Jamai Raja 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mami spying on Anya. Mama comes and calls her. Anya sees Mami and thinks if she has gone mad? Neil calls Roshni. Roshni comes and says she is here. Neil looks at her beauty. He compliments her beauty. He asks if she is pressurize to take this decision. Roshni says this is my decision, and there is no pressure. Neil tells her that his girl friend Ria left him in the mandap, and Naina couldn’t get out of that trauma. He says if that happens again then even I couldn’t come out of the trauma. Roshni says this will not happen and asks him to come. Simran tells Naina that she has called jeweller there to select engagement rings. Anya hears them. Simran selects jewellery ring. Anya thinks if we get engaged today, then it will be problematic. She calls Sid and informs him. Sid is shocked.

Anya asks what to do? Sid says I am reaching there right now. Anya asks him to come fast.

All the guest come to Naina’s house and ask what is the surprise? Naina says you will know soon. Simran spots Kesar and says it means you and Roshni are involved in ruining my Sid. Kesar says Roshni has moved on. Simran says even if she hasn’t moved on then she has to move on. Neil comes there and asks Naina where is Ragini as everyone is waiting for her. Roshni is in the room when someone comes and takes her in his car forcibly. Mami sees someone kidnapping Ragini and taking in car. Neil thinks where did Ragini go? A guest says history is repeating. Mami says Neil’s destiny is bad. Neil tries her number. Mama rushes inside and says someone has kidnapped Ragini. He tells everything. Simran says I know who has kidnapped Ragini.

Roshni is in the car and asks what do you want? Why did you kidnapped me? The kidnapper shows his face and he turns out to be Sid. Sid says you will be relieved that you will be fine with me. He asks her to believe him. Roshni asks what did you do? Sid says I am taking my wife out. Roshni asks him to take her home. Sid stops the car. Roshni says you are a criminal. Sid says I am a husband. He says you have done enough now, now I will decide. I want to spend rest of my life with you. Will not let you go anywhere now. Roshni asks are you crazy? Sid says yes, I am. Nobody understands me better than you. He says I know you are hungry, I will bring something for you to eat. Roshni says she don’t want to eat anything.

Anya asks Naina to have medicine else her BP will shoot up. Naina refuses. Neil thinks about the possibilities and wonders if her ex husband have kidnapped her. Roshni tells Sid that he can’t impress her and that she needs independence from him. Sid says from me and our relation…what wrong did I do that you want to separate from me. I love you madly and says what is my mistake. He says you called me criminal, with whom you have taken vows. He says you said that our relation is a curse and we are not destined to stay together. He says if we are not destined to happen then why did we meet again, as God wants us to be together. Roshni says our relation will ruin us.

Roshni asks how can you be so selfish? Sid says I will lose everything. Roshni says I couldn’t tell Neil that you are my ex husband. She says you are Anya’s husband and if you keep following me then it will ruin everything. She asks him to let her go. Sid says do you really want to go and nods.

Naina asks what is the connection between Jamai Raja and Naina. Sid hurts his hand. He breaks his head with a glass. Roshni cries and shouts Sid.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Why Roshni don’t go to hell….. I getting to hate her ….. Sid should move on with Anya….let her move on with NEIL…. ugly shit face man she wants

  2. Roshni will have to accept sid is her love and that she can’t live without him. And Sid will make sure she does…

  3. One thing is correct here..when ever Sid n roshini’s union comes.. Some one else get hurt.. this time it’s Neil n his family.. this family seems decent till now…I mean Neil n his mother..

  4. People in a way roshni is right coz she is thinking that since the time she came in sid’s life he is facing problems .if they both are together then Sid have to face many problems so for him she is doing this . She is thinking about everyone coz she don’t know the truth tht Sid and Anya are not married so if she and Sid get United Anya’s and Neil’s life will destroy and evn it can risk Naina s health
    I think now simran and Anya will tell the truth pls writers don’t make the viewers hate our beloved roshni pls and for god sake reunite our sidni

  5. I don’t even feel like watching the previous episodes I really miss how roshni used to love Sid , DD and Sid Noke joke …..,, etc

  6. What is Roshani doing with a ugly man like Neil . She and Sid

    look much better.

  7. Good thing spoiler said Neil would deny marry roshni once learning the truth

  8. I luv sid i dont know ki unki kismat mai kya hai sachcha pyar chahe kahi b jaaye baad mai kisi b bahane mil hi jaata hai.

  9. I agree SID should move on – such a hunk like him can get any woman he want. Why does he hold onto ROSHNI, is is like a lost confused puppy going with the flow. let her marry this idiot she thinks she wants to be with.

  10. Rocking Sidni

    Dear Farida. Sid from the beginning has started loving Roshni. Destiny hasade them for each other. So, Sid’s love is true. So, he can’t move with any body else leaving his Rosni/ Ragini behind. And it is same in the case of Roshni too.I agree with Neha previous scenes were good Sid, DD.I request not to separate the lovebirds Sidni

  11. intresting serial i read its every written episode on here on this site……

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