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The Episode starts with Sid coming home and sees DD. DD shows him video message in which Roshni told that Sid is very bad guy and have kidnapped her. DD asks him where is my daughter? Sid says I haven’t done anything. He says our life is in danger. Yash comes wearing suit surprisingly and asks Inspector to arrest Sid, and says such criminal should be behind bars. Sid says Yash is behind all this and says I will not spare you. DD slaps Sid and calls him road side romeo. She says Yash is like my son, and asks until when you will ruin lives. Sid calls her sasumom and asks her to try and remember the tortures which Yash had done to them. DD tries to recall, but couldn’t recollect anything. Yash smirks and asks DD to come inside. DD worries for Roshni. Police arrest Sid and takes him.

Roshni cries

and says she needs to go to washroom. Goon asks her not to show cleverness and come out soon. Roshni manages to escape from the window of the washroom. Yash asks DD to drink water, and says we will find Roshni together. DD thanks him for his help and says I didn’t know about these conspiracies behind me. Everybody is cheating on me. Yash says Amol is my best friend, and came to me asking for help. He says Sid Kukreja have kidnapped Roshni and also got me arrested. DD recalls Amol coming to her office in an injured state and tells that Roshni is kidnapped by Sid’s goons. He says my friend was helping me and Sid got him arrested too. He asks her to get Yash out of jail. DD without a second thought gets Yash out of jail. Fb ends. DD worries for Roshni. Yash says she will be found soon. Amol will search her. Amol yells at the goons and asks to search Roshni. Yash calls Amol and asks if everything is under control. Amol says yes,and asks goons to go and find Roshni.

Roshni is seen running on the road. Raj comes to the Police station and asks how can he arrest his son. Yash comes there and says Sid has kidnapped Roshni. Inspector shows the video. Sid asks why will I kidnap my wife. Yash says they are already divorced and shows the divorce papers. Sid is shocked and recalls signing at consent form at the hospital. He says these signatures were taken in the hospital for some other thing. Yash says Roshni have divorced him, and says he has looted DD’s property and shows the proof. Sid says I can explain everything. Yash says you have just 12 hours left, and says Roshni and I will be marrying early morning. He asks him to come and bless his ex wife. Roshni sees phone booth and is about to call Sid, when Amol comes and hits on her head. Sid asks Raj to save Roshni and DD, and says they are very dangerous. He asks Raj to trace the call and take Pinto’s help.

DD thinks Kesar and Resham are not at home. She feels Roshni should be safe and prays for her. She calls Yash. Yash says I am reaching there soon. He sees Commandos outside DD’s house, and thinks how to take DD out, without her Roshni will not sit on the mandap. While Sid is taken to other prison. He manages to escape. Sid meets Pinto and gets info about the place. The goon shows Yash’s video message to Roshni. Yash asks her to get ready at 6 am, for their marriage. Just then Sid comes there and takes the phone. Yash says you can’t stop my marriage. Sid says you will not be saved by me.

Sid says you have given me 24 hours, but 10 hours are still remaining. He says your game will end. Just then goon hits on Sid’s head. Sid starts fighting with the goons. Roshni opens rope tied to her hands and feet. Roshni runs to Sid and hugs him. Sid says we don’t have time. We have to reach sasumom before Yash reaches there. Amol comes and hits Sid.

Roshni and Sid are in car. Roshni asks Sid to save her mom. Sid asks her not to worry and says he will save sasumom.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. what shit is going on with jamai raja all these serials are just becoming comedies now writers why on earth you are taking so long to end any of the serials my gosh we the viewers are totally fed up with all this merry go round now why cannot sid and roshini be happy at all and as for DD she remembers conveniently I know when a person loses his or her memory they loose every thing not forget half and remembers half what kind of two sided memory loss is this writers you just would not learn cannot you see what you are doing you are going to loose all you fans because of the shif/nonsense you are throwing at us daily for instance I use to look forward to watching these serials but now since each serial has more or less the same storyline it is not longer interesting to us so in that case it no longer catches my interest too many mind games and dragging along of the serials and it is high time it stop imaging you are killing off gayatri and ranji so tell me with these two gone why should I watch ek tha rani I have had enough of this shit so sad to say but I made this comment today with the hope that things will change if not well this serial will not be viewed by me anymore

  2. Oh my got how many times sidni will get married . Writers I said before also why do u ppl introduce villans whose only motive is to seperate sidni cm on don’t they have any other job
    Can’t the whole family fight together
    It’s been more than 1 and half year of sidni marriage still ppl want to seperate them
    By this time they should have got their own kids and should have problems related to them…….

  3. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Tnx sapphire I just need to c ur one liners n dnt even bother to read updates.all bullshit serials….

    1. I used to be a fan,Then i became a windmill and now i’m an A/C ✌

    2. when did this happen


  4. Breanna omg that’s like a lot of writing by the way what does rofl mean
    I don’t know much abbrev..

  5. family times I know..

  6. breanna did u watch the other king… it has two new episodes I’m going to watch it……after hw
    I’m also going to watch the new school of ro..epi…..

  7. how long does my comment has to wait to get moderated

  8. Hello guys, yr ye jamai raja me ho kya rha hai. jamai raja is my favorite serial but now jamai raja serial is vry boring and bakwaaaaaas serial.

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