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The Episode starts with Sid getting jealous and shattered seeing Roshni in Neil’s room. He couldn’t bear her to see with someone else, and knocks on the door. Neil opens it and asks what do he wants. Sid says Naina’s prescription. Neil says I forgot, gives the prescription and closes the door. Sid comes back to Anya and says he couldn’t see his wife getting ready for wedding night with another man. He says he is feeling suffocated and couldn’t see Roshni with Neil. He asks Anya to convince Naina and says they will leave in 6 days. He says it is like a hell to me and I refuse to stay here. Neil kisses Roshni on her shoulder, and moves his fingers on her lips. He makes her lie down and tries to get close, but Roshni pushes him and says sorry. She says I got married to you,

but can’t do this. She apologizes and goes to washroom. Neil feels bad. Roshni cries badly in the washroom and says she can’t do this….Siddharth.

Neil comes to hall and drinks wine. Mitul sees him and says very soon Neil’s secret will be out even to Roshni and then everything will be ruined. Simran tells Raj that her plan is ruined as Anya and Sid went. Raj asks her not to talk to him. Simran says everything will be fine. Raj says they are under the same roof and says lets see who will win, your happiness or their love. Simran says she can do anything for her son’s happiness and reminds him about Anya’s pregnancy.

Mitul tells Naina that Roshni and Neil haven’t come till now. Roshni comes. Mitul teases her and asks about the night. Sid couldn’t bear it. Roshni asks Neil to have bread, and tries to make up. Neil is angry on her and asks her to do her breakfast. Sid couldn’t beat and pushes his plate. He says sorry, it was slipped from his hand. He goes from there citing meeting. Roshni gives Neil’s suit to him. Neil seems to be angry. Naina taunts Ranjeet and asks him to make arrangements for party. Ranjeet tells Mitul that she is treating him as a servant. Mitul asks him to let them celebrate and says Neil will become like old Neil soon, once Roshni rejects him after knowing his truth and laughs.

Neil is tensed. Roshni asks if he is fine, and says she will bring juice. She says she will massage his head. Neil says it is okay. Roshni insists and massages his head. Sid is surprised and jealous to see Roshni caring Neil. Neil sees Sid and asks if he has some work. Sid says I will come back later. Neil asks him to wait and asks Roshni to excuse them. Neil and Sid discuss a project. Neil says Ragini and Khurana name look good. He asks why didn’t you tell me about Ragini and your past. Sid is shocked and asks how do you know? Neil asks if Ragini had broken this marriage or if the reason is something else. Sid says you are her husband now and her present and future, and asks him to ignore her past. Neil says may be you are right.

Roshni asks Neil to talk to her. Neil pushes her being angry. Roshni gets hurt.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Mayurii

    What Neil think of himself ?? Really ragini (roshni ) should not bear this …

  2. Neil likes men not women’s good for roshine she should have asked sid once to find out if the child is his she has to pay for her rash discussion cause sid never does something without a reason

  3. What is Neil’s secret???

  4. Roshni deserves this. She always used to blame her caring husband Sid. Now she herself fallen in a pit by separating herself from Sid and marrying Neil thinking that she’s sacrificing her life for sid. By the what’s Neil secret?

  5. I think roshini deserve this type of behaviuor. Precap is good, atleast roshini get to know value of love.

  6. They should all leave her alone n see wat she does neil is rite

  7. Like the saying goes….when you leave something, make sure it’s for something better! Hope that’s what roshni did. Neil sure to have a past, roshni gets what she deserves, Hope it’s misery. Took Sid for granted.

  8. roshni deserves thisas she’s paying for her sins bu what is neil’s secret???????……

  9. Wah is Neil secret?

  10. I didn’t watched this show for a week hoping it would get atleast a bit better but it’s of no use
    How stupid Is this two people love each other and want to marry but instead get married to someone else …….can’t they both talk to each other and solve the issue
    They both are misunderstanding each other
    I don’t think issue will get over evn in a months time
    Poor Naina her children love someone which love each other

  11. Maybe Neils is a alcoholic and is abusive. That’s his secret 😉

  12. You know guys…although I know its all a drama, but end of the day, isn’t it supposed to teach the general public some lesson. Correct me if I am wrong. But the Director (for not only this serial but a few of late) have made marriage a mockery. I mean its it supposed to mean something. It looks like anyone can marry anyone, regardless of anything. Any man can woe married ladies and in fact remarry them despite some even still being married to someone else. I mean I am makes me wonder what are these dramas portraying to the general public. Anyway its just my thought. Jamai used to be my fav, now I have to unfortunately reserve my comments.

  13. Sanika(sidni fan)

    Naina is not poor, she knows about neils secret, but she is still had hiden it. mitul is very evil smart. plz……….Unite sidni………

  14. Roshni deserve oll dis bkoz evrythng sid does to har she dasnt value it

  15. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I what roshni to run away from that house go back to siddharth forever now coz I know for a fact that roshni is not happy with Neal at all

  16. Neil is gonna get it. Let Sid find out, all hell will break loose
    I in no way feel sorry for Roshini or Ragini or whatever the hell she calls herself. She owes Sid an apology.
    I feel sorry for Sid, having to see the love of his life, his own wife with someone else and helpless as hell cause he has to help aanya.
    Don’t fear Sidni fans the duo will be back.

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