Jamai Raja 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Roshni hoping Sid comes there and saves them. Sid tries to enquire Moin Bhai’s house with Hakim Saheb. Hakim Saheb says he will take him. He says people are strange….Sid asks what? He says nothing. He stumbles and Sid holds him. DD asks where is Sid? Yash says didn’t he talk to you. DD blames Sid for bringing Ayesha home and calls her blood. Beeji says you shouldn’t tell anything to innocent girl’s blood and says children are God’s gift. The kidnapper calls DD and asks her to give money at 6 pm else he will send head of Roshni to her. Raj brings money and asks her to give it to kidnappers. DD says I really appreciate your effort, but Roshni is my daughter. I can’t take money from someone else, as she is my daughter. Yash says we shall involve the police.

DD says we don’t have any option left. Everyone here give their opinion. She asks where is Sid, he promised me to bring Roshni back, I will go and bring my daughter. Nani says what you are saying DD. DD says she will go alone and bring Roshni back from kidnapper’s clutch. Yash looks on.

The kidnapper tells other kidnapper to shoot Roshni and Ayesha, the moment they get money. He says we shall not be trapped and they are from big family. Roshni hears the Azaan’s voice. The kidnappers take Ayesha and Roshni with them. Roshni asks to leave them. Sid is still at the dargah and ties the holy thread. Hakim Saheb says lets go. Sid prays for Roshni’s safety and says he didn’t know how to pray. He prays for Roshni and child’s safety. He asks the God to make him meet Roshni today. Sid notices kidnapper lady Nafisa and recalls seeing her in the function.

He follows Nafisa. Moin Bhai stops Sid. Hakim Saheb asks who are you? And why you are following Nafisa. Sid says I am following her as my wife and Ayesha is with her. He shows Ayesha’s photo. He introduces himself as Sid Khurana. Hakim Saheb identifies Ayesha and says she was very ill. Sid asks him to take him there. Nafisa comes back and take Roshni and Ayesha with the goons in the car. Sid sees them taking Roshni in car and runs after the car. Roshni calls for Sid. Sid calls aloud for Roshni. He gets Yash’s call informing him about DD going to Naigaon with the money. DD reaches the kidnappers’ said spot to give the money. The other goon is targetting Roshni with the pistol. The goon asks DD to keep the money bag and leave from there. DD says she want to meet Roshni first before giving the money. She sees kidnappers bringing Roshni and Ayesha. The kidnappers asks her to give money. Nafisa asks Roshni to leave Ayesha with them. Roshni holds Ayesha and refuses to let go Ayesha with them. DD gets tensed.

The Inspector tells that kidnappers’ target was Ayesha and Roshni was trapped unneccessarily. He tells Kidnappers was ordered by some Bhai to kidnap Ayesha, and he stays in Dubai. Sid looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. i hope n pray tht nothings happens to roshni nor the little sweet girl

  2. awww bichari roshni but sid will definately rescue her jamai raja rockzzzzz 🙂

  3. Sid doing his best dd needs to appriciate it dd gets on everyone trying help her out like raj so I hope roshni come out

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