Jamai Raja 25th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ayesha and Shabnam call Shiv as their Abbu. Media person asks DD if she knew about her husband’s second marriage. Roshni is shattered. Reporter says did you know about these girls. One reporter asks will you accept these two illegitimate girls. Shabnam says we are not illegitimate as our Abbu did Nikah with our Ammi. Ayesha asks why everyone is sad? Reporter asks did you Abbu told that you have another Ammi. Sid throws the media persons out and calls the security. Shabnam wipes her fake tears. DD is in shock. Sid and Roshni help her get up. Bua Dadi says DD’s grand daughter is actually her step daughter. Nani Maasi apologizes to everyone and asks the guests to go. Bua Dadi says you will send everyone, but how will you shut other’s mouth. Naani Maasi asks the waiter to

give milk to Bua Dadi, and says Roshni’s sasural people are bringing up a snake. Ayesha asks Shabnam about the happenings. Roshni comes and says Shabnam will answer for your questions. She brings Shabnam and throws on floor. Sid comes and Shabnam holds him. Roshni asks her to leave her husband and says she entered the house with full fledge plan. She says she fought with DD for Sid oblivious to the fact that he is a betrayal. She says this girl ruined my mum’s happiness.

Nani Maasi says I had already warned DD not to let her stay. Sid says it is enough and says she should be given chance to say. Roshni says she hates her face . Sid says she will speak and put forward her talk. Shabnam says she didn’t enter home with a motive and says she didn’t know that it is her step mum’s home. She says she didn’t know Abbu was alive till now and tells a story that they were separated from their Abbu in the riots. She tells she went to Dubai for a living and then came to know that Ammi is dead. Sid asks from where did the DVD come? Shabnam tells that she asked her husband to send that DVD as she want to show it to Ayesha. Roshni didn’t believe her and goes. Shabnam falls on Sid’s feet. Sid asks her to get up and goes to talk to Roshni. Once Sid goes, Shabnam throws the tears and calls someone informing about that she has light fire. DD throws the things and says I am done with it. Roshni asks her to stop it. DD gets hysterical and throws the stuff related to Shiv. Nani asks her to stop it. Ayesha asks her not to burn her Dad’s photo. DD brings kerosene oil and lights Shiv’s pic on fire. Nani asks her to calm down. DD recalls her remarriage with Shiv. Roshni cries hugging Sid. DD looks on hurt.

Krutika asks Beeji to drink water. Bua Dadi badmouths about Patel family and says it is shameful to have relation with them. She says we have to go there. Beeji says it don’t looks good if we go. Bua Dadi says I have to do something to throw them out. DD asks Shabnam to leave her house and says it is her house and not Shiv’s house. Ayesha asks DD not to throw her sister. DD asks Roshni to take Ayesha inside. Nani takes her inside. Shabnam gets up and holds Sid’s hand while emotionally blackmailing him to love Ayesha. Roshni looks at her holding Sid’s hand.

Roshni asks her to stop her waste overacting. Sid asks DD to listen to him. DD says you can’t understand what I am going through and says if I am doing anything wrong? She says it is easy to give lecture to people, but it is difficult to bear everything. She asks Shabnam to leave. Sid stops her. Shabnam says realy game begins now.

Sid brings Shabnam to Khurana house and asks Beeji to get the guest room cleaned as Shabnam will stay here for few days. Beeji agrees, but Bua Dadi says she can’t let Roshni’s illegitimate sisters stay in her house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Very annoying serial

  2. H Hasan

    Wishing Eid Mubarak to all my readers. Regards H Hasan.

  3. This serial is getting on ma nerves.Why cant they show something good and positive happening.

  4. I think the best solution is to end up the serial in a good mode,and they can start up with some new story with same start casts…i dont think its a big deal.

  5. I think this series is the best it is just getting hotter and hotter as the days go by I can’t take my eyes off it especially when sid and ros
    hni have their romantic times I can’t help myself to miss this series for a day I will go crazy it is too excited that I cannot miss a single episode… I just love roshni and siddarth they are the best they are just made for each other I admire them a lot.

  6. U right SAKSHI….I think they should kill Sid and roshni and whole family by shabnam’s evil plans…thereafter cast a new storyline about NIA AND RAVI…..by making nia from a middle class hot girl who is very western and Ravi a very rich youngster….I think the starting should be like …..:::::both nia and Ravi should have a nokjhok so that it bring a bit enjoyment but please don’t make AYESHA….roshni …AND H.HASAN THANKS

  7. It’s getting hotter and hotter ,very nice episode .. I really want to know what is gonna happen…love Nia and Ravi chemistry

  8. I hope this Shabnam conspiracy does not drag on! The never ending trials and tribulations of Sid and Roshni are becoming too boring! I am tired of them.
    As for Bua Dadi – it’s time to get rid of that narrow minded wretch. I want Yash to divorce Sam and marry Kritika. Sam is an idiot who demonstrates poor judgement all the time! Teaming up with Bua Dadi? How stupid and she be? She does not deserve Yash! I want both Sam and Bua Dadi’s to be destroyed by their own sinister plot.

  9. I think roshni will be angry at sid for his caring nature towards sabnam due to which dey will be aparted and…………it shud be like dis in my view

  10. Boring I want to ask writers why this lady again so are you telling there no story without good ending so dumb

  11. Iam sick of this storyline. Only bad things are promoting. Sooooo irritating!!!

  12. Really this series is so pathetic….it was the most popular here but its so lame now very boring

  13. I think something will play with in did n shabnam

  14. I mean siddarth

  15. Dd did not like Ayesha I wonder what will happen now Ayesha is dd step daughter

  16. this serial also needs to come to an end it is going nowhere one shit storyline after the other writers I must say that when the Bollywood awards are being given out you Z TV WRITERS MUST GET THE AWARD FOR BEST SHIT WRITING LOL

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