Jamai Raja 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sid looking for Roshni’s room window and thinks which is her window out of these two windows. He throws stone of a window. It turns out to be Payal’s room. She wakes up, peeps outside the window and thinks who is there? Sid hides seeing her and takes a sigh of relief. He thinks lucy will bark all night now. He throws stone on Roshni’s room window. Roshni comes out and hugs him. She says I am so happy, you don’t know what I saw today. Sid says don’t know what you have seen and reminds of her words that she is married. Roshni says I got happy. She tells him that Ria came to room and covers blanket on Neil with love, and was teary eyes. Sid hugs her happily. Payal hears the voice and calls security. Sid and Roshni hides. Payal rests on her bed again.

Next morning,

Mitul sees Payal coming and asks her to give installment of payment. Payal asks what is your value and asks her to get out of her way, and pushes her. Mitul falls down. Roshni helps her stand and goes. Mitul feels bad. Payal asks her employee if Mauve is in loss, she says it was profitable till yesterday. Employee says legal notice is also issued and need money for the payout. Payal asks who have sued? Employee says Siddharth Khurana. Payal asks him to fix meeting with him. Sid calls Roshni and informs that Payal wants to meet him. Roshni thinks what you will do now.

Payal and her employee come to Sid’s house. Receptionist says he is busy, you can’t meet him. Payal sees Sid dancing with his secretaries and goes inside his cabin. She asks him to listen to her, you blo*dy. Sid says you listen to me, you blo*dy. He says you comes again and again, I told that I am not hiring jokers in my circus, and asks what magnetic powers he has which attracts her. He calls security. His secretary comes. Sid says I called security and asks her to go outside and play. He asks Security out to hold aunty’s hand and show her door. Payal feels insulted and goes. Roshni is on video chat and asks him to send the girls out now. Sid asks girls to go, else his marriage will get in risked. Roshni teases him and says you are eating grapes. Sid says it is your turn now. Roshni says I don’t want to do this. Sid says we have no option. Roshni says okay, for you. Ranjeet comes to Mauve office. Mitul says not today. Ranjeet says how dare she to refuse us money, and asks her to give money. Payal calls security and asks them to clean her office. Security guards take him with her.

Payal insults Mitul badly and asks her to leave right now. Mitul goes cryingly. Roshni sees Ria staring at Neil. Neil says Ragini…salt is more in the food. Roshni says I spend hours in the kitchen for you, and says if you want to eat then eat else no. Neil doesn’t eat food. Ria feels bad and goes to kitchen. Roshni thinks this is the only way to bring out love from Ria’s heart and says sorry to Neil. Ria makes food and asks servant to give food to Neil. Neil eats food and asks Ragini, if you made it. Roshni says may be servant made it. Neil says it is super tasty and eats it. Ria is happy. Payal comes home and sees Ria smiling. She asks what is the matter? Servant gives phone to Ria and says you forgot it in the kitchen. Payal thinks so this is the matter and reason for her happiness. She asks Servant to leave the job and gives broom to Mr. Sen Gupta. Roshni is shocked. Naina stops Servant and says I will sweep the floor. Payal says I have some other work for you. She asks her to massage her head. Roshni is angry and shocked.

Payal sits on sofa and asks Naina to massage her head. Servant asks Neil to dust the house. Neil says what nonsense? Ria feels bad. Roshni asks Neil what is his problem? She says we all are working, you can contribute else we will be on road. Neil says I don’t hope this from you. Roshni gives duster in his hand and asks him to do dusting. Ria feels bad and looks at Neil. Payal asks Ria to come to her and says it is not good to sit with servants. She asks Naina if she has no strength and asks her to massage well. Roshni thinks this plan is making Neil and Naina suffer.

Employee tells Payal that they have to meet Khurana somehow. Payal asks him to think. Just then they get a call from American magazine, a man tells her that he is interested to buy Mauve magazine. Payal asks him to send his representative and says we will think about it. Man turns and he is Raj. Sid praises his acting skills. Raj laughs and says I would have become actor. Sid laughs. Raj says you copies your dad. Employee says we will go to Khurana with this offer. Payal thinks when time is right, plan finds its way.

Sid asks Payal if she found a magnet and says you are aged according to my taste and asks her to come after some years. Employee says she has some offer which you can’t refuse. Sid says you both are looking like Chamku’s washing powder salesman. Payal feels insulted.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I wish nia would stay back,we all fans want her.I just hope this serial doesn’t turn out to be like QH,where sidni dies and their son takes revenge.This next generation should be like this one where the jamai(sidni’s son) fixes the realation of wife-mother in law or mother in law-father in law.

  2. This is turning out to be a joke

  3. Awesome …………..episodes

  4. After years I found some interesting soap operas, at first they were good but right now the only show i may continue to watch on Zee is the comedy because all the shows are crap. I wonder if these actors and actresses don’t want to elevate themselves because if you are in a show that is not going anywhere it makes no sense. I wish I had access to other Hindi channel with English subtitles.

  5. superb. i like it. you are best ravi.

  6. I’m loving this show even more now.

  7. Ravi your acting is the best

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