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The Episode starts with Ranjeet telling Mitul that if Party is a success then he will not help her next time. Mitul asks him to wait and watch. Simran welcomes everyone to the party and tells about an exciting game, where all the couples will be blind folded, and the woman will choose her partner. She says it will be fun and begins the game. First a couple plays a game, next Roshni turns comes. Naina asks her to go. Roshni is blind folded and touches the men to identify Neil. She goes past Neil and choose Sid instead. Naina is shocked. Simran is angry. Everyone claps for them. Naina asks them to come. Simran says next turn is of Anya. Anya mistaken Neil to be Sid. Simran says music please. Sid-Roshni, Anya-Neil and other couple dance on the song Pyaar Ki Ek Kahani Suno…………………….Mitul smirks.

Neil and Anya loses in the competition and remove their blind fold. They see Sid and Roshni dancing. Neil gets upset and goes. Roshni and Sid continue to dance passionately and win in the competition. They remove their blind fold and see each other. They get embarrassed. Anya seems to be upset too.

Neil drinks wine in the house bar and thinks of Roshni’s words that she is not ready for consummation. Sid and Roshni are sad. Ranjeet comes and asks Roshni to dance with him also. Roshni says Ranjeet. Ranjeet holds her hand tightly and asks her to come on. Sid comes and keeps his hand on his face hardly. He asks how dare you to touch her? Mitul comes to her son’s rescue, but Sid continues to beat Ranjeet. Mitul asks please someone save my son. Neil comes. Sid raises his hand on him without seeing his face and then realizes and stops. He says Ranjeet was misbehaving with Ragini. Neil slaps Ranjeet and says Sid did right. Mitul asks why you are not beating Sid as he danced with Ragini. She says I have seen for the first time that more than a husband, outsider is in pain. Neil, Ragini and Sid are shocked. Neil thinks about Mitul’s words and gets angry. Anya sees Sid’s hand injured and says she will bandage his wound. He asks her not to do drama and is leaving. Roshni holds his hand and takes him to room. She starts bandaging his hand. Sid apologizes to her and says they are going from here, far away from this city and country. He says you have bear so much, but anymore. Roshni’s tears falls on his hand. Naina calls Ragini and she leaves.

Simran comes to Anya and asks about Sid and her. Anya says everything is fine. Simran says I am Sid’s mum and knows everything. Anya says we are acting to be in marriage. Simran says okay, I will call off this marriage as this baby is not Sid’s and you don’t love him. Anya stops her and says I love Sid. Simran smirks.

Neil gets close to Ragini in a drunkard state and apologizes. Roshni says it is not your mistake and pushes him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Good episode,at least roshni is taking care of sid

  2. Uh that whore Anya lol she prego with someone else now she loves Sid. Disgusting

  3. I am wondering Anya is not even pregnant may Anya found out about Sid and Roshini. there is a secret behind Neil and his sister not possible they both just come into Ragini (“Roshini’) Neil knew from the beginning that Ragini and Neil are friends they are married now Because of Ragini stupidly not going to ask Sid about the baby before she makes quick decision and marries Neil she doesn’t love him he knows that. I also think there is big secret behind Neil the truth will come out soon

  4. Simran uses anya as her puppet. She threatened anya that she’ll expose her baby truth that’s why anya accepted her love for sid. Moreover I think they copied kumkum bhagya track where pragya leaves abhi thinking tanu carrying his child. Likewise roshni leaves Sid and marries Neil thinking anya carrying Sid child. What do you think friends??

  5. Haha babydol you’re right. Anya is a ? snake

  6. guys i completly agree with you,she is not an odinary snake but poisonus whe she bites you……will never survive.

    1. Hi sorry, I mean anya’s place n meeting roshni pretending everything.

  7. I just knew it!!!! That aanya is a snake in the grass, she wants Sid but pretends that she is uncomfortable with the scenario. Feel like slapping that innocent look she gives Sid.

  8. Let’s see if aanya will have same gestation period like tanu , better not coz I can’t handle a pregnancy story like kkb ever again in serials. Hate that chirpy and bubblicious attitude that simran has, so phony!! Want roshni to have some hell with Neil, let her regret that she left sid.

  9. I want Sid should leave Mumbai and go then roshni should get to know the truth and she will run behind Sid then stop him and say I love u just like how when Sid was leaving from nashik and roshni stopped him and proposed ( season 1)
    I now this simran and Anya pair up to seperate sidni

  10. Pearley hobaichan

    I hate that Anya she is a snake and that Neil hate him hate all the family

  11. Angita

    I miss dd she was fun best and most importantly adds taste to the show.

  12. Just like kumkum bhagya anya carries else baby and try to get sid…..i guess very soon some secrets of anya will be revealed from aarav

  13. It is discussing that anya love someone else in her life and at this time she love siddharth

  14. Sid is so annoying… He should go and get a life. if Roshni (aka Ragini) doesn’t want him he should accept it… Aanya is also just like Sid. He can stoop down to any level. He just makes me feel sick. He can get on my nerves. Irritating Siddharth. At least Roshni is okay now but did is… I just have no words to express how much i hate him…

    1. So true Amuruta. Sid is disgusting.

  15. So what happened to roshni n Sid daughter, ayesha,? In boarding school or given up for adoption? Coz neither parent think she is important. Storyline so broken, not cohesive. Sid, move on…..roshni found a new man.

  16. malika carter

    AanyA is a two heAd snake she is carrie Another mAn child and suddenly she love sid get real sid love roshini

  17. Sorry amrutha for saying this word sid isn’t disgusting. Roshini avoid sid what he can do?he done so many things for Roshini but she can’t realised so what he can do?I think he decided he never trouble Roshini. That’s why he go for ever. Pls understand his situation pls don’t misunderstand. Once again sorry I oppose Ur comment

  18. I hate roshini she is a b*t*h stupid ugly crap.. she just wants sid uske aage piche ghumta rahe aur voh kahi aur bhi lgi huyi h dirty crap i hate roshni i just want to punch her dirty ugly face

  19. sanika(sidni fan)

    what a superb dance! i really like it. i want to hit anya. i just want sidni together……….

  20. Hi. How can someone say that Sid is disgusting. If roshni don’t trust or understand him and always hurt him, not only that even marries Neil without caring about Sid, what he can do? He also a human being ha feelings. Understand his situation also. For me, now seeing the situation, I also feels he should leave roshni, anya n his pagal mother n go to london. For now, I really

    think that’s what Sid should do because if he stay here somemore, he will.become psycho or he will be hurt more than he already is. really pity
    him and can’t see him
    anymore already. I also can’t imagine his feelings or how he still can stand still n go to Tanya’s

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