Jamai Raja 24th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The episode starts with Sid greeting Neil. Once they all sit, Sid asks where did Neil and Meesha meet. They both give different answers. Sid asks them to decide who is right. Neil asks Meesha to speak. Meesha says she saw neil in airport first time. Menu card comes and Sid asks what they would like to drink. Neil says mango juice for me and Meesha. Everyone look at him surprisingly. Neil asks what happened. Sid says Meesha is allergic to mangoes. Neil says he forgot. They then enjoy dinner and walk out of restaurant.

DD wakes up worried in dream and tells Shiv that she saw a bad dream about Roshni. Shiv says it is just her dream and nothing will happen to Roshni, only good will happen from hereon.

Sid and party walk out from restaurant. Goons surround them and start misbehaving

with Roshni and Meesha. Sid and Neil start fighting with them. Goons break bottle on Neil’s head and he falls down unconscious with blood flowing from his head. Sid continues fighting, but goons even hit his head and he falls down. Goons then try to carry Roshni and Meesha. Sid wakes up again and starts fighting with them, but goons shoot him and he falls down. Goons then kidnap Meesha and escape from there.

Raj reaches with police, ambulance and family. Docs nurse Sid and takes Neil to hospital. Sid asks where is Neil. roshni says he is fine and being taken to hospital. He asks about Meesha. Inspector says they are searching meesha. Sid panics and feels guilty for not protecting Meesha. He runs from there to search her. Simran starts her overacting. Raj asks her to let Sid go.

Sid in car tells Roshni that he made a mistake by leaving Meesha’s hand. Roshni says it is not his mistake. Inspector calls him and informs he saw goons jeep in some area. Sid rushes to the spot and sees Meesha on floor unconscious and injured. He rushes her to hospital and continues repeating that it is his fault, he would not have confronted goons. Simran says it is not his mistake. He hears Meesha shouting to leave her and panicking and feels guilty again. Raj asks her to stop blaming himself. Doc comes out and tells Meesha is in a deep shock as goons physically assaulted her. Sid is shocked to hear that. Roshni tries to calm him, but he continues repeating that he did a big mistake.

Sid continues repeating same lines. Simran asks Roshni to console and take him from here. Roshni says Sid will not leave his bestfriend now and asks everyone to leave while she stays with Sid here. She says Sid that he should be with his bestfriend in her tough times. Roshni continues consoling Sid. Meesha comes running, hugs sid and asks if he will not leave her. she pushes roshni and asks not to come in between them.

Precap: Doc tells Sid that Meesha has got a memory block and she is feeling secure only with the ones she knows a few years ago.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. First….

  2. wow.would u want an award to be given dn ??????????????

  3. I would love to…

  4. Does this show get any more dumber..seriously ah memory block….

  5. Hey no offence…It was just that it was d first tym that I was d first one to comment thats y i wrote it….

  6. bad episode for meesha and roshni

  7. meesha is planning something 100% sure neil is not his boyfriend she just want to marry sid churail :/ kahin ki meesha i just hate her feeling veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad for Roshni 🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. Not another memory loss…….omg

  9. fan of jamai raja

    frnds….is this serial really going to end on june27……….writers pls dont put an end……we want sid n roshni

  10. what shit is this what the hell is going on copy cat with all these serials I just knew it meesha wants sid she was just pretending that she cared for roshini when ever will a serial have a good and happy ending now just like sanam 1d in qubool hai meesha has lost her memory too only they gave it another name a memory block come off it LOL writers you all are really fighting for scripts you do no know what the heck to write again why could you not leave sid and roshini to get married as planned so in this serial roshini will just be experiencing troubles in her life nay man stop the shit writing and give this serial a happy ending with sid and roshini reuniting tooooooooooooo much has happened in roshinis life already let her be happy now

  11. I feel that neil is really a big crook on the scene and meesha hired him to do her dirty work meesha so damn ugly already cut off the long hair and take off the make up and you will see what I mean she cannot hold a candle to roshini so writers do away with that nonsensical script please you tried something but it would not work no way hosay

    1. Keen observer you need to calm downalittle because your nerves will go hay wire over these shows.

      1. I agree with you and keen observer are u that stupid that you don’t know what a memory block is ?? Wow …… stop judging the writers like you can write any

  12. She’s planning to separate roshni and siddarth this Meesha

  13. What the f**k is this one slip up n she done lose her memory u have to be kidding me idk what wrong with these writer every damn show have to get memory lose or black magic for them it is a latest trends in india or what now they will drag this so called memory lose chapter for month or two like in qubool hai if madness start to continue back in this show then i am done watchin or readin this for a while cus it meehsa is irritate me i dont want her to get close to sid i thought everythings is back to normal but it just the opposite

    1. That’s lack of imagination!

  14. Seriously…this is too much. all these serials are going crazy now…come on have a happy ending sometimes. so many dramas one after the other….let them marry in peace….im already irritated with it…not watching this serial again if its gonna have that meesha pushing herself to Sid like that…im so done with it…

    1. Get lost

  15. Thank God in real it isn’t like this in these serial no couple can be happy at all not even for one day. Because if most of us lives was this unhappy the mental institution would be full

  16. Meesha is lying with her memory block.she loves sid and can’t see that roshnie and sid are happy.Neil’s I’d not her boyfriend.she hire him.b*t*h

  17. I don’t think that jamai raja is going to end on the 27 June I tinker it will go on longer do u

  18. 3 more days for this show and they start this new crap? Steups

  19. Wat da flip anada barrier between sid n roshni
    Hating Dis
    Flippen hell
    Like almost everyone dat comes in sid n roshnis life come der to ruin der lives

  20. OMG what a twist….

  21. This is such a disappointing twist! I guess the writers just want to prolong the serial. Turns out that Misha is a b*t*h. Rajveer…Kritika…Simran.. Misha ..Neil…… who’s next? Sid & Roshni’s romance is all about doom and gloom. Their happiness is always ephemeral. Actually, this is the pattern in so many of these serials. I have said it before and I’ll say it again…… these writers are all suffering from creative bankruptcy – they keep recycling the story lines. They have no innovative ideas. Forget about a happy marriage, that seems to be an elusive dream! I often ask myself if this is just part of East Indian culture. I just hope that this story line does not drag on! When I get tired of the crap, I usually stop watching the show. Even though I love Sid, I will stop watching the show if I have to watch the same foolishness over and over again.

  22. seriousely its a full of crap dats y i watch only marmarziaa

  23. oooh God y cnt yew leave dem to live in peace d moment dey come together den yew separate dem. d moment i saw mesha i knw dat she is planning something stupid nd i knw she cnt let sid nd roshni to be together after all he is a billionaire so hw cn she even ov of leaving him yew stupid mesha

  24. meesha kept talking about some plan she had so I feel that she set all this up but what she did not know was that it turn out this way I am glad though that it was her the goons took and not my sweet roshini even her so call boy friend must have been up to the trick too and so he got hurt in the process anyway do not feel bad sid who would you have rather it to be hurt by the goons roshini? what you sow you reap and I am sure that it was all meesha doing to come between sid and roshini well why in the first place she stuck up to roshini like if she really liked her and wanted to help her from simran and kritika this twist is not good at all because why all this drama with meesha when she could have easily do as simran and kritika wanted and come between sid and roshini this is truly confusing at the moment

  25. if meesha hired these goons she must not have known their true colours that they would turn on her she is very lucky that they did not kill her the doctor said she was physically abused well I am sure she was not expecting all this maybe she planned it for roshini and the tables turn so that is why she is treating roshini with scorn now well darling like I said what you sow so would you reap now I hope sid pursue this incident and find out the truth who know maybe neil might get some sense and talk on meesha just thinking

  26. Misha aka Sumona Chakravarti, who is seen as Siddharth’s best friend on Zee TV’s Jamai Raja will be under trauma in the upcoming episode.

    Wondering what will happen to Misha?

    Misha will soon introduce her boyfriend Neil – he is the same guy with whom she was seen suspiciously making plans with. She will be sitting with Sid (Ravi Dubey) and Roshni (Nia Sharma) when some goons will kidnap her, later the goons will leave her at a garage in an unconscious state. Sid will find her and take to the hospital where doctors will inform him about her assaulted condition and that she has been raped. Sid will be guilty for her condition whereas Roshni will make him understand that all this is not his fault.

    But has Misha really been assaulted? Its a daily soap and hence there have to be some conniving characters. We hear that though Misha is being shown as an innocent face, she has planned a fake kidnapping and bribed the doctors to give a false statement regarding her rape.

    Do we smell a negative character on the show?

  27. Just shift to star plus. Zee tv writers r getting dumber by d day.

    1. Ya u should leave because you don’t understand it stupid

  28. Omg , in these films no one is happy , like what the heck , misha has a plan , and it sounds dangerous , I think she likes Sid

  29. Meesha is acting caux she wants sid

  30. Told u Meesha gonna b another Psycho an cause problems for Sid an Roshinee, actually this is just absolute Crap I say, these ppl ar taking us on a joy ride wit their so predictable storylines, I am not shocked!!!!!!!!! Just unbearable to watch all this stupid negativity, SO SID has to make another sacrifice n tell me what has this to do wit being a JAMAI RAJA wen u can’t even hold ur own marriage together as u ar toOoo busy saving damsels in distress??????????

  31. Your absolutely correct sa

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