realistic in what they write and give us what really takes place in true life my gosh cannot any of these serial end good

  6. gabi b wake up and smell the coffee

  7. sapphire i am awake….i like the serial and i am enjoying it oke…if you do not like the way things are going then stop watching….and do not tell me what to think of it….and jamai raja doesnt have witchcraft in it and so far good always wins over evil in this serial …..

    1. You are saying not to tell you what to think of it….BUT that is exactly what you are doing!!!! Telling persons who have a negative opinion about the show (or JUST the episode OR just that specific story line) to not have any negative thing to say or as you put it “complain”!

  8. Roshni never ever trusted to sid… till last episode roshni never used her mind… i don’t understand what writers are trying to proof… waste of time..

  9. What a trash. people in India still believe in.ow

    1. Sid if ur from abroad don’t thnk Indians are dumb v know how to take series nd also how to comment on the social network v r not like u ppl to comment had about other countries so if u r not interested to c the show or not willing to comment keep ur opinions wid ur self

  10. gabi b I’m completely agree with you…….I think this is the best part of this show that it never shows any witchcraft and other supernatural things like it. From the day one they has been given all importance on one and only thing…i.e the unconditional love between Sid and Roshni.

  11. I think shabnam went there to see sid

  12. I like this show very much because of sid. I love u sid(ravi dubey)

  13. I luv tis show to the core coz Sid (ravi dubey ) and nia (roshni) are acting suprbly. Evn a old lady can’t act like tis sid???.

  14. All the ppl who commented above r from abroad. Tht stupid sid? is insulting India country u ppl r not evn commenting anythng for that. Poor Gabi expressed her feeling about the serial for tis u ppl r fighting wid her .wat persons u all r??

  15. It’s sweet. I don’t know why ppl kp complaining. Jamai Raja is a nice serial

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