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The Episode starts with DD slapping Sid. Sid gets shocked. Nani reminds that Sid is Roshni’s husband and her Jamai. DD blames Sid for bringing the girl home and inviting the troubles. She warns him saying if anything happens to her daughter or her unborn child then she will not spare him. Raj and Simran are shocked. The goon calls their boss and is shocked to know that the boss refuses to give them money for Roshni’s kidnapping. The boss tells that he needs only the girl and refuses to pay for kidnapping Roshni. The goon tells the lady goon that they have to get the money from Roshni, as the boss refused to pay them money.

Roshni sees Ayesha having fever and knocks on the door. The lady goon asks her to do the work inexchange for Ayesha’s treatment. Roshni refuses to do so. DD gets

hysterical and panics. Sid asks her to have medicines and makes her have it forcibly. He tells her that he loves her daughter very much and can’t live without her. He promises that nothing will happen to Roshni in his presence, and says bad time will bend knees infront of their love. He promises to bring Roshni back at home in 24 hours, and says even God will not have an option. He says I will feel as a husband. He asks Nani to take DD inside. Sid gets teary eyed. Simran asks him to look in her eyes and asks him not to blame himself. She tells nothing will happen to Ayesha and Roshni, and they will come back home. She says I know my son and he will bring his Roshni home. Sid says I will bring Roshni……….

Sid talks to the Inspector and asks did you find anything. The Inspector tells that his team is still searching Mohammed Ali Road area. Sid says I am sure that they are there. Raj talks to someone and asks to find out about car’s number. DD calls the Inspector and asks him to find her daughter fast. Sid’s employee comes home and gives a CD to Sid saying someone left it in his cabin with a message to see it now itself. They see the video and are shocked to see Roshni telling that they are kidnapped. She says Kidnappers’ are asking for 10 crores ransom amount and if they refuse then the kidnappers will kill them. DD asks Kesar to get 10 crores Rs from bank account. Sid asks what you are doing, we can’t truth these kidnappers. DD asks him to stay out of it and says I will give them money. Sid tries to stop her, but in vain. Beeji, Nani and Simran get tensed.

Sid comes to the Police station and shows the video. They see a calendar hanging on the wall with the address of the road. Sid says Mohammed Ali Road…..He tells his wife is pregnant and asks Inspector to help him get back his wife. Roshni takes care of Ayesha. She hears Azaan coming from masjid. Sid and the Police come to the Dargah and asks to give info about the person having that calender. Roshni pleads infront of the goons to get Ayesha treated. The lady goon checks and tells that Ayesha is having fever. The goon asks her to call the doctor. Just then they hear Police knocking on the door and tensed. Roshni tries to shout, but the goon keeps hand on her mouth stopping her. Sid asks the Inspector to break the door. They open the door and see a burqa clad woman. The woman opens the door and tells that her husband don’t permit her to open door for stranger men. Sid tells that he is searching his pregnant wife and a girl. The lady refuses to see Roshni or the girl. Roshni tries to shout and drops something. The Inspector asks who is there. The goon acts as an old man and calls the lady. The lady tries to close the door, but Sid stops her.

Precap: Roshni hits the lady and escapes from there with Ayesha. Sid comes to the dargah indisguise of a sheikh. Roshni also comes there (in burqa) with Ayesha, and calls Sid. Sid turns and looks for her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wowie!!!!let this seperation end soon with a happy note!!,plszzz love you sid nd roshni

  2. i find this whole thing irritating… first, in last episode with DD telling Sid she would keep him from his own child… ??? and Roshni just stood there and didn’t bother to stick up for SId ??
    She should have told her mom, “you are insulting my in-laws and you are being very rude. I am leaving and going back to my own house becuase there is constant drama with you”

    I do not understand why these writers have to make the characters so STUPID. Why don’t they watch some real drama, like SUITS, and get some inspiration on how to create beleiveable drama??!!

  3. A really nice episode. Sid truly loves roshni … DD is just tooooo dramatic… Jamai raja best show ever.. And I really want to know ? who that little girl ? is

    1. Yea, is Sid a daddy already..?

  4. So last week when the unknown goon had went to roshni and put the knife at her neck. Is that those same kidnappers ???

  5. The serial has good track and has a different story line and is quiet interesting though it is a bit slow but the show is loseing its trps just as the channel has changed the slots the show is having only one slot a day and that to it is at morning no one will see it all has work they will work or do this one and ladies may watch but due to this frequant slot change the show has to come to an end because of the only reason it has less trp rates very bad not that I see but I just love the show

  6. I love Sid and roshni nice episod

  7. Dd is overreacting idk when this drama of hate will end between she n sid it so irritated she think roshni n sid is some lil children that they cant take care of them selves
    She shld know sid better idk who give she the rights to insulted sid very time she need to relax fed up of this drama with the two families together idk how sid n roshni living with all of them i think they shld give roshni n sid some space they just get married just let them be free

  8. Don’t like DD behaviour towards Sid what did he do..? Roshni is the one running after the kidnappers an she knows she’s pregnant, she don’t take her medicine or eat properly she have to be more responsible, if she is going to be a mummy. Because Sid get blame for everything. At the beginning of the show Roshni used to stand up to DD, what happen now especially the way DD speaks to Sid & his family..

  9. Sid ki musibatein khatam hi nahi hoti hain…aur DD ki daant kabhi bandh nahi hoti

  10. I Love Jamai Raja. So come on Sid stand up to DD.. The Khurana’s how much more insults are you going to take from DD..? Move back to your Mansion. . Writer’s lets see DD apologize to Sid..

  11. You are right nisha,roshi is irresponsible and Sid gets the blame

  12. sid ki toh marathon run ho gayi hai in searching Roshni

  13. Lovely episode! Why is dd behaving like this? Sid is doing all he can!
    Can’t wait for tmro episode 🙂

  14. Will always love SID and his caring ways . DD on the other hand is very rude and obnoxious, most of the time. ROSHNI should take her stance and leave for the in-laws home and leave DD weeping and then maybe she will come to her senses. s*xY NANI is just the best

  15. It’s realy irritating and confused these current tracks . who is this ayesha? and whose her kidnappers? what is the connection between her being sent to sid’s house and her kidnapping?

  16. JAMAI RAJA never gets old. wow this serial is my favorite. keep it up.

  17. this show is a common one with all waste tracks dint find anything good in it so far, just reading it as my hubby likes to watch it. but this time it brought religion in the middle and the discrepancies with it which is not correct why only a muslim will kidnap why not a hindu or any other religion, purposely they have tracked in the muslim area and muslim actors for the role of kidnappers, at this point of time they have made the serial go in a political direction.

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