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The Episode starts with DD recalling Shiv’s audio message and thinks Shiv might have been talking about mad girl Misha. She goes to the photographer and asks for the photos. The person says that the flash drive is missing and he couldn’t get the photos. DD bashes the person with her words and thinks how can it be missing?

At Sid’s house, Sid tries to get closer to Roshni. She blushes and goes. Sid shouts for Roshni. Roshni gets tensed and looks for him calling his name. She comes to room, Sid holds her and gets closer. Aaj Phir Tumpe Pyaar Aaya Hai plays……….They romance and kiss, but with a mirror as a hurdle between them. Roshni lies on bed and Sid holds her hand sensually, pulling her closer to him. They get engaged in bedroom romance. Beeji, Simran and Raj are happy

about Sid and Roshni union.

DD comes there hurriedly calling for Misha. Sid and Roshni hear her voice and come running out. DD tells them that Misha has killed my Shiv. She is a wicked mind and shows some papers proving her psychological illness. She says she is crazy and is in love with you madly. She has been acting all the way long. Misha acts why you are doing this? Did you know what I have lost? DD says the fact remains that I got the papers. Misha says yes I am sick, but I got my treatment and this is truth. She tells that she was schizophrenic, but now she is absolutely fine. She says she went into depression, when someone dumped him. She says Neil has also left her. She says you think I killed your son to be with Sid. If I was in love with Sid, I would never have gone to London leaving him here. DD asks are you done? She says I can clearly see that you are his murderer. Roshni says you can’t accuse Misha. The Inspector comes and says he has arrest warrant against her. DD asks what did I do?

The Inspector says you along with Dr. Arora have tried to get someone personal information and hacked the laptop. DD says she didn’t do any hacking and says Misha is the one who is criminal. She says she might have filed complaint against her as she knows that she will get her caught. She asks Roshni to take care and goes with the Police. Roshni cries for DD. Misha thinks I turned the game against you and take it as a compliment. Just see, how I break your waist.

DD is seen in the police lock up and tells Roshni that Misha is the killer. Roshni says it is not right to accuse someone in desperation. Sid asks the Inspector when she will get bail. DD tells Sid that Misha is very dangerous and asks him to trust her. Sam tells Yash that don’t know why she is behaving this way. The kids throw paper plate on Sam. Yash scolds them. Sam asks them to go out and play. Sid tells Roshni that he don’t know when will Sasumom get bail and asks her to go home. Roshni says she will stay with him. Sid asks Nani to go home and assures his support. Nani says she is not worried when he is there. Beeji tells Simran that DD accused Krutika first and then Misha. Simran says we can’t figure out what is going on in her mind, after all she lost her husband. Beeji says she might have lost her mental balance. Simran asks her not to talk like that. Misha hears them and thinks this is a good plan to prove DD mad infront of guest as she lost her husband.

Sid gets angry at Roshni and says you think this I have done this to be with Misha. He asks Misha, will you marry me. Misha says why you are hurrying up and starts acting. Roshni looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. interesting… so this is how Sid will trap MIsha… I like that Sid it atlead a character that doesn’t get taken easily… even before, he was annoyed with Misha. i don’t think he really believed she was mental.

  2. Plan hai plan..of sidni…d precap……
    Waiting for misha expose

  3. awesome episode sid is definately acting in precap to trap misha now finaaaly everything wil be fine sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happpy for sid roshni love them 🙂 jamai raja rockzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Nice episode
    Hope they expose Misha

    1. ya.when misha’s real face expose in all then all things was good.

  5. I hope they expose the mad girl Misha

  6. jasemin brown

    Misha is really a snake!! Can’t wait to c her caught in her own trap

  7. Jamai raja is goin way to slow why they took so long to catch tht mad girl she’s suck an b*t*h n .. But I love sid n roshine love story I hope misha got catch soon

  8. I watched this show from the beginning but now I don’t like the craziness that’s going on. One minute Sid and Roshni is happy, then another minute Misha is acting up. It’s like Zeetv is in favor of Evil and Jamai Raja is so off track now. It’s like everytime Sid and Roshni are about to become happy together something popping up. And not only on Jamai Raja but in all the other show. FED UP WHEN I SEE SOMETHING INTERESTING I WILL RESUME WATCHING.

  9. i fed up of this dragging just get to the damn point so much proofs n evidence and still none can’t prove that she is the killer just hurry up and expose this damn idiot misha she is so annoying only getting on my last nerves

  10. Eat now wen will mad misha be expose n sid realize wat she is

  11. come on writers why drag this storyline more my gosh dd nailed her take misha and put her where she rightfully belong behind BARS and let sid and roshini marry again and live a happy life with their two kids

  12. I totally agree with “keen observer”. The police pop in suddenly and arrests DD…..seriously,is that how police conducts investigation? ….too many rediculous quantum leaps.Go back a few episodes….in real life 1)when the poluce caught the goonda who works for the cracko Misha,you mean to say the police couldnt get the truth out of him; 2) cracko’s earring should hv bn solved….heard of DNA….surely they hv this salient facility in India! 3)How on earth did the others dumbly assisted the cracko in her manipulation….all of the hv to ve dumbos.I dislike DD before but now I am totally with her…,she’s the only one with brains. Dont tell me the cracko is allowed to continue with her evil and twisted plan……a comedy of errors!!!!!

  13. This show is only the one on zeeTV ‘ s going logic script and has amazing actors sid roshni and DD. nice precap hope that mad meesha get caught next episod

  14. poor sid I feel the song or whatever – ” zindagi ek safar hai ” – is made for him

  15. d serial is awsum i jst loved it.. bt plz change d timing of repeat telecaste or else the main schedule plz…. its a request

  16. In India it takes forever for police to turn up when crime is committed. ..how on earth they are so fast in tv shows….srious joke

  17. plz sid expose that mad girl of yours

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