Jamai Raja 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Meesha getting a panic attack. She hugs Sid and asks him to protect her from goons. Sid calms her and takes her back to her hospital room.

Raj with Simran informs DD and Shiav about Meesha’s accident. DD feels sorry or Meesha and says she wants to meet her at hospital now. Raj says she is in a bad condition and it is better if they go late as Sid and Roshni are already there. He tells whole Khurana family wanted to come to her house for Sid and Roshni’s alliance and he was planning Sid/Roshni and Meesha/Neil’s engagement. DD says she had gone for just 1-2 days, but a lot has changed here and nobody felt it is important to inform her. Raj says it happened in a fast pace.

Meesha panics and gets out of control throwing things on everyone. Sid tries

to calm her down. Roshni tries to come near her, and she pushes her and asks Sid to send his girl from here. Sid goes out and asks doc what is happening with Meesha. Doc says she got mental block and is only identifying people whom she feels secure with and has forgotten everything before accident.

Neil’s mom comes to Khurana’s house and starts commenting on Meesha’s short clothes, etc. DD who is present there says she is very narrow minded. Raj says she is still in old ere and has forgotten world has moved way ahead. Door bell rings, Raj checks and sees decorators for engagement. He says he will call them later and then informs Neil’s mom Mrs. Kalra (who is like cholera instead) that he wanted Sid/Roshni and Meesha/Neil’s engagement today. Mom shouts she will not Neil get engaged to Meesha as she may not get well at all and if he wants he can get Sid and roshni engaged.

Sid comes with Meesha, Roshni, and Neil and tells mrs. Kalra that engagement will happen today at any cost. She shouts that she will not sacrifice Neil’s life for Meesha. Meesha panics and tries to attack her. Sid calms her back. Mom leaves fuming. Neil tells Sid that he will surely get engaged to Meesha. Roshni holds Sid’s hand and Meesha breaks their bond and hugs Sid. Neil silently watches this and leaves.

Roshni and Sid wait near Meesha’s bed. Roshni nurses Sid’s wounds and tells next morning will bring a new ray of hope and everything will be alright. They both get romantic and hug each other when Meesha in sleep starts calling Sid and asking him not to leave her. He calms her down and lets her sleep again. He then apologizes Roshni and she says he is doing right and leaves saying she will meet him tomorrow.

DD gifts chunri/veil to Roshni and says Shiv gifted her this chunri on their engagement. Shiv also blesses Roshni and says she can blindly trust Sid and wishes for her happier life ahead. Kesar says he will get jewelry for Roshni’s engagement. Shiv thanks Kesar for taking care of DD and asks him to continue working proficiently. He says he will get jewelry and leaves.

Precap: Sid calls Roshni and says Meesha is missing from her room. Shiv sees Meesha in a car leaving somewhere.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. that meesha is up to something sid please watch her she is very caniving and she can do anything now to get you and hurt roshini so follow her and find out where she is going who knows maybe to meet the goons she maybe hired for her game plan lets wait and see

  2. I’m a huge, huge fan of Jamai Raja, I love Sid & Roshini. Yep, this is Meesha’s plan to get Sid. Neil her boyfriend didn’t know she is allergic to mangoes. I’m sure she’s paying the Dr. aswell, cause nothing happen to her…

  3. Stupid episode hate it when meesha is pushin roshni away from sid it irritate n annoying….. idk why but i have a feeling that she will try to emotional blackmail sid in to marry her with her antics hope shiv follow her and see what she is up to so that her drama can come to an end so that we can see sid n roshni married n live happy without any problems

    • And shiv plz inform sid that u saw her leaving in a car before he think that u r lieing to him so that he can follow her too

  4. am sure she is going somewhere nd planning something new shiv pls follow her to where she is going in other to find d truth. i jst love to see sid nd roshni together

  5. sid and roshini were made for each other what I cannot understand is meesha is no hot stuff neither is she beautiful why she is trying to go competition with roshini cant she see that she will loose why is she wasting her time going through all this trouble to get sid when she can see for herself that she does not stand a chance

  6. selian

    i think meesha is up to something so shiv/sid has to do something right so as to know what meesha is plotting

  7. SA

    Meesha UR A FAT “B” an think u shud lose sum weighT!!!!!!! UR FAT FACE is disgustin , how can u even think of competing wit ROSHINEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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