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The episode starts with Rajveer getting readily hurriedly saying he is going to find an apartment for them. Samaira gets irked and says he needs a lot of money for downpayment, which he gave it to DD as a charity. She closes door angrily. DD silently hears their conversation.

In office, Sid sees Pratima and Bablu unconsciously looking at each other. He wakes them up, they try to run. He says because of his weird behavior with Pratima earlier, people were doubting him and now he is opening romancing with her. DD comes there and says it is her office and not park to romance. She asks Bablu to remember that Pratima is her employee in office. She then asks Sid to write down an address. He is shocked to write down his dad’s office address and asks which address it is. She says it

is none of her business and walks out. He thinks of informing Raj about it, but his phone is not reachable. He calls Simran and asks about Raj. She says he went to office. He says he will handle and cuts call. He informs Bablu about DD going to his office and asks him to take care of office while he goes to his dad’s office. Bablu agrees and hopes everything will be alright.

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Rajveer reaches RTO office, bribes officer with his 50,000 rs watch and asks him to tell car’s owner’s full name (Sid’s car).

Sid reaches his dad’s office and sees him busy on phone. He sees DD coming and hides and signals dad to go, but he does not understand. DD sees him. He asks what is he doing here. She asks if he came to buy flat here and says he can see only catalogs and not buy flat. Employee comes and greets him good morning. He starts making a drama. Employee is confused. Prashanth comes and handles situation. Raj says he came to get job as Sid’s replacement. Prashanth asks him to go home. DD identifies Prashanth and says she met him before. Sid reminisces that she met him in a hotel when he was working there. Prashanth says she must have seen him in some office and says he works wherever he gets job. DD goes with him. Raj gets relaxed and scolds Sid.

RTO officer says he got details about car and will get printout. Rajveer says he just needs surname of owner as he knows it is in Sid’s name.

Sid while driving car asks Dad why did not he realize his signals. Dad says anyways we escaped today. He thanks god for saving him. RTO officer on the other side says Rajveer that car is registered in Mr. Agarwal’s name. He asks how can it be. Officer says records cannot lie. Sid asks Raj what did he do with old car. Raj says he gave it to his employee Agarwal. Sid praises him and says he got good qualities from him. They both share a joke.

Rajveer comes home and sees Samaira with a lot of shopping bags. He asks why did she shop so much. He says he irked her in the morning and was not with her, so she shopped to clam herself. He hugs her and asks her to close her eyes, takes out gold chain and shows it to her. She gets happy. DD knocks door, comes in and says she got a small surprise for them. Samaira sees flat pent house papers and gets happy. DD says she bought it on down payment from Khurana builders and knows Rajveer will not like buying it, he will have to clear rest of payment. Rajveer thanks her, hugs her and thinks he is not mad to leave her house, he will get all her business, house, everything, and will kick her out of house.

Precap: Rajveer comes home injured and falls unconscious on floor. Sid senses something fishy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. what is wrong with rajveer he thinks it is so easy to take everything from dd let him think so he has another thing coming.

  2. woooow what is periliant idea rajveer is plying agame with dd I like it becous she didn’t listen what sid told her everydy but rajveer what he want from sid I don’t want to be revel sid identity good luck sid

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