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The Episode starts with Sid and the Police leaving from the house.The goon threatens Roshni and tells that it seems her family don’t care about her. He says he will show them what he can do. He pushes Roshni and she falls on the bed. Jigna tells Kesar that she will go to Rajkot as her life is in danger here. Kesar asks her to meet everyone before going. Kesar informs DD that they are short of some money. They decide to do something. She gets a courier from someone on the name of DD patel. Yash tells that he will talk to the courier company about the person who has sent this courier. DD opens the box and finds a bunch of hairs. DD feels drowsy. Yash reads the kidnapper’s message that this time they have cut her hairs, but next time they will cut her head. Simran and Beeji cries. DD tells Sid has

promised me that he will bring Roshni in 24 hours, but he has failed again. She says I won’t leave him. Nani prays for Roshni’s safety.

The lady goon calls Hakim and he checks Ayesha’s temperature. He says the girl is having high fever and asks to take her to hospital. The lady goon tells that the girl is her sister’s child. Hakim Saheb says I never saw anyone coming here. Roshni tries to make sound and something falls down. The lady goon asks the goon to check for the big rat. He goes and threatens Roshni. Hakim Saheb prescribes the medicines and leaves.

Sid comes home. DD asks him why didn’t you bring my daughter? She reminds of his promise and says I never bend infront of anyone. She sits on her knees and begs him to search her Roshni. Sid asks her not to do that. Nani asks DD not to give tension to Sid. Simran asks Sid to give money to kidnappers and bring Roshni back. She goes to talk to Raj. Sid feels helpless and angry. He talks to Yash and tells him that he went to Mohammed Ali Dargah. He shares his plan with him. Yash asks are you sure to do this without Police help. Sid says he don’t have any option.

The lady goon ask Roshni and Ayesha to have food as they need to be alive till they get the money. Roshni hits on her head and wears her burqa. Sid reaches the Dargah in a Sheikh’s attire with moustache and Pathani clothes. Yash reminds Sid that they have time till tomorrow, else DD and Raj have to pay to the kidnappers. He wishes him best. Sid thanks him and goes. Yash prays to God to keep Sid’s faith intact and make him meet Roshni. A Qawwali plays Aaya Tere Darpar Deewana……….Roshni and Ayesha wear the burqa and elope from the place. The goon see the lady on the floor and goes to catch Roshni.

Roshni and Ayesha reach the dargah while the Qawwali is still playing. Ayesha notices Sid and shows to Roshni. Roshni sees him after walking for sometime and calls aloud for him. Sid hears her.

The kidnappers kidnap Roshni agin and take her in the car. Yash informs Sid that DD went to give money to kidnappers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Why do the goons want to kidnap Ayesha

  2. For represent bajrangi bhaijan’s like tale .
    Make ayesha meet her parents

  3. Pff kidnapping kidnapping boring
    Bring roshni and Sid together

  4. Roshni kidnapped again……why does this sound like a replay of kkb where pragga and abhi was kidnapped again n again. This show is becoming so boring to watch and it used to be my favorite

  5. see what I am talking about these writers roshini got away saw sid called out to him and then you writers let the goons take her again so what was the use of letting her get away in the first place it just did not make sense so writers like I said before instead of writing shit take your time think first and then put pen to paper and give us a script which makes sense my gosh roshini got out of the hell hole only to be captured all over same old same ole scripts from the other serials FRUSTRATED TOO THE HIGHEST STOP DRAGGING ALL THESE SERIALS BECAUSE YOU WRITERS LITTLE DO YOU KNOW IT IT BREAKS THE MIND DOWN AND MAKES US LOOSE INTEREST LET THE SCRIPTS FLOW INTO ONE ANOTHER SMOOTHLY ONE AFTER THE OTHER THAT S WHERE THE INTERESTS LIES DO NOT YOU KNOW THIS

  6. Cool down ….sidni wil join together by tom..again .saw in SBB segment..today..

  7. sid phir se bhagega..kidnappers ke peche..an kitna bhagaoge sid ko..let them both have some good moments instead of chaos and disorder in their lives..

  8. Wat do they want with roshni n dat little girl Ayesha

  9. Hope Roshni doesn’t lose her baby, an Sid find them in time after everything they are going through. For once lets see some happiness an joy in their lives. We still don’t know who that child is..? Have to say Sid looks good in anything even with a beard an islamic clothing. Jamai Raja is the best…

  10. Wonderful episode,full of suspense.. I can not wait until Sid and Roshi reunite ..and I want to know who that little girl is???……………………. I would really love to see roshni with a big belly

  11. OMG The same stupid storyline as in KKB Please writers WHY ?????? Sooooooo irritating .

  12. Boring why did the roshini kidnapped again I hope this serial doesn’t receive award
    Aretha in usa

  13. Do you which is the vibrating part of piano and keyboard

  14. This second kidnapping is so Boring

  15. Pls help me

  16. I don’t know my frmd

  17. What Is happening in roshini life

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