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The Episode starts with Shabnam asking Raghu/Sid, if he remembers what he did with her in her room. Sid says he remembers everything and says did I do or you have done? He asks how can you come back when they sent her? Shabnam says you are also shameless to return. Sid says he loves sasumom like his mum and says he will return even if she beats him or scolds him. Naani Maasi says you are asking questions from him as if he is not Sid but someone else. Shabnam asks why she is worrying and says there should be some love in saali and jiju. Sid says she should be thankful as his memory is not back yet and scares her with his words. Shabnam gets tensed. Sid says he was just joking.

Later in room, Roshni asks Raghu to sleep in balcony. Raghu refuses. Roshni drags him out of bed and beats him with

pillows. Raghu also picks the pillow and they have a cute fight. Shabnam comes and asks why they are fighting. Roshni and Sid gets tensed. Shabnam says she heard everything. Sid/Raghu asks what we were talking? Shabnam says whatever you have said. Sid says we are married people and gets her out of room. They act to get intimate in the room and Shabnam gets angry. Shabnam imagines DD coming back home and taunting her. Raghu comes and asks what she is doing, practicing to beg. Shabnam says you all will beg.

Raghu is in the bathroom. Roshni asks him to get out soon. Raghu comes out in vest and half pant. Roshni asks him to wear clothes. They slip and falls on bed. Mere Rubaru plays……………Roshni asks him to wear clothes. Raghu takes clothes out of the wardrobe. He says he has checked all the room and says he is Raghu and not Sid. He says he don’t want to touch her. Roshni gets angry.

Shabnam threatens Lawyer Tiwari and says if the case came to court for hearing then Roshni wouldn’t be able to hide the truth. Krutika comes to the garage and asks the owner about Raghu. He says I have fired him. Krutika says she need to get her car repaired. Owner calls Pinto. Krutika thinks Pinto will not tell her anything and checks register. Owner comes with Pinto,but Krutika hides. Krutika takes his photo from the register and thinks he is Sid and not Raghu.

Sid and Roshni come to the Police station. Roshni asks the Inspector not to give shocking expression as the man standing infront of him is her husband Sid. Raghu asks Inspector to sign on the papers as DD is innocent and was locked inside the jail since 6 months for the crime which she didn’t do. Inspector hesitantly signs on the papers. Raghu/Sid gives hand in Roshni’s hand. DD comes out of jail in her classy saree. Roshni hugs her and says you are freed now. Raghu congratulates her. He says you both should thank me, and asks DD to bless him. DD blesses him and says he is like Sid. Roshni says he is not Sid though. DD asks why he has tears in his eyes. Shabnam says as he is not Sid, but his lookalike. Everyone is shocked.

Shabnam asks the police to locked DD inside the jail. DD is taken inside the jail. Roshni asks Sid to do something. Sid/Raghu asks Shabnam to get happy with her win and says he will get DD released soon.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. hajira ruksaar

    nyc…..episode……interesting as well

  2. Oh god.. Finally finally they have given some clear hints that raghu is none other than siddharth. Although we all knew that…. But it was our self understanding. Now we can believe that no doubt it is our sid……. and yes nice episode also.

    1. What clues did the writers give that he is not Raghu but siddarth?? I mean I know that it’s siddarth because of everything he has said but what clues did they give in today’s episode??

  3. Why all these bad people are always around to hear or see things???

  4. I do not know what stupid games these writers are playing but it has gone on too long now and something is not computing with Raghu/sid if he is in fact sid why is he not remembering what happened in the first place and where are sids parents it is high time they come back into the picture and why is dd thrown back in jail come on writers this fake lawyer needs to be put in jail also accompanied by his so called employer shabnam boring boring boring

  5. Dd going back to jail .so finaly shabnam will be exposed and sid will be revealed as siddarth khurana .he still left to fulfull his jamai
    Just hoping for some excitment

  6. I hope shabnam get wat coming to her

  7. I think that Raghu is Sid but he lost his memory and even he dos’ent know his identity yet. But it was good for him to ask his mother to show him his child pictures. In order to insure if he is belong from this family or ….

  8. Well zoya…. Remember the scene when raghu comes out of bathroom. He puts his hand in particular place of the wardrobe to take his shirt. How he knows where siddharth put his clothes? Roshni also doubted on his behavior.
    And the another is when DD comes out of jail. DD told roshni… if he is not sid then why he has tears in his eyes?

    1. Oh Okay thanks!

  9. Writer should have ideas of asking that lady who claims to be sid’ mom for proof of pictures of raghu growing up

  10. Very nice episode.

  11. Please put Shabnam in jail she deserve it come on writers show good wins over evil .

  12. We will come to know on Saturday 28 -Nov…. It is sid or raghu and we will one more day to see JR……and I also think that it’s sid not raghu…. Sid has planned all this…

  13. From now onwards we will get to see JR on all Saturdays also yippee…… I’msure that it is sid not raghu….. Kritika also says by seeing raghu photo taken from that garage that it is sid….. Now I’m sure that it is sid…. And it’s sid’s Plan or memory loss but I think it’s plan Bcoz of some action done by raghu it’s proving that it’s sid….

  14. He is SID no doubt. Just let the truth be known soon.

  15. Raghu is Sid indeed .. too many clues easy to say its him.. and also do you guys remember when his sister kritika went to his garage and went through the employees book and she saw Sids work information with his real name etc and then she said. Omg.. this is siddharth ? I think kritika will carry it to the court and help prove that Raghu is indeed sid..

  16. I knew from before. Every episode had at least one clue tat t s sid. Tat s y I kept saying its his dramas. Let’s enjoy it… Shabnam s very cunning. So sid had to fake all these to fool her.

  17. No wonder! Raghu is not sid.They are jst lookalike… I dnt understand why n wat tis directorIis upto… so messed up

  18. So love jamai raja

  19. Nice episode

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