Jamai Raja 25th November 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Rajveer getting irked that DD is trying to get him out of her house by paying down payment for a new flat and shifting him and Samaira there. He thinks he will not get out her house so easily and will snatch everything from her. She calls his associate and asks him to meet tomorrow at a beach.

Sid speaks to his employees wearing a blazer sitting on toilet commode. He comes out and gets tensed seeing Roshni there. Roshni seeing him wearing blazer on underwear and laughs on him. She sees their bedsheet used as curtain and asks if he was taking pics inside bathroom and asks if he needs a psychiatric help. He says he needs Roshni as psychiatrist and tries to get romantic. She runs into bathroom.

DD returns Rajveer’s 2 crores cheque. He says she does

not have to return it. She insists. Samaira comes and asks him to accept it. He accepts and thinks he needed money the most.

Pratima serves aarti and prasad to Mona and Naani. They thank her and Naani says she is proud to have a bahu like Pratima. Samaira comes there and Pratima gives her prasad sweet. Samaira says she does not want to eat ghee sweet and get fat and takes a pinch of it. She then starts insulting Pratima that she is a middle class woman and less educated. Pratima says only English medium is not considered education, she has done MA in Hindi, so she is more educated than her. Mona drags Samaira front here saying she cannot insult elders like this.

Roshni and Resham are playing with NGO kids and feeding them fruit. Resham cuts her finger and she starts panicking. Priya calms her down and applies dettol on her wound.

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Sid downloads action movie on his laptop and says Roshni that they will watch this today. She asks why don’t he download romantic movies. He says he likes action movies. She says DD bought a luxury apartment for Samaira and Rajveer. He asks where. She tells his company’s constructed apartment. He chokes in tension. They hear Samaira shout and run downstairs. They see injured Rajveer. Whole family panics seeing him injured. Man who brings him home says he met with a truck accident and his car was totaled. Sid suggests him to go to hospital, but Rajveer does not agree and falls on floor.

Sid takes Rajveer to his room. DD comes there and worriedly asks how did this happen. Samaira says he met with an accident. DD scolds Sid to call doctor. He says he already did and Roshni is following. DD leaves to check herself. Rajveer thinks though DD’s family is rich, it is very emotional and now he will stay at DD’s home and snatch everything from her.

Mona asks Samaira why is she not with Rajveer even after seeing him injured. Samaira says she cannot work like a maid and says she will hire a nurse to take care of Rajveer. Roshni hears that and asks how can she hire a nurse for Rajveer instead of serving herself, says Rajveer loves her a lot. Samaira asks her to stop her stupid Indian lecture. Roshni says accepting her advice is up to her and says Saare Jahan se Acha Hindustan Hamara (India is best in the world). Mona says Samaira that Roshni told right and asks her to go and feed porridge to Rajveer.

Samaira feeds porridge to Rajveer. Rajveer after eating says he wants to rest and asks her to go out. Once she goes, she removes all his bandages and says he cannot have khichdi more. He calls fake doctor whom he had called and scolds him for prescribing khichdi to him, says he wants to have chicken and asks him to send it.

Percap: Sid sees parcel in Roshni’s hand and asks whose parcel it is. She says Rajveer’s. He says it has chicken in it. She says whole family is veg. Mona gives parcel to Rajveer and herself opens it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. when sid wil be shown as a real big shot in serial.. Rajveer entry will make DD realize that money is not all……. but before that roshini & Sid love track as a big shot’s husband & wife..?! when will that comes out


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