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The episode starts with Roshni telling Yash that she has answer for his question. She takes out his ring and says she is ready to marry him. DD gets happy and says Roshni has accepted his proposal and now he has to propose her properly. He kneels down and dorns her engagement. Naani gets sad seeing this. DD says she will get sweets for them and asks Naani to accompany her.

Yash sees Roshni sad and says he knows her mental condition and says he hopes her yes is not under pressure and she has same feeling as he has for her, he will give her happiness of whole world.

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Sid fumingly goes to his home and shouts at Rajveer

to come out. He hears Kritika crying, sees her wounded and asks who did this. She says Rajveer did this. She says she heard Rajveer talking to manager and asking to blame manager. He says he will teach Rajveer a lesson. She requests him not to tell Rajveer anything and says she got family after many years and she does not want to lose it. She holds her legs and pleads again. Sid says he will keep quiet this time, but will not next time. He asks her not to touch his feet again and says he will not spare Rajveer next time.

Naani asks Roshni her decision to marry Yash is wrong as she does not love him. She says people love after arrange marriage and she will also try it. DD says there is no harm in trying arrange marriage. Naani asks without divorce how can roshni remarry. DD thinks Naani is right.

Yash’s sister comes to meet him. Yash informs her about Roshni accepting to marry him. She congratulates him and says they have a lot of work to do. Sid comes there. Yash asks why did he come here. Sid says he came to apologize him alleging him of Naani’s attack. Yash says okay. Sid asks him to come out of fantasy. Yash asks why did he come and created a drama in DD’s house and says he and Roshni have decided to move ahead and Roshni has already signed divorce papers. Sid says nobody can separate him from Roshni and the fact is roshni also loves him. Yash says if he thinks so, he will accept his challenge.

Rajveer finds Sid and Roshni’s divorce papers on floor, reads it and gets happy. He thinks the papers Sid threw as garbage, he will use it and teach Sid a lesson.

Yash’s sister tells him that he is happy Roshni has accepted his proposal, but when her divorce has not happened and her husband is claiming her, then what will he do. Yash says Roshni’s condition is because of Sid and he is sure she will not go back to him. She asks what if Sid lures Roshni again and she goes back, she cannot see him broken. She says she has a way to give this problem a formal route and stop further problems. They reach DD’s house and sister requests for a formal engagement. Roshni agrees.

Sid comes back home and thinks Yash has gone mad and will pay for his madness. Rajveer hears this and calls Yash. Yash picks call and asks what does he need. Rajveer says he wants to help him. Yash sas he does not need his help as he and Roshni are gettign engaged in some time and cuts call. Rajveer smirks.

Precap: DD fixes Roshni’s marriage date. Rajveer shows divorce papers to Simran and says they can use it to maintain peace of this house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What the hell is this! I’ve kill yash

  2. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu

    Yes good episode

  3. Why can’t sid just teach rajveer a very good leason this is getting so ridiculos.

  4. Nice epi

  5. story mn twist….yash bhai sid se bacch ke raheo…

  6. What the hell!!!! Roshni cant you see that sid loves you a lot and yash please go to your country back. ohh god I want to kill rajveer for this idiot such a bastard

  7. Roshni is jus doin dis to make sid jealous and hurt him… Like wtf… But sid just get over roshni and move on, just like her….

  8. har kahani me ek ladki ki dusri shadi….sab kahani ek hi mor pr aa jata he

  9. I think Roshni is going to face some obstacles with Yash’s sister.It is time to expose that creep Rajveer.Kritika is being for some of her deeds,This is only the beginning, she has alot more to bear for the things she indulged in with Simran and Rajveer.Payback time girl be ready to accept the checks.

  10. what the hell is going on first time I see a person still married and getting married to another person come on rajveer do your do beat kritika to a frazzle she deserves it for her big mouth always picking up for you simran is next and as for dd she needs some too for being sooooooooooooooo stupid sid really loves roshini and will do anything for roshinis family yet she is treating him like an outcast so come on sid show yash that you are first place in roshinis heart

  11. hey guys don’t mean to be rude but i just hate that tall, lingey and strech b*t*h DD with her horse voice always he he heing her mouth. i mean come on roshni ans sid are made for each other whereas these two FAGS rajveer and yash are made for each other. hahahahahahahaha!

  12. roshni . u r doing a big mistake

  13. why DD don’t find a man to fix her marriage date

  14. Roshini and her mother are irritating me, Sid is too good for them……for this you the programme gets a :-((

  15. muna maharjan

    roshini,why ru not seeing sid’s lov.
    i hat u

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