Jamai Raja 26th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 26th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Rajveer find Roshni and Sid’s divorce papers on floor and thinking what if Sid knows about roshni’s engagement.

DD gives jewelry to Roshni and says it is her wedding jewelry and it is all she could save. Once she leaves, Naani asks Roshni when she has not divorced Sid and still loves him, how can she get engaged to Yash, she will be spoiling both Sid and Yash’s life. Roshni says she has moved on and her talks will not affect her. DD comes and asks Naani to stop brainwashing Roshni. She calls makeup ladies, and Roshni gets busy getting ready. Naani thinks she should stop Roshni’s engagement and calls Sid, but his phone is not reachable. She purposefully injures Roshni’s right hand and applies bandage all over her hand.


and his sister Mihika come for engagement and Nihika asks Roshni to extend her right hand. She is shocked to see bandage over hand and asks what happened. Naani says she got injured, so she had to be bandaged. Mihika asks he to extend left hand and asks Yash to dorn ring. Rohni reminisces Sid proposing her and her engagement and gets emotional. Everyone clap after engagement.

Simran thinks DD patel’s menace always harms Sid. Rajveer says Kritika is very tensed thinking Roshni will come back and if she comes back, nothing will be normal in this house, Sid goes blind when he thinks about Roshni, but they have to think wisely. Simran says until she is alive, Roshni will come to this house. Rajveer gives her divorce papers and says if they have to keep away Roshni, they have to execute their plan. Simran asks how will they. Rajveer says he will handle it.

Sid on his terrace reminisces Roshni’s fights and repeated requests to forget her, asking him to sign on divorce papers and free her. Raj comes and asks who was behind everything. Sid says Rajveer, but he cannot do anything because of Kritika. Raj hugs and says he is with him.

DD calls pandit and says Yash that she wants to get marriage as soon as possible to get rid of Sid. Yash asks her not to worry, he will keep Roshni happy. She asks pandit to fix marriage on holi festival day. Pandit says it is not auspicious, but she insists.

Naani calls Simran, but Simran picks call and asks her to keep her family away from Sid. Naani says Roshni is getting married. Simran says it is good for both Roshni and Sid and cuts call. She thinks of getting Sid’s sign at any cost. Nanni calls Sid,but his phone is not reachable. She thinks to meet Sid immediately. DD says she cannot do that.

Precap: Simran gives Sid’s signed divorce papers to Roshni and says Sid has approved to part ways.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This serial has become a f**king hell now !!!!! Hate it !!! A superb serial has been turned into a waste !!!! HATE JAMAI RAJA NOW !!!

    1. yeah… They are going apart frm each other day by day #Sid n #Roshni

      1. SID should just say to hell with everyone and find a better personn end this serial
        there is no balance in this show its everyone against sid. roshni is the wrst portrayal of a woman and wife. but she is just a spoilt rich kid in the end. Childish, arrogant, gullable and cant see right from wrong . Isnt it ILLEGAL in india to have a second marriage without a divorce

      2. i dont watch it any more

  2. like d writer feel ppl dotis or stupitd

  3. FUTURE PLOT yash and roshni get married 5 year leap she has a child, sid is alone , and yash is an abusive husband. they find each other n rekindle
    Seems the like only plot these serials have one constant cycle of the same crap

    1. Are you sure ???? Hate this plot !!! Plz plz plz bring Sidni back !!!

      1. no this is not official i just said this because it seemed to be the trend of all the soaps lately

  4. What the Hell !!! Everyone iz jst conspirin’ against Sid !!!! Zee tv plz better end this serial !!!!! This is nothing but just a garbage serial !!!!

  5. What happened to this serial? Its annoying now , pls write something better in favour of Sid , thankssss

  6. This is getting too much.

  7. Writters pls mak this serial to be meaning.

  8. crap and more crap..why i prefer phillipine series

  9. Roshni is a bleddy b*t*h,, she don’t deserve sid anyways,, fo n marry dat ugly horse voice yash… Sid is too good for u…

  10. This is so insulting and I am surprised the writers are not ashamed of putting this type of garbage out. First – if Roshni is so in love with Sid, then have some faith in him. Secondly – Sid needs to have a backbone. I think the best thing that happened is Simran has sent the divorce papers to Roshni saying Sid has cut it off. Why would Sid want to stay with someone who has no faith in him whatsoever? And Roshni crying over and over again is absolute junk! The writers can never seem to give us strong men and women – always stupid ones…

  11. These writers of these soaps are letting down indian culture and women. There is nothing good, in all the shows, all they show is evil and only at the end of the show there is some good. It seems that the writers are a crooked bunch of people and all they know is crookedness. Longing to see a righteous show that has good values and goodness prevails. Teach something good to the young generation. You all are a let-down to your country. It seems that you guys don’t read reviews, ppl are fed up with your nonsense shows.

  12. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu

    exciting, does roshni think she is the only one in the world

  13. go to hell …:-/ …tumhari ma ka ek e seriol dekhta ta…uski b le dali 🙁

  14. this show is so dumb now i have stopped watching it now only reads the updates. Just a whole load of crap come on writers cant you be more creative than that

  15. r u f**king kidding me…i have stopped watching this series just after sid accidents and amm so happy i don’t waste my time watching it…its friggin annoying now….these writers need to go back to school ..this shyt is dragging too f**king long now…this show need to end now..i wonder with this bulshit series how come its always on top of qubool hai and roshanie getting more money than sanam. who is more prettier and can act way better..roshanie is a stupid b*t*h cant even act..

    1. really boring or bakwas ho gaya he……

  16. this serial is shit end it now

  17. Let us just think a little .Do these writers really study the art of soap production.Soap is about love,romance etc.but all you get is fighting.men beating their wives.mothers in laws become b*t*hes and sisters in laws become a thorn in the flesh.Is this what this culture can produce.Sid is a great actor ,he had the show bouncing but you have torn it down with divorce .You have Rajveer a second class actor acting a fool of himself,beating his wife.Roshni engaged and still married.The mothers trying to outwit one another’What the hell are you all really trying to bring to the public.This was s show I used to watch as a ritual with some others,now I only watch when I am available.I read the updates .Writers if you want to have good ratings you have to stop the one track mind in writing and explore other things to make it into reality.We are tired watching the same production over and over again but in different shows .AFTER AWHILE THE TELEVISIONS WILL BE TURNED OF BECAUSE WE ARE TIRED .

  18. Well said Rosey you are always reading my mind Sid (Ravie Dubey) was the reason i’ve start watching this show he’s a great actor i felt every emotion when he’s portraying them…but these writers are so disgusting and nasty who get engaged to a married woman this ain’t the bold & the beautiful this isn’t right all my life growing up i heard how well cultured the indians were, in school they also thought us and i was so fascinated with their culture except for the arrange marriage part of it but to really watch an indian series and see such things i’m very disappointed

  19. Roshni is just a b**** as for DD what does she tell herself she needs to get a life of her own

  20. pretty good

  21. ab to bas karo director & script writer….bahut torture kar liya tumne ab toh kuch accha dikhao……..

  22. susanta kumar

    i think the track is going in a wrong way the character sid is positive , roshni too . some time it seems that yash is positive infront ot roshni and sid is negative . what is the mesh …
    the writer has to make an arrangement to keep sid and roshni at their side.
    DD patel is negetive for sid its ok .
    then the drame with strugling couple for both their moms will sounds ok

  23. susanta kumar

    kritika is a lost character her role is ok but it spois too much of the scines , she should profed to be a fake daughter as simron comes to know that ; because of this fake daughter she has done the big mistake and she should thrown out both kritika and rajveer. or else simron should found sids mobile which was vanished while kritikas marrage.

  24. i hate this sereal after yash coming


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