Jamai Raja 24th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Roshni giving divorce papers to Sid. He asks what is it. She says she feels they should forget each other. Sid is shocked to see divorce papers. She says if he wants to keep her happy, he should divorce and free her. Sid says every relationship has problem, but divorce is not a solution. Roshni says it is issue of my family and she cannot see them harmed. She asks why did he send goons to kill Naani to get into her books later and says she herself heard goon telling you sent him. Sid asks if she believes goon more than her husband. She says she does not believe him now and walks out asking again to give her happiness back by divorcing her. Sid panics thinking about divorce.

Roshni walks on road reminiscing her marriage and romance with Sid. Pyar hai ya sazaa….song

plays in the background. She then reminisce Simran accepting that she is Simran Khurana and not Kukreja. Sid on the other side is also walking on road and reminisces marriage, allegations, divorce papers, etc.

Roshni reaches home. Naani asks if she met Sid and cleared all the misunderstanding. Roshni says yes and says her and Sid’s ways are different now and she has asked divorce from Sid. Naani asks if she has gone mad and says her eyes have seen ages and she does not see Sid doing anything wrong. DD asks Naani to stop brainwashing Roshni. Roshni shouts to stop their fight. Naani says she can do whatever, but she knows Sid will not divorce her.

Sid beats his manager for taking his name with goon and asks who asked to do this. He says his wife is ill and he needed money, he got a call from someone who asked to take his name and sent money envelope. Sid sees envelope and is shocked to see Yash’s company name on it.

Yash comes to DD’s house. DD tells him about Roshni giving divorce papers to Sid and says it is right time to propose her again and get married. Sid enters just then, hold’s Yash’s collar and asks how can he stoop to such a low level that he sent goons to harm nanimaa and blame him instead. Roshni stops Sid and asks him to keep his goondagiri in his home. Sid asks her to ask if her best friend did not send goons and blamed him and shows envelope. Yash says he gave this envelope to NGO with cheque in it and not cash. Roshni asks Sid to stop his drama and DD asks him to get out and stop interfering in her daughter’s life. Sid says her daughter is his wife and nobody can stop him from meeting his wife. Sid tells Yash his eyes are saying he is innocent, he will catch the real culprit and will drag him here. Once he leaves, Naani says Sid is telling true and argues with DD. Roshni asks her to stop and says she knows what to do. She asks Yash if he wants to marry her.

Sid calls Raj and tells him that he made a mistake of doubting Yash unnecessarily, manager misguiding him, says he will ruin manager’s life. Manager hears this, calls Rajveer and says he cannot continue the drama anymore. Sid takes phone from him, hears Rajveer’s voice and identifies him.

Precap: Roshni asks Yash to dorn her engagement ring and he happily does.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This is too much man.

  2. I tell you!

  3. Roshni is being used to tough on sid now… He should divorce her and let her go her way… But we all know it wont happen… Dis show is just wasting my time now… It might take about a couple of months now for Roshni to know the truth….

  4. Yash is so handsome..roshni shud marry him

  5. Why doesnt sid talk abt returning dd’s property. Only talks abt getting roshni back

    1. princess akeela

      they already tried and she doesnt want it

  6. ye director b kya faltu hai.. itna tym hua aur abi b roshni ko sid ka such pata nhi chala……
    So sad

  7. sk ur really mad……roshni must accept sid…

  8. really?? roshni and her mother are such brats!! sid needs to find a better wife than her! shes so dumb

  9. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu

    just keep watching

  10. What is happening in this culture? How can someone be engaged and is still married.What kind of morals that is been displayed.Is it ok to be married.jet set around the world with a male friend and the same friend is trying now to get into your panties.What is this ?Roshni you are a fool and when you do know the truth you will be hurt badly.Sid do not give but fight to keep your marriage because this is what love and marriage is about..

  11. I find that sid deserves a better wife than roshini it is true that side lied to her many times but he was never unfaithful when coming to his love for her if roshini truly loved sid she would not be like a doubting Thomas all the time rajveer is the one who is making mischief all the time and I want sid to give him a good beating and throw him out of the family what kind of scruples roshini has she is a married woman and she suppose to respect that no instead she is jumping country with yash all the time and now she is not divorce yet but she is ready to accept his ring just to obey her mothers commands and hurt poor sid I hope someone better than roshini comes into sids life and show roshini that she is a stupid illerate girl only listening to her mothers requests so be it she would have loved and lost tooooooooooooooo bad for her sid boy move on with your life forget roshini she does not worth it

    1. quboolhai4ever

      U read. My mind

  12. Sid should divorce roshni n carry on with his life. If rosh i really loves sid she would hv forgiven sid. Sid was the one who was responsible for her n dd to patch up. Roshni is blind. It is better for her to marry yash n pls end her character. Let her go away with yash. sid deserves a better wife pls introduce another girl into this show for sid

  13. Roshni not feels sid’s love sid is cute in showing love

  14. I hate roshni, why is she troubling my cute sid, and the plastic doll samaira with ugly rajveer, and yash is cute but falling inlove with somebody’s wife it’s disgusting yash please stop playin dat caracter coz it doesn’t suit your image yaar!!!

  15. What is the meaning of dorn

    1. Dorn is the shortened word for adorn which means to decorate beautifully or make pretty.

  16. Crystal Singh

    These soaps are a waste of time, the writers of these story line have no sense and imagination. Personally I have stopped looking at these, and only sometimes read about Sid and Roshni. Which I have now discovered is a total waste of my time. good riddance people.

  17. rajveer should teach DD a very good leason.

  18. Y can’t the truth about rajveer come out its as if the director don’t have a problem to put after the truth is out.

  19. after the truth is out the next problem could be yash trying to cause problems between sid and roShini,

  20. finally roshni mother get what she want she never like sid as to roshni she never want a rich guy but now she want yash how can a mother give her daughter a man when she is still married

  21. As they say the apple doesn’t fall from the tree Roshni is arrogant just like her mom. I hate Roshni character now she use to be so nice what have gotten into her?!!

  22. roshni is a very stupied girl it that the way indian girl behave from one husband to a next man the writer is taken the indian culture down i am an indian and i cant stand the way roshni is behaving

  23. roshni cough cough hoe, this is how the world sees fit to portray indian women not strong and independent but mindless, childish, fools with no morals these writers need to revaluate their scripts and thoughts swear these soaps are rubbish now

  24. why cant we have a normal soap with a functional family that problems come there way and they face it that will be much better than the crap they show today, if our children watch these shows when they are in this situation they would jump from partner to partner and would not even know the traditional ways values and most importantly actually solving a problem together rather than breaking

  25. princess akeela

    yash is such a jackass roshni agrred to marry u only bucz she think sid is bad otherwise than that she doesnt love him… imma laugh when she break up with him cuz he is a ass he is too desperate for a wife smfh

  26. This is getting to my nerves now

  27. I Stopped viewing this and Kumkum bagya Dragging to the core and I think many viewers feels the same.

  28. Sid needs to move on to a better woman from a more sensible family!!!!! Roshni is the ONLY female lead on Zee that I tremendously dislike!!!!! Spoilt, arrogant, judgemental, childish/immature, easily manipulated……geez she annoys me. JR writers I already understand you either hate women or don’t understand them, because your portrayal of them in this show is ridiculous. There is only ONE sensible woman in this show, and she gets no air time and that is Pratima. This show, once fun and lively, has turned out to be such a disappointment.

    1. don’t leave out nani :’)

  29. same bullshit all de serial eveydsy! smh!!!!

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