Jamai Raja 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Sid and Roshni’s discussion hoping Yash accepts Sam. Sid leaves. Roshni hops Sid accepts her back. She gets DD’s call that Yash has come and rushes to her house. Kritika hears that and cuts her hand with broken glass. Simran asks what did she do that. Kritika says her husband died just 2 days ago, but Sid and Roshni are busy getting Sam married to Roshni’s boyfriend Yash.

Sid and Roshni reach DD’s house and see Yash there. Yash proposes Sam and says he wants to marry her. DD asks him to not do anything in pressure. He says is not. He tells Sam that he loves Roshni, but it is one sided and even if he had married her, Roshni would not have loved him. He kneels down, takes ring and asks Sam if he she will marry him. She smiles and accepts.

They both hug DD. DD says she is happy for them. Roshni and Sid smile. Mona asks Yash to take care of her daughter and gives him sweets. Roshni says congrats to Sam. Sid prays to their togetherness and blesses the new couple. Roshni smiles. Later Sid hugs Yash and says you are a great guy brother. I feel proud to have you as my friend. Yash says Roshni is my best friend always. He says Sam is a good girl, we will start loving each other. You are a great guy. You shall start your life with Roshni. Sid thanks him. Yash leaves in his car. Sid thinks about Yash’s words.

Sid comes to his room. Roshni says relations are build when the right time comes. Sid says Sam and Yash are perfect couple. He praises Yash and says Yash is a very good guy and will keep Sam happy. He says everyone should get a second chance. She asks even if he thinks that. He says yes. She asks him to forgive her and give her one more chance, she cannot live without him and loves her. She holds her hand, but he frees himself and asks her to sleep. She keeps pillows between them. He says there is no need of it as they have move way ahead of it/emotions. She sleeps next to him. He looks at her and turns. She also does same. He switches off bed light. Teri udaasi si ye meri….zindagi me..song plays in the background. Once she falls asleep, he goes near her and says she made him wait for such a long time, he just wanted to hear it from her mouth, now he will give he so much love that nobody can separate them, says I love you too Roshni. Roshni wakes up, thanks god, and says she and Sid will leave together only for themselves and after 2 days in court, they will take back their divorce petition.

Sid in the morning brings flowers for Roshni and searches her. Simran comes and gives him divorce papers. He checks them and asks if she thinks he will do this. She says she is doing this for his betterment and now he has to take a decision. He angrily looks at paper and panics.

At night, Sid is in TV room. TV switches on. He asks roshni to switch it off. TV switches off itself. He then sees spoons shaking and his evil side laughing. It is a Fear files serial promotion.

Precap: Roshni fixes Sid’s shirt button. He gets attracted to her intimacy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lovely episode ever sid is a cutie
    What wrong with that stupid kritika if sam want to move on it none of her business it her life its best if you(kritika)go get a life because right now you look like if you half dead and sid tell that no good mother of urs that you will not divorce roshni i dont know what wrong with these ppls all of them know rajveer was the one behind everything that was happening in sid n roshni life and still they want them to divorce

  2. LOL the writers are sooo predictable.
    This was apparent from the way Sid said he would do whatever he could to make Kritika happy. Writers – boo on you. Come up with inspired writing instead of just regurjitating from the hundreds of serials that have come before…. very disappointing.
    why don’t you “surprise” the audience and do something unexpected once in a while??

  3. This is great to have Sid and Roshni back together again.I think Yash is the right person for Sam.What I do not understand is why are they bringing in this fear files in it.Simran will not stop this foolishness.Does she know that there is a word called forgiveness.Let Kritika drown in her own downfall—who cares—–let her suffer for her past deeds.

  4. finally SidNi will together hope k ab koi in k beech na aye nd happy for sam nd yash also

  5. this serial has also lost its flavor it is lacking substance now and it one thing over and over again with boldfaced simran cry baby vamp kritika and all their evil deeds sid boy I suggest you and roshini pack your luggage and as we all know you have enough assests get to hell away from your evil mother simran and step sister kritika and move to another country your father has always supported you so do no forget thanks to him always I do not know what would become of those two evil ones simran and kritika leave them let them destroy each other in the long run

  6. sid is so romantic I love him let his mom know he will be keeping roshini

  7. Hate his evil mom en ugly step sis

  8. As Sid and Roshni’s relationship is seen to be going on the right track and blooming but soon the problems come as well. The onus is on Sid to take a decision to get re-united with Roshni. However, in the track ahead, Sid compromises on his relationship with Roshni and asks her for separation. He took that heartening decision after succumbing to family pressure presumably from his sister Kritika. Roshni had tear the divorce papers but Sid reminds her that separation is imminent from now onwards. Roshni feels dejected and in shock with Sid’s separation decision. It is also hard for Sid and is angry with himself and in tears since he even couldn’t cope with what he did with Roshni.

  9. what is wrong with simran she toooooo damn bold face all she is doing is keeping that evil witch of a daughter happy by any means and her own son sid all of a sudden she is treating him like an outcast and illegitimate son simran served him the divorce papers for him to give roshini in todays episode I find that out of place she simran had loved roshini soooooooooooo much now as soon as her evil daughter come into the picture she is treating roshini with scorn no way man her daughter no one has no class at all otherwise she would not have gotten pregnant and marry that murdering evil crooked beast of a husband rajveer and to know you as a mother accepted that without doing your home work if wasn’t for sid no one would know about rajveer he rajveer even fooled samaria it is a good thing he tricked her into the divorce otherwise she might have been dead by now good for you samaria and it was for the best see now samaria you have landed yourself a good honest rich man yash to take care of you and she kritika loose all round she is soooooooooooo stupid for an adult only whining about that murderer of a husband who did not really love her because his goons were ready to take her out forth with as she delivered the money to him she is sooooooo stupid that she cannot even notice she will loose out in the end writers listen to me good kritika was out of the serial all the time now it is time to take her out kill her off please that is the only way of bringing back the unity and love that simran sid raj and roshini had so please kill kritika off let her put back on her black leather outfit she came in with and let her take off on her crooked husband rajveer motor bike and drive off a cliff let this be a good ending because to tell the truth she kritika is not serving any purpose in the serial and she and simran storylines prolonging tooooooooooo much one evil thing over and over again so like I said end

  10. It was an awesum episode…..but did u read the spoiler guys…

  11. nai fan kya h spoilers m

  12. Gwanulaga Edna Nahpegah Gwanulaga, Gwan

    Wao this series is great,i love the way sid handles suituation when it occurs.sid and roshni are good together,i wish kritika was send on a vacation so that sid n roshni can enjoy their marriage

  13. just loved the really love u sid…. now its good that there r two good jodies … first:-sidni and second:-samash(sam&yash) …. but I’m confused ki yash kahin chaal yoh nahi chal raha…. plz don’t do this I mean don’t make him like kritika… I don’t want yash to be the next villain … kritika kaafi hai…. I just hate simran more than kritika…. y don’t she understands that sidni r made for each other…. in the side of kritika I can understand , as she is the next villain and also want to take revenge ….. just hate u krit&sim.
    love u sidni
    just loved that moment when sid at night says to roshni that he too loves her after when roshni is slept …..

    1. just loved the episode***( forget to write). …

  14. Wow lovely n awsome episode!!
    Love u sid

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