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The episode starts with Roshni at office getting calling from DD who asks her to get some papers from house. She agrees and leaves taking permission from Yash. Yash thinks Roshni is in trouble now, but once she accepts him, he will keep her very happy.

DD sees a lots of files on her desk and asks her boss why she is burdened with so many files when this is not her work. Raj comes there, says he is new MD of her company and she will have to work as he says. She angrily tries to walk out when Rajveer tries to brainwash her against Sid that Sid gave her huge debt to burden her under his favours and then use her s*xy daughter like exotic dish. Roshni comes there and asks Rajveer to mind his business and asks DD to leave Rajveer’s job right now. Rajveer says her mother took loan from

Sid and she has to work to repay his loan. DD says Roshni that Rajveer is telling truth. Roshni says she can work accept Yash’s offer. DD says she is already overburdened by Yash’s helps and she does need anymore. Roshni sees goon who entered home and misbehaved with Naani and manager giving him money saying saying Sid gave it. Goon says if Sid needs more help in trapping his wife, he can call him anytime. She and DD both start fuming. Rajveer smirks, thinking his planning is working well.

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Simran comes to DD’s house to meet Naani and says Naani she could not resist hearing about goon’s attack and came her to see her. Naani says she did good. Simran says she is thinking about reviving Sid and Roshni’s relationship again. Just then, DD enters home with Roshni and shouts at her that her son planned well with goons to trap Roshni again, but he failed. She drags her out of house. She says her son is like a diamond and she cannot understand his value, she came here thinking of starting afresh, but she and her arrogant daughter don’t deserve Sid’s love. DD shuts door.

Sid awaits for Roshni. Roshni comes. He romances her on a light background music. It is just his imagination. Roshni comes. Sid says he was waiting for this day since 6 months. Roshni starts crying and says she has decided something for them. He asks what.

Pratima says DD she did wrong by shutting door on Simran. DD says she did right as Simran proved her and talked about her husband who left her, but she took care of his family and is right. Naani comes and says instead of uniting Roshni and Sid, she is trying to break their relationship, which is very wrong.

Roshni gives divorce papers to Sid and asks him to sign it. Sid asks what is it. She says if he really wants to see her happy, he should sign on papers.

Precap: Sid beats DD’s boss and asks why told him to tell like that he sent goons to kill Naani. Boss calls Rajveer and says his job is more important than money to him. Sid calls back and is shocked to hear it is Rajveer.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Seriously??????? Wtf the misunderstanding never end share madness !!!!

  2. Don”t anyone has some brains to figure out that something is fishy.Goons just showing up,Rajveer talking mess and everybody just believes.What brainless writing is this.Rajveer is getting away with too much crookedness and they all believes him. DD and Roshni are not having any insight to stop trusting this gangster.Too gullible.

  3. Sid should bury rajeev…

  4. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu


  5. Rajveer you are a dog and a pice of shit discusting

  6. writers stop writing so much shit now what the heck is wrong with you writers you are giving rajveer toooooooooooooooo much leeway rajveer is making so much mischief and getting away with it and as for dd and roshini put on your thinking caps do you honestly believe that sid would send goons to hurt nannai no way so you must know that it is someone setting up sid and as for yash why he do not go back to Italy and leave roshini alone and simran stay away from roshini and her family you have done enough damage already anyway writer turn this story line around it is the same scripts over and over again tooooooooooo monotonous we the viewers are frustrated give us something more to keep us interested this serial is not moving it is toooooooo stagnant we want more

  7. total crap…….I stopped watching for some months now.

  8. didnt u heared his name?rajveer just like tanveer he is just a crook and should be killed off d show as for roshini, i am sorry for you go ahead nd divorce him/sid but u will surely regret f**l

  9. This serial is so stupid these people are showing other people that only bad people must win as to roshni she think she the best she is such an ungrateful person forget Sid goodness

  10. Sid if i were you i would sign those divorce papers then i would hire a real beautiful supermodel to be my girlfriend and make Roshni so jealous she would be running right back…never seen such a silly girl like Roshni

  11. This is sheer nonsense
    The person whose writing this story is just crazy he/she don’t know anything about writing .when this madness going to end only God and heavens know .
    I stop watching this ….
    It’s about this this add raj veer gets caught and sid and rosh ink gets back together
    Now she gone and server him divorce papers …
    Sheer nonsense I tell you only nonsense !!!!!!

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