Jamai Raja 24th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Sid seeing the decorator with Shabnam and warns him that if he comes to know about his involvement in the accident that he will not spare him. DD attends the guests. Nani tells waiter that she will bring the DVD. Krutika tells Yash that she don’t have any option left. Sam comes and threatens Krutika. She says I should be ashamed as you both are shamelessly standing together. Yash asks her to leave. Krutika says I have to go. Sam twists her hand and says I will see what is in you which I don’t have. Yash asks what you are doing? Sam says Yash is hurt when I hurt you and leaves her hand. Yash asks her not to do any drama. Sam pushes Krutika on Yash and asks the photographers to click their photo. The photographers click their photos. Yash says we were trapped in a conspiracy

and asks her to understand.

DD addresses to the guests and tells they are happy as a new family member have filled their life with joy. Nani asks Kesar to give CD to DD once she finished the speech. Shabnam eyes the CD. Sam tells Krutika that she don’t care about Yash’s thinking and says I have many romantic photos of you both. She threatens to leak her photos and says you have just 10 mins. DD thanks the guests again and tells happiness came in a small packet and blossomed fresh air in their house. She says that small packet name is Ayesha. Everyone claps. Sam tells everyone is gathered and threatens to show her photos on the projector.

Krutika asks her not to do this and beg her. She says I loved only Rajveer and couldn’t forgive him. Sam holds her hairs and says I couldn’t forget him even. She says you both have betrayed me. She asks her to agree to her sayings else she will expose her. Krutika says I didn’t do anything. Sam threatens her, while Krutika goes after her asking her not to do that. DD speaks about Ayesha. Krutika agrees to marry. Sam asks her to marry till the month end else. Bua Dadi says I will see good groom for you, and thinks to send her as soon as possible after cursing her.

Music starts. Sid and Roshni dance on the song Dil Kare Chun Chaa………DD tells that she wants to share her sweet memories and asks to play the DVD. Everyone is shocked while Shabnam smirks. DD asks where is my DVD. She asks Kesar to change the DVD when they see someone else photos. Just then they see Shiv’s photos with his other family and are shocked. Ayesha calls him Abbu. Shabnam says Abbu…………Nani says Shiv……….DD stands shockingly. Roshni, Sid and DD are shocked.

Media persons ask if you accept these two illegitimate girls? DD looks on shockingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lover of JR and YHM

    What’s going on…… Is this ayesha shiv’s also adopted child or she is in relation with him.. I hope everything is fine. It was just so awesome to see sidni romantic scenes

  2. And there we go again with a new drama to take away the happiness in the house!

  3. What wrong with u yash u can’t handle your so called wife she is overdoing it kritika change why she can’t change her self n attitude this same attitude of hers make rajveer take a next girl
    And yash if she can threaten u that she will expose those pics then u can threaten her that u will give her divorce if she dont stop what she doing
    Precap look interesting what will dd do

  4. I knew it Ayesha have something to do with shiv I said earlier roshni sister or step n Sam needs a good slap n also kritika should tell Sid

  5. Shiv is still alive or dead???

  6. I want to see ysah teach sam a good lesson that she would never forget and then divorce her and the grandmother who is instigating all this, sid should straighten her out and send her packing.

  7. Kritika was bad but Sam is as twice as!!!! Hate Sam…..kritika is prettier than sam n she does’nt even wear that much makeup. Yash should divorce sam…..no wonder rajveer left her!!!!!

  8. this serial is becoming bore day by day

    1. I don’t understand how you think that this show is boring . What do you expect them to do again ??? change the damn channel then !

  9. the actor who plays sam is very ugly not pretty at all

  10. What does abbu mean

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